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  • Reading in a wide spectrum of subjects, including current affairs, history, business, finance, economics, law, foreign languages, comics and animation
  • Lover of all types of music (and former French horn player)
  • Experimenter in new developments in office technologies
  • Travel (most recently in Asia)


The following excerpts are from recommendations given on my LinkedIn profile:

"His CMA acumen is exceeded only by his real life business sense. I would recommend Rob Ellerby without reservation." - Eric Thomas, former colleague.

"Robert consistently impressed me with his energy, creativity and positive attitude for tackling high-pressure and time-sensitive demands." - Brenda Miller, former colleague.

"Robert has been willing and able to step outside of his comfort zone to find solutions to issues that arise. I would be pleased and honored to be able to work with Robert again on a future project and highly recommend him as a valuable member of any organization's financial management team!” - David Jones, former colleague.

"He was very competitive in his field and had great organizational and communication skills. His interaction with employees, sound judgment, reliability and analytical ability gave us an unforgettable working experience.” - Saima Malik, former direct report.

Promoting the profession

  • Mentored a group of MBA graduates who were taking the fast-track route to their Certified Management Accountant qualification in 2011. All passed, and three asked me to sponsor their admission applications.

Board experience

  • Former board member of  several non-profit organizations, including:
    • Acton Citizens' Band
    • Oakville Wind Orchestra
      • rescuing the latter organization from financial insolvency, after the resignation of the entire executive
      • restructured the organization into a new form by reconstituting the executive under a new constitution.


Professional summary

Traditional presentation



Acquisitions, disposals, integrations, turnarounds, restructuring, cost reduction, continuous improvement, ISO 9001, supply chain optimization, business impact analysis, IT management, ERP implementations and improvements, investigative research, due diligence


Financial and management reporting with related variance analysis, IFRS, J-SOX, cash management, corporate and commodity taxation, financial and cash flow budgeting and forecasting, manufacturing costing with standard cost buildups, landed cost of imports,  supply chain analysis, sales and gross profit analysis (by price, cost, volume and mix)

IT platforms

Windows 7, Windows XP Professional, Windows Exchange, Windows 2003 Server

Reporting systems

Accpac, Microsoft Dynamics, Intuitive ERP (all with SQL back-ends)

Reporting and analytical software

Microsoft (MS) Office Professional (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint), LibreOffice (Writer, Calc, Draw, Base, Impress, Math), ODBC queries, R, Business Intelligence and Performance Dashboard applications


This is who I am...

  • A Certified Management Accountant with demonstrated portable skills
  • 20+ years’ experience in sound financial management as a controller, chief financial officer and member of executive teams
  • Comfortable in dealing with people at all levels within the organization
  • Able to get the job done!

This is how I help...

  • Making sense of complex, non-routine situations (acquisitions, disposals, dealing with lenders, and turnarounds)
  • Creating the greatest efficiency in management processes (being able to see ERP in terms of system design, data mapping and meaningful reporting, as opposed to thinking only about SAP, Oracle or other individual constructs)
  • Discovering the true value of products and services rendered (determining real profit margins, identifying process bottlenecks, and seeing which customers and product lines are really driving the business)

This is what I have achieved...

  • Expertise in due diligence, M&A, restructurings and turnarounds
  • Strong skills in management accounting, financial reporting and related analysis
  • Delivering the best from Business Intelligence applications
  • Advanced knowledge in all office suite applications (ie, Excel, Access, etc)
  • Producing successful IT systems implementations and improvements
  • Proficiency in Canadian (and international) corporate and commodity taxation issues and compliance

Specialties: Insight, innovation, and, above all, the ability to change things for the better!

Work experience


Debjaun Construction Limited

Position reported directly to the President.

Responsible for financial reporting and cash monitoring for a privately-held group of companies - one in property management (holding three commercial properties), two in operating independent medical assessment clinics (in Toronto and Hamilton), two in operating rehabilitation clinics (in Toronto and Brampton), one in occupational assessment pre-screening services, and one in management services.

  • Responsible for financial reporting and cash monitoring.
  • Prepared commodity and corporate tax returns for all companies in the group.
  • Simplified financial reporting and instituted standardized cash flow reporting for a privately-held group of companies:
    • one in property management (holding three commercial properties)
    • two in operating independent medical assessment clinics (in Toronto and Hamilton)
    • two in operating rehabilitation clinics (in Toronto and Brampton)
    • one in occupational assessment pre-screening services
    • one in management services
  • Designed the above procedures within an ownership structure (and consequent banking and reporting) that was complicated by the presence of two holding companies controlled by different principals, with cash movements and intercompany services performed and settled across all members of the group.


Purity Life Health Products Limited

Position reported directly to the President.

Responsible for all financial reporting, accounts receivable and collections, accounts payable, and inventory management, costing and reconciliation; managing a staff of five.

  • Prepared and filed commodity tax returns for the company.
  • Streamlined procedures for quarterly inventory counting and valuation, which accelerated reconciliation and valuation cycle by one week.
  • Simplified financial reporting routines and procedures, thereby accelerating reporting timetables by several days.


Endpoint Research Limited

Position reported directly to the President.

Covered for incumbent who was on leave, managing financial reporting, cash management, payroll, billing and payables functions with a staff of two.

  • Responsible for all monthly financial reporting, cash flow monitoring, monthly billings on all research contracts and biweekly payroll runs.
  • Caught up - in three weeks - on time-and-expenses billings which were 60 days in arrears, corrected final payroll for the year and consequent corrections of T4 reporting, brought up to date bank reconciliations which were five months behind. Assignment (lasting six months) started at the beginning of January, and everything was brought up to date by the third week of that month.
  • Accelerated billing cycle by two weeks from previous benchmarks. Accounting system was Solomon, which had to be learnt from scratch - this was achieved within one month.


Danbel Industries Inc

Company was a subsidiary of Noma Industries Limited.

Position reported directly to the President.

Responsible for financial reporting, cost accounting, accounts receivable and collections, accounts payable, and IT programming and services, and managing a staff of nine.

  • Established new accounting system for all companies in the group, after its acquisition by Noma.
  • Managed inventory counts and reconciliations on a twice-yearly basis.
  • Coordinated annual audits with head office internal audit and with external auditors.
  • Prepared and filed all commodity and corporate tax returns for the company.
  • Directed due diligence procedures for three corporate acquisitions and one business disposal.
  • Achieved complete replacement from the ground up of all internal systems with a single ERP environment.
  • Devised and implemented innovative procedures that integrated manufacturing costs to all underlying landed costs of imported product within a multi-level bill of material structure.
  • Negotiated new service agreements that helped reduce costs by 15% on it systems hardware maintenance for the parent's entire group of ten companies.
  • Rationalized corporate charitable donation programme, in order to focus on a more select group of recipients.
  • Elected to the executive of the company social club, actively working on maintaining a year-round schedule of activities.


Allied Canadian Corporation

Position reported directly to the Vice-President, Finance.

Responsible for all financial reporting and cash monitoring for almost two dozen commercial and industrial property real estate joint ventures and limited partnerships.

  • Prepared and filed all commodity tax returns, corporate tax returns for general partners, and partnership information returns (T5013) for all limited partnership investors.
  • Prepared and issued monthly cash distributions to investors in accordance with the terms specified in the limited partnership agreements, by cheque and by electronic funds transfer.
  • Simplified and streamlined financial reporting for multiple investments in almost two dozen commercial and industrial property real estate joint ventures and limited partnerships. Consolidated reporting was not an option, as there was no common ownership present.
  • Accelerated reporting cycle by one week.
  • Promoted a cooperative education programme with the Toronto Board of Education for allowing recent immigrants to gain Canadian work experience.

Consultant (self-employed)

Robert A. Ellerby, CMA

Provision of business advisory services, focusing on independent and objective reviews to assist management, as well as interim management engagements in start-up and turnaround situations. Clients include manufacturing and distribution companies, financial institutions and asset management organizations.

  • Worked with Canada Revenue Agency, Ontario Ministry of Finance, Ontario Ministry of Labour and Workers' Safety and Insurance Board to clear files on behalf of client.
  • Dealt with CRA inquiry relating to the dissolution of a manufacturing company and issues concerning certain former key managers. Inquiry was closed with no outstanding matters remaining open.
  • Investigated and reported on the latest regulatory and competitor standards for risk management discussion in quarterly MD&A reporting, as well as on IFRS requirements for assessing goodwill impairment, for a public company.


MKG Imaging Solutions Inc

Company was named as one of Canada's best-managed companies , and was one of the five largest remanufacturers of toner cartridges in North America. After 2005, it became a subsidiary of Oki Data Americas, Inc.

Directed all finance and IT functions for the company, including financial reporting, receivables, payables, inventory, and product costing.

  • Moved the company reporting structure from handling the requirements of entrepreneurial sole-ownership, to collaboration with another US-based investor, to eventual acquisition by a Japan-based public company.
  • Coordinated due-diligence exercises relating to the above acquisitions, working closely with legal, accounting and advisor teams on both sides, located in Toronto, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Maryland.
  • Performed two ERP implementations (six years apart) - the first one in Accpac (which extended functionality to include inventory control), and the other on Intuitive ERP (which extended integration to include CRM). Latter exercise included institution of tender procedures, which ensured a savings of $500K on the final negotiated price.
  • Established Access-based procedures to track production labour and output previously tracked on paper, enabling the calculation of efficiencies over time by line on an output of 50,000 units per month.
  • Simplified cash collection procedures through establishing lockbox arrangements on both Canadian and US bank accounts, thereby reducing travel time to the bank on a daily basis, and transit times by one week from US-based customers.
  • Secured release from assignment to Special Accounts at Bank of Montreal during the 2001-2002 downturn, after having reduced indebtedness by $1 million (ie, 50% of the total). This also involved managing the company's relationship with the bank's monitor.
  • Implemented and managed an asset-based lending arrangement with Royal Bank of Canada for two years. This included coordination of reporting efforts with RBC's field examiner.
  • Played key role on company negotiations with union on collective bargaining agreement, ensuring longest term ever for stable labour relations.
  • Managed a staff of six, in a company with a total headcount of 220.


Business Administration

Sheridan Institute

Recipient of Premier Concrete Award for standing in final year.


Microsoft Access
Created databases for analyzing: manufacturing output, labour hours and efficiency ratings time factors used in bills of materials compared to actual time worked sales and gross profits by product and customer, from raw data in ERP systems obtained via ODBC connection Using sophisticated data visualization using Tableau Public to tap into Access data.
Microsoft Excel
Adept at summarizing data from multiple sources (including direct links to databases) and summarizing via pivot tables and charts into dashboards. Created sophisticated interactive analysis sheets for analyzing manufacturing data and related costs, using INDEX, VLOOLUP, HLOOKUP, SUMIF, drop-down boxes, ODBC links, and other advanced concepts. Created dashboard analysis reports for assessing creditworthiness of customers in decisions relating to the acceptance of customer orders, based on real-time data. Using add-ins relating to sparklines, Palo and SQL cube analysis, R and Treemapper integration, decision tree analysis, data mining and Monte Carlo simulation.


Certified Management Accountant

Society of Management Accountants of Ontario