J. Nathan Corbitt

J. Nathan Corbitt

Work History

Work History
Jan 1997 - Present

President and CEO

BuildaBridge International

In 1997, I co-founded BuildaBridge International with Eastern University colleague Dr. Vivian Nix-Early.  This community service organization grew from a vision to bring hope and healing to vulnerable children in tough places of the world, and to train and engage artists and community workers in the power of the arts to transform lives.  In 2000, BuildaBridge was incorporated as an arts education an intervention organization and received a 501(c)3 designation by the IRS.  Since 1997, BuildaBridge has trained over 350 personnel through the annual BuildaBridge Institute.  Students come to the Institute from the Philadelphia region, nationally, and internationally. 

BuildaBridge has provided arts experiences and programs to thousands of children in Philadelphia, Salish and Kootenai Americans, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Kenya, Rwanda, and Egypt.  In 2002, BuildaBridge partnered with the Homeless Children's Initiative of the School District of Philadelphia and currently provides ongoing after school programming in seven homeless shelters.  Our annual Diaspora of Hope project is a catalytic arts camp conducted in some of the world's informal settlements (slums) that engages children, local artists and community organizations in building capacity for arts-based community development. 

The BuildaBridge Institute, now in its 10th year, partnered with Eastern University in 2005 to pilot an Arts in Transformation concentration of the MA in Urban Studies Program.  The first Central American Institute is planned in Guatemala for 2011. BuildaBridge provides training for community arts as part of Diaspora of Hope and at the invitation of organizations in Europe, Asia, African, the Middle East and Latin America.

Aug 1992 - Present

Professor of Cross-Cultural Studies

Eastern University--Philadelphia Campus
  • From 1994-2000 chaired the Department of Communications which grew from 3-100 students in six years
  • Created and instituted cross-cultural courses, travel courses; and including the first minor in ESL as part of the Department of Communications.
  • Co-sponsored World Culture Day 1994-1998
  • Promoted to Full Tenured Professor in 2000.
  • Established the Global Center for Applied Research which later became the Graduate Research Forum, an annual forum for the presentation of graduate thesis work.
  • An interdisciplinary faculty member, crafting curriculum and teaching courses in research, world music, cross-cultural studies, communications, urban studies, and community arts
  • Founded the Eastern Winds ensemble in 1992, Eastern's first wind ensemble
  • Chaired the University Task Force on Technology in 1999 that set directions for the 2000-9 decade.
  • Manager for the University Angels of Harmony gospel choir between 1994 and 2000, leading the group on international tours to South Africa, Kenya, Egypt and Europe; and, producing the group's first music CD.
  • Created and led University-community partnership with BuildaBridge for an Arts in Transformation concentration with the MA in Urban Studies.
  • Principal Investigator and Project Director for the Teagle Collaborative Project 2000-2002 that resulted in the creation of Esperanza College of Eastern University
  • Designed Core curriculum for the MA programs at the Campolo School for Social Change.  This core became the basic core for the MA in Urban Studies program.
  • Served as Associate Dean of the Campolo School for Social Change 2000-2006 supervising the Graduate Assistantship Program, instituting a graduate research program, and facilitating new program development
  • Served as the first chair of the Eastern University Institutional Review Board drafting the first manual and faculty training guide.
Aug 1982 - Jul 1992

Cross-Cultural Communication Strategist

International Board of the SBC
Jul 1971 - Jun 1975

Band and Choral Director

Macon County Schools



Bachelor of Music Education

Mars Hill College
Aug 1980 - May 1985

Doctor of Musical Arts

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Aug 1977 - May 1979

Master of Church Music

School of Music: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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I have used Moodle with the BuildaBridge Institute and staff training.  Currently I have created all courses used for the Institute.


I have used Blackboard since it introduction Eastern University.  I would be considered an early adopter of technology.