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Jorge Oliveira do Rosário

Land Survey Engineer and Consultant

Work experience

Nov 2010Jul 2014

Land Survey Engineer and Consultant

Pedro Barradas - Serviços de Topografia

Planning and head of the topographic teams at Parques de Sintra (Parque da Pena and Monserrate) for a classic land survey at 1:1000. Importing and processing data from surveying equipment using CAD and G.I.S. software for an updated 3D survey of the parks and trees (numbering and cataloging). Use of G.P.S. for geo-referencing of control points for a more precise map. Weekly reports to the client on progress and deadlines.

Consultant for the matters of methodology, the necessary precision of the equipment to be used because of it being a metallic structure, choosing the position for local node network and final prints of the airplane factory (Embraer - Évora, Portugal).

Creation of local grid node network system for staking (walls, pavement. road, sanitation network) for the re-qualification of the Cidade Sol (Barreiro) neighborhood, this job had quite a challenge and helped me with my communication skills since it was in a conflicted neighborhood and I had to help the Superintendent talk and sometimes negotiate with the residents of what was being done and to keep up with the schedule.

Nov 2009Nov 2010

Land Surveyor and CAD Editor (Probational work)

Estereofoto, S.A.

Completion of the cartography of the cities of Paços de Ferreira and Albufeira by foot with the use of existing maps correlated with aerial photographs. Setting out of sewerage reticulation in Negrais and high-voltage lines in Viseu using classic G.P.S. methods.

Creating new nodes for densing the G.P.S. grid for the project of Pinhal Interior, quite a challenge since the a task at hand was to find the most appropriate and safe places to install semi-permanent G.P.S. receivers for the duration of the project.

Creating and editing projects of cartography for support of high-voltage lines. Creating, organizing and quality control of final prints.

Feb 2007Mar 2007

Land Survey Engineer

Visão Topográfica

Classic survey of the intersections of the national road IP2 between Castro Verde and Beja for roads intersection improvement. Use of G.P.S. for geo-referencing the job, I learned how to properly walk in wet clay environment in order to keep up with the timetable.

Apr 2006Jul 2006

Land Survey Engineer


Use of G.P.S. to create own support network for surveillance and monitoring of irrigation channels (installation of pipes, siphons, pumping stations, etc.) located in the area between Évora and Reguengos. Biggest challenge was the size of the pipes, siphons, etc. and how to properly calculate the final position in order to it be as close as possible as to in the project guidelines.


Feb 2006Mar 2009

Licentiate Degree in Topographic Engineering (14 out of 20)

Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Beja

Performing land surveys and topographic leveling, works setting out and procedures, computations of earth movements (gradings) for engineering works, procedures and execution of photogrammetric works and the implementation and maintenance of G.I.S.

Nov 2002Jun 2005

Bachelor Degree in Topographic Engineering (14 out of 20)

Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Beja

Performing land surveys, trigonometric and geometric leveling, construction setting out, computation of volumes of earth movements for engineering work, execution of photogrammetric works and the implementation and maintenance of G.I.S. Setting out and geo-referencing of control networks.

Oct 1997Jun 2001

Technical Land Surveyor

Escola Profissional de Ciências Geográficas

Topographical and topo-cadastral, for elaboration, completion and updating of plants and charts, and topographical measurements for studies and projects, support networks, perform topographic surveying measurements monitoring infrastructure and geodetic observations for positioning accuracy and precision; implantation on the ground, from design data, buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges and other infrastructures as well as its topographic monitoring.


Communication Skills

Good communication and delegation skills provided by the experience of being head of the computer lab at Residência Mista I in Beja (Dormitory building), while I was in college. It helped me to communicate accordingly with all kinds of students national and foreign (Erasmus students) tech savvy or not.


Due to the human condition we all have fears and mine is vertigo so to help me not to get caught off-guard and for it to get worse I face it head on.


Helping with the mapping and validating data on Open Street Mapper in Nepal due to recent earthquake.