I am a business oriented person. Right now I am working on getting my real estate liscense. My objective in life is to first get my real estate liscense, work for a real estate company to learn and gain as much experience as possible, then one day start up my own business, a real estate agency and merge it with the Baker`s Paint & Drywall.   I have already helped launch one business, Baker`s Painting &  Drywall.  So I know that with more time, education and hard work I can start a business of my own.


I am the Administrative and Marketing Manager for Baker`s Painting & Drywall My duties include all the administrative duties of the company which include: faxing, typing, sending emails and bid offers, keeping records, filing, payroll,putting in orders, inventory, microsoft word, excel, and quickbooks.Typing up contracts, insurance and estimate charts. Create and manage the company website. Purchasing for the organisation and negotiates with suppliers about the prices of services  offered.works with matters relating to personnel - interviews for employment, leave, salaries.  I am the secretary and receptionist but I jus sum it all up in one title as Administrative manager. I am also the marketing manager in which I do all the marketing and advertising for the company. I customize, order and put out business cards, newsletters, and yard signs.organises, plans, controls, co-ordinates and gives orders relating to all the marketing activities

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2004 - May 2008

Customer Service Associate


My duties at walmart included: handling customers' payments in retail stores via check, credit, debit, or cash.

scan or type the price of items into a computer that calculates a total,issue cash refunds and credit slips to customers or cash checks for customers and employees. At the end of their shift, they must balance the amount of money they have taken in with the total sales recorded. Cash checks. directly interact with customers to provide information on products and services, resolve problems, and offer general assistance.  handle complaints, document incidents, and report requests for further assistance to superiors. keep records of all customer interactions and all transactions that take place.


Jan 2010 - Present

Real-Estate pre-liscense

Charles Barnes

I just enrolled in Charles Barnes shcool of real estate. I am studying online to prepare to take the Oklahoma Real estate exam so that I can become an Oklahoma liscensed Real Estate Agent.

Aug 2006 - May 2008


Oklahoma city community College



problem solving

work ethic

computer skills

Windows, XP, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks, Aphelion, Internet research


Motivated self-starter with a strong desire to learn


Excellent communication skills

typing 50 wpm

I am great with computers and an excellent typer. I type 50wpm.