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Antony has the ability to move an organization forward, setting ambitious goals and achieving them through personal leadership, and team building. He is a results focused technology and business manager with over a quarter of a century of progressive experience and contributions in fast paced global business environments. His ability to drive technology initiatives on time, in budget, and inscope has been proven time and time again. Antony is a creative problem solver, natural leader, and strong communicator who is a very strong implementation-oriented manager. Antony has a strong client facing skills, and strives for operational innovation while ensuring that the change management process is never over looked. This results in satisfied clients who are left with better systems and stronger teams after the project than before. His strong skills within the business and technical  improvement field were developed in fast paced large national and international clients. He can formulate vision, erticlate it, and inplement it succesfully.


Risk Management
IT Infrastructure Design & Development
IT Security
Business Analysis
Capturing New Business
Core Communications Design for Clients
Building and managing large teams
Project Design & Management


Mark Chequer

Mark and I came to this country together, and have enjoyed great careers here.

Tim Baer

Tim is a senior manager, and a consumate professional who has worked with me for a number of years.

Don Piela

Worked with Don as my manager at SAIC and at as my client at OACIS

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Sample References

Work experience

College wide IT Coordinator

Wakefield MDC

Wakefield MDC was a $25M a year college. I developed and delivered a college wide strategy for I.T. training to both staff and students. This involved development and delivery schedules, negotiating I.T. access and purchasing policies across a range of conflicting sectors. Before I left I finished setting up their first I.T. resource center. This involved RFPs, design of the layout, purchasing of equipment and software, designing, installing security and maintenance of Novell and UNIX networks.

I was involved in supporting a wide range of networks 31 Novell networks 2.15 - 4.0, along with about 30 UNIX boxes running a variety of UNIX platforms (mainly ICL, but also AIX, HP-UX, and Bull) over SPX/IPX, TCP/IP, and X.25, in both LAN and WAN settings. (During this time I was also a contract developer for Prentice hall, and developed a number of packages for them in C++ using ZINC a platform independent GUI library).


Senior Solutions Consultant

O-TIBIS, California

A project management and business development company. A few of the companies we have worked with include Electronic Arts, Silverstream, IT Global Source, Tri-Tec International Resources,

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Took from initial concept to initial customer. Antony did this through using distributed software development teams, and Agile project management techniques to manage this Web based product. They subsequently sold the company to Presagia, an Canadian company for an undisclosed sum.
  • Developed a book of business for Tri-Tec that included Electronic Arts, Silicon Graphics, and Chevron.
  • Senior Architect, Project Manager for ITGS, helping them get startup until they had a stable book of business.
  • Lead in the international launch of ICODEON, an undisputed leader in the area of SCORM. Developed and implement a marketing approach for their SCORM engine.

International Deployment Project Manager

Charles Schwab

Responsible for the business and technical aspects of Network project definition, development and deployment. Drove complex/large scale software and business integration projects such as the Chinese language offering and the US-Japan network role out. Responsible for tracking and report project deliverables and milestones, effectively communicate project status, issues, and time lines all the way up to the executive levels of both the customer, and internal management.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Finished rolling out Japanese/US network integration.

  • Deployed the Chinese language web offer for Charles Schwab

  • Lead role in the design & development of the next stage of their secure IP network protocol.

  • Submitted by Senior management for an excellence award, denied because I was an independent consultant


Senior Project/Program Manager

I successfully managed a team of over 40 on a Y2K network remediation project. I left to manage an ailing Y2K client-server project of $14M and a staff of over 90 The project was turned round, efficiency increased (staff 90 ->50), and the continuing business ($7M) captured. Then promoted to Program Manager for the whole Y2K health care effort for my division ( >$50M). My last project was a $16.9M software development project with over 100 staff.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Led a team of 40 to inventory Kaiser Permanente's complete network infrastructure.

  • Took over an ailing software remediation project ($14M), turned in around and captured a further $7M of business. By reducing the team from 90 – 50 while improving the number of applications remediated, and reducing internal thrash in the QA cycle.

  • Promoted to Program Manager with over $50M budget.

  • Managed team of over 100 on a $16.9M software integration project. Implemented a comprehensive Earned Value system to ensure that any financial leaks were identified and stopped as soon as possible.


IT Security Officer


Involved UNIX & NT system design & support for their high security environment. Designed & developed IT security auditing systems and software development standards. Management co-ordination and technical review of projects such as the 1500 seat NT role out, and large scale software development projects. Operational responsibilities involved secure access (Firewalls and secure tokens), managing security software maintenance such as back-up solutions, Anti-virus tools, Internet access, and cryptographic software.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Redesigned their secure environments, to be more secure, developed their first intruder alert system procedurally as well as technically.

  • Improved secure transmission of member states data.

  • Negotiated and then rolled out security standards for software and hardware project development.

  • Managed operational team for secured access.


Senior Project Manager

IBM Global Networks

Initially the role there was to lead the implementation of new International Customers and to develop the EMEA (Europe Middle-east and Africa) wide 7x24 second level support, for IBM's Global Network offering. Once those projects were in place my main role was special projects. This involved implementing new network services: A global Frame Relay service, EMEA wide Lotus Notes role out, and Internet Content Hosting, plus scope enhancement such as network access management on to the help desk.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Implemented a large customer single point of contact helpdesk (7x24) where over 80% of issues were solved at the point of contact without escalation- EMEA wide.

  • Developed from start a 7x24 first level IP monitoring network for large clients.

  • Global Services Role out coordinator for Frame Relay, Lotus Note, ML ½; an SNA monitoring service.

  • Key customer contact for: NECICOM – the Dutch Stock exchange,RINET – World wide reinsurance company, Timberland and Johnson & Johnson.