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I am looking for a job as a wind technician. I am willing to relocate, travel extensively, learn.

Please call me if you have any need for a wind technician or any other entry-level position in the wind industry.

Work experience

Oct 2009Present


Northwest Renewable Energy Institute
I am a student at the Northwest Renewable Energy Institute in Vancouver, WA training to be a wind turbine technician.
Sep 2007Sep 2009

Renewable Energy Research Person

Peace Corps
• Designed and presented a national renewable energy implementation strategy to the Ministry of Energy and Industry (ongoing project, posted at • Diagrammed a People-to-Water Cycle (posted at, a diagram that visualizes man’s relationship to water through simple energy conservation projects • Designed and built, with colleagues and students at technical school, three advancing prototypes of a small-scale solar desalination unit as plausible resolution to dangerously arid climate (posted at • Designed and built a prototype solar hot water heater (untested) • Discovered that by crushing glass bottles in a concrete mixer, the result cuts down the amount of sand needed to do stucco work (viable alternative to diminishing sand problem) • Filmed and edited four short films related to renewable energy/agriculture (during service produced 24 films including themes on microfinance, hiphop music, and general Capeverdean culture, 13 films are posted at o SOLAR PANEL INSTALLATION – Sarah Mendelsohn, Andrew Vernaza, Hortelão. (5:07). About a PCPP project to install solar panels in a village that has never had electricity o DOMINGOS – Alex Alper, Serra Malagueta. (3:57). About an innovative farmer that has drip irrigation, fog nets and humidifying bottles o SOLAR STILL PHASE I – Nicholas Hanson, Assomada. (5:36). About solar desalination and phase I (of III) a solar desalination project at the technical school in Assomada o HIDROPONICS IN CAPE VERDE – Sergio Roque, São Domingos. (4:21). About hydroponics in Cape Verde.
Sep 2007Sep 2009

High School Mechanical Drafting Teacher

Peace Corps
• Taught 140+ Junior and Senior high school students for 36 weeks how to draft a custom designed home using floor, roof, foundation, cut, elevation and perspective drawings to scale 1:100 (posted at • Printed a spiral bound manual complete with detailed lesson plans, example drafts and exceptional student drafts o Submitted manual to Peace Corps Cape Verde to be used for training purposes • Developed extensive classroom wall materials including maps, 1:20 example drafting plans, exemplary student plans and solar still/solar oven design plans
Aug 2005May 2006


New Zealand
• Bicycled 3200km around country on $35 bicycle over 97 days • Filmed and edited a 74-minute documentary about bicycle trip titled ‘Bananadog’ • Self-published a 27,000-word book on New Zealand experience, also titled ‘Bananadog’ • Started website,




Georgia Institute of Technology