Lee Capps

Lee Capps

Senior Developer


I enjoy using my technical skills and a non-dogmatic, agile/BDD approach to make software that empowers users to be more productive, using fewer resources. As a published writer, former editor, and former teacher of college writing, I use my communication skills to determine software requirements and to write precise specifications and clear documentation of software and processes.

Technical Expertise

Languages, Libraries, and Standards: Ruby, Python, bash, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, HTML, CSS, REST.

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, TurboGears, Zope 3.

Testing: RSpec, Cucumber, Test::Unit, pytest.

Server Software: Apache, nginx, Passenger, Postfix.

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and ZODB.

Operating Systems: Linux, OS X.

Version Control: Git, Subversion.

Methodologies: BDD, pair programming

Work History

Work experience
Nov 2013 - Present

Senior Developer

PhishMe, Inc.

As Senior Developer, I have brought an application for managing and analyzing reported phishing emails from inception to its beta customer phase. I participate in software design decisions and make contributions across the entire project, at all levels of the software stack. Some of the technologies in use include: Ruby on Rails, RSpec, capybara, nginx/Passenger, PostgreSQL, redis/sidekiq, and RabbitMQ/bunny.

Nov 2004 - Dec 2013

Technology Specialist

CTE Resource Center

As Technology Specialist I developed and maintained content managements systems and other Web applications for the Virginia Department of Education. I was largely or solely responsible for a number of projects:

  • Worked with contractor to specify and develop a custom content management system for Career and Technical Education curricula in Virginia.
  • Extended functionality of content management system written on the Zope 3 application framework to include an XML-RPC interface and other features.
  • Developed front-end Web application to deliver curriculum materials to thousands of Virginia CTE teachers.
  • Developed new inventory, distribution, and online ordering application for print materials.
  • Developed a public search interface for the library/Z39.50 server and integrated requests for library materials with the online catalog.
  • Working with other staff and the Virginia Dept. of Education, developed a course and occupation data management system.
  • Developed management software for Byrd and Meade scholarship application process.
  • Coordinated pilot project for CanDo, an open source competency tracking application, to determine feasibility for use statewide; wrote installation documentation; conducted user training.
  • Developed a public REST-ful JSON Web API for Virginia's CTE course, curriculum, and occupation data. 
  • Developed a public-facing Web application (serving Verso, Career Planning Guide, and Administrative Planning Guide), backed by the Web API.
  • Extracted and released an open source Ruby gem (verso) for interacting with the Web API.
  • Wrote a MongoDB-backed Ruby on Rails application for remote collaboration in the development and revision of CTE curriculum.


Aug 1999 - May 2002


Virginia Commonwealth University

Creative Writing (Fiction)

Aug 1995 - May 1998


North Carolina State University


Aug 1989 - May 1993


Duke University

English and Physics