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·Continuous-Operation, Closed Loop Decontamination system and Methods

·Method for Multiple Flashpoint Vaporizers

·Method for Enhanced Aeration


Boy Scouts of America – Assistant Scoutmaster – Cubmaster – Den leader

US FIRST Robotics League – Vice President and Mentor of South East Raleigh Team

Martial Arts – Studying Hapkido and assisting in the Apex Life Protection Skills program

Auto racing – Previously held SCCA Competition License and several driving schools


Engineering Technician

Telecommunications § Medical Device § Automotive § Team Leadership & Training

Innovative engineering technician with over 15 years of experience in research, development, test, and documentation of products for telecommunication, medical, and manufacture industries.Proven skills in problem solving, debugging, adapting to various development environments, working in and building a team atmosphere. Cross-functional in multiple disciplines from hardware, electrical, software to department organization and performance.Able to visualize, design, procure, build, test and document a needed test or environment to suit the needs of new products and designs.

Core competencies include:

§Customer focused

§Strong abilities to create electro/mechanical systems

§Test Equipment Optimization & Automation

§Across boundaries mindset

§Technical Documentation

§Take Ownership

§Staff Training & Development

§Strong strategic direction

§Open to change and seek innovation

§Strong cross cultural work experience

Work experience

May 2000Present

Engineering Technician - Engineering Test Lab lead:

Sony Ericsson Communications
  • Developed a test chamber to solve a critical design issue during the final phase of our latest project. This chamber was first used to test different methods and their effects. Once proven it was then scaled to be incorporated in the Service and Repair centers as an affordable and easy to use solution.
  • Created a lab test environment that mimics the wear and abuse cell phones are subjected to in the real world. Developed tests and equipment and tests that are 75% custom and involve Solar, vibration, shock, impact, heat/humidity, life cycle of components, HALT, radio performance and cosmetic issues.
  • Created new tests and equipment that encompass everything from the investigation of available test equipment to the custom designing, fabrication, wiring, programming, documentation and training.
  • Designed, built and supported testing of several multi axis test stations for life cycle design testing.
  • Designed a unique life cycle test chamber incorporating Heat, Humidity, multi axis vibration and radio testing.
  • Performed full system level competitive analysis testing that included the teardowns and RCA failed components. Results and ideas were then fed back to design and included in lessons learned.
  • Supported a global testing system by providing input and development of mechanical tests.
  • Ensuring equipment is functioning and calibrated at all times to meet ISO standards. This includes working with vendors and equipment manufacture's in the special design, care and repair of units keeping them on line and functional.
  • Investigated and procured all items for three departments including capital equipment up to $100,000.
  • Provided monthly and annual reports to assist in the annual bottom up budgets proposals.
  • Created safety tests including temperature and charging that ensure conformance to internal standards.
  • Performed HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) to identify component failures and enhance design ruggedness.
  • Organized the Calibration lab after a change in business strategy categorizing the locations and calibration needs of 2500 pieces of equipment. Worked with outside calibration service in detailing calibration needs until a calibration coordinator was brought on line.
  • Provided mentoring and support to junior team members to create a self-reliant team.
Sep 1996May 2000

Test and Evaluation Supervisor / Lead Senior Technician


Test and Evaluation Supervisor

Designed organized, hired staff for startup of a Medical Device Test and Evaluation Department.

  • Created a Calibration Lab which obtained ISO9000 certification within 3 months.
  • Built a prototype lab which included machine shop and wood working capabilities.
  • Supervised lab with one engineer and six technicians as direct reports.
  • Worked with and supported outside engineering firms on several medical projects.
  • Worked with corporate safety and regulatory groups to ensure FDA, OSHA and EPA compliance.
  • Supported the Intellectual Property Department by providing input and explanations of patents filed by an acquired company.

Lead Senior Technician

  • Designed, built, programmed and evaluated breadboards and Pre-Production Sterilization units. Starting at concept phase and continued through final verification and training production technicians.
  • Work with Scientists and Micro Biologists in the development and design changes necessary for product efficacy.
  • Trained and mentored with technicians in developing skills.
  • Design and assisted technicians in the building of life cycle test fixtures and test chambers.
Jun 1992Sep 1996

Sr. Engineering Test Technician


Senior Technician

Sr. Engineering Test Technician

Performed Engineering Technician duties including;

  • Built Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization breadboard, prototype and production equipment through research and development of software and hardware, leading the industry in a new technology. Transfer of projects to manufacturing including the training of manufacturing assembly and test technicians.
  • Performed site installations, conducted on-site training, and provided customer support bolstering customer confidence in the technology. This included the design of the interface of various systems
  • Designed and conducted performance and efficacy testing through data acquisition and interpretation.
  • Accomplished Design Testing, Qualification and Software validation resulting in FDA approval
  • Domestic and global support of site installations and efficacy if VHP products. This included the design of interface of various systems, custom programming and customer training.



Wake Technical Community College

Wake Tech Community College Raleigh N.C. Courses in Electronics Engineering

 C++ Programming.

GSM Mobile communications

National Instruments Lab View

Modicon Concept programming for PLC controllers

Stat-A-Matrix – ISO 9000 for Calibration Labs

Solid Works 07 Essentials