Sabina Hilmar

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Sabina Hilmar

Work History

Work History
Aug 2003 - Aug 2008


Central Bank of Denmark

As an economist, I worked the first couple of years in the Statistic Department and was responsible for collecting and analysing interest rate statistics from the banking and mortgage industry in Denmark. Publications were publiced every month and I participated in meetings representing Denmark in the European Central Bank.

After working in the Statisitc Department, I was given a position in Government Debt Management, responsible for the strategic management of the government debt in coorporation with the Ministry of Finance, i.e. issuance, maturity and liquidity of debt, facilitate the central government's access to the financial markets in the longer term as weel as investment decisions for government assets.

As credibility is very important to the Central Bank, accuracy, professionalism and communication skills are very important qualifications that I used when working for the Central Bank. The Central bank of Denmark appriciates that human skills are valuable and should be constantly developed and I was therefore offered and participated in many different professonal as well as personal developing courses such as SAS, Excel, VBA, Communication, etc.

Working together with some of the best economists in the field, I learned a lot from this experience.

Sep 2000 - Aug 2001

Research Assistant

Copenhagen Business School

I worked as a research assistant for professor Ole Risager at Department of Economics while I was studying at the University of Copenhagen. I mainly performed regression analysis and assisted him with lecture notes and work shops with international participants.

Sep 1998 - Sep 2000

Student Assistant

Ministry of Finance

I worked part time in the Ministry of Finance while I was a full time student at the University of Copenhagen. I collected, analysed and presented data on international economics.


2001 - 2002


University of York

Ranked as one of the best universities in the UK and offering a varied master program in finance and econimics, this was an extraordinary international experience to study at the University of York and acquire a foreign master degree on top of my Danish master degree in economics. I studied courses such as micro and macro economics, international capital markets and econometrics.

1995 - 1998


Copenhagen Business School

After college, I started my path of mathematics and economics studies at the Copenhagen Business School. I always loved math in school and had a special interest in economics. My speciality soon became econometrics and applied economics.