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A Career Coach and Futurist -- Some people say I'm the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" of the career development world. My strongest assets are my intuition, insight and ideas. I'm a bit of a techie (LinkedIN) as well as an advocate for FREE AGENCY and SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP. • My JOB, my PASSION, my MISSION - is helping you find yours •  Jim's STRENGTHS (SF 2.0) and PREFERENCES are: • Strategic, Ideation, Adaptability, Connectedness and Relator I am talented at creating alternate ways of proceeding while spotting relevant patterns and issues. I'm full of ideas and fascinated by new ones. I can find connections between seemingly desperate phenomena. I'm very much a "go with the flow" person who takes things as they come. I truly believe that "all things are connected" and every event plays into the grander scheme. I enjoy influencing others through a willingness and ease to be open and honest. • INFP (Meyers Briggs) I'm energized by the internal world of ideas and concepts (I), process information intuitively (N), make decisions based on my values (F) and have a preference for living a spontaneous and flexible life (P). • L-brain: 45%, R-brain: 55% / Auditory: 35%, Visual: 64% People say I'm an engaging speaker on topics such as: • Career Strategies and Management including: - The Career Transition Model - The Bottom Line - Cash Flow • Managing Stress in Career Transition • Perfecting Your Personal Brand • Branding Yourself on LinkedIN • LinkedIN and Social Media • The Changing World of Work • Creating a Portfolio Career • The Art of Listening and others...

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Career and Executive Coach | Linkedin Expert | VP Consulting Services

Jim provides leadership for the Career Transition / Coaching services delivered by ECS in the Southern California region. ECS is a global affiliate of Career Partners International which ties together over 170 local outplacement and executive coaching firms across the US and internationally. In addition to the management role, Jim coaches individual executives and professionals in various stages of career development and transition. Jim also facilitates the weekly Roundtable meetings for ECS candidates including sessions on: • LinkedIN, Twitter and Social Media • The Online Job Search • Networking • The Future of Work • The Art of Listening • Stress Management • Competing on Value • Developing a Personal Brand • Interviewing and Negotiating • The Career Transitional Model and Developing a Portfolio Career

Career Coach | Conversation Leader | Influencer | Futurist | Facilitator | Free Agent | LinkedIN

• EXECUTIVE SOLITUDE RETREATS • Jim leads executives and business professionals through extended periods of facilitated solitude – one to four day retreats that encompass the benefits of uninterrupted and unhurried segments of time and held at various exclusive venues. • NON-PROFIT DEVELOPMENT and SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP • Jim, along with his wife Roe, lead developmental retreats and sessions for those involved in organizations who are mission driven – coaching and mentoring leaders and key stake holders toward authentic service goals. • CONVERSATION LEADER | EXECUTIVE COACH • Jim facilitates the organizational conversation around purpose, passion and mission – helping those who “carry the torch” to more clearly articulate the motivating forces that hold the organization together. He also coaches corporate leaders in helping them to maximize and grow their leadership skills. • SPEAKER / AUTHOR - PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS • Jim speaks at professional association meetings on subjects related to jobs, career, passion, mission and the future. He also writes on subjects related to career management, authentic leadership and the spiritual journey. • LINKEDIN and SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT • Jim coaches individuals on strategies for developing and using their LinkedIN profile as well as other Social Media venues including Twitter as well as strategies for using other tools for leveraging online productivity. There's always something new to learn... • INDIVIDUAL CAREER COACH • Jim serves individuals in career transition and various stages of professional development including students, young professionals, people in ministry, mid-career changers and "boomers" looking to pursue portfolio career / free agency options.

Managing Consultant | Futurist | Social Media | Linkedin

In this role, Jim managed the service delivery for the Human Capital Consulting Group in Orange County on behalf of Spherion, a Fortune 1000 firm with offices throughout the global business community. He was responsible for coaching and consulting with executives, professionals and others in various stages of professional development and career transition.

Senior Consultant | Trainer | Free Agent


Sales Manager - Mobile Specialties


Career Coach | Career Center Director


Lion Trainer





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