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Awards and Honors

American Meteorological Society Named Undergraduate Scholarship, 2010

American Meteorological Society Freshman Undergraduate Scholarship, 2007

National Merit Finalist, 2007

Eagle Scout, 2006

Ordeal Member, Order of the Arrow, 2004


  Operating Systems

UNIX, Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat), Windows (XP, Vista, 7, legacy)

  Programming Languages

Java, Python (RPy, Scipy/Numpy, Matplotlib), Fortran90, IDL, Matlab

  Meteorology Software


  Web Design

HTML5/CSS3, Django Python framework, jQuery

  Additional Computer Skills

Google Wave Robot/Gadget development, hardware, GIMP/Photoshop, Microsoft Office suite, SVN and Mercurial VCS


To develop next-generation atmospheric and climate models by utilizing new and emerging computational technologies such as GPGPU's and massively parallel architectures, and use these tools to investigate the climate's dynamical response to climate change.


Mahowald, N. M., Kloster, S., Engelstaedter, S., Moore, J. K., Mukhopadhyay, S., McConnell, J. R., Albani, S., Doney, S. C., Bhattacharya, A., Curran, M. A. J., Flanner, M. G., Hoffman, F. M., Lawrence, D. M., Lindsay, K., Mayewski, P. A., Neff, J., Rothenberg, D., Thomas, E., Thornton, P. E., and Zender, C. S.: Observed 20th century desert dust variability: impact on climate and biogeochemistry, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 10, 12585-12628, doi:10.5194/acpd-10-12585-2010, 2010. (Submitted; in review)

Mahowald, N., Lindsay, K., Rothenberg, D., Doney, S. C., Moore, J. K., Thornton, P., Randerson, J. T., and Jones, C. D.: Desert dust and anthropogenic aerosol interactions in the Community Climate System Model coupled-carbon-climate model, Biogeosciences Discuss., 7, 6617-6673, doi:10.5194/bgd-7-6617-2010 (Submitted; in review)



Bachelor of Science

Cornell University

Cumulative GPA: 3.92, In Major: 3.99

Dean's List - all semesters


  • Atmospheric Science- Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Hydrostatics, Climate Dynamics, Physical Meteorology, Meteorology Software, Synoptic/Mesoscale Meteorology, Atmospheric Dynamics, Observation and Instrumentation, Statistical Methods in Meteorology
  • Math and Physics- Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Computational Methods of Non-Linear Systems, Engineering Physics II/III - E/M, Waves and Optics, Introduction to Real Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations
  • Other- Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures, Environmental Governance

Student Organizations

  • Cornell Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, Webmaster - volunteered with the Louisville office of the National Weather service; worked with faculty to develop new club and department website aimed at recruiting new students
  • Cornell Freshman Orientation Program, Orientation Supervisor - trained volunteer Orientation Leaders to mentor incoming freshmen; mentored first-year students during their transition to college life
  • Cornell Quiz Bowl/Academic Competition Team, President - led teams to 2008/09 NAQT ICT; organized tournaments and fund-raising activities for club; volunteered at 2008/09 NAQT HSNCT
  • Cornell Symphony Orchestra, 2nd Violinist, Webmaster
  • Golden Key Honor Society, Member

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Course Consultant

Cornell University, Department of Computer Science

Hosted weekly office hours and review sessions for students in CS 2110: Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures. Often tutored students in graph theory or aided them in completing long-term programming assignments, particularly a tool which generated phylogentic trees from mock genetic data for a set of fictional animals.

Sep 2008Present

Undergraduate Researcher

Cornell University, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science

Collaborated with Dr. Natalie Mahowald to analyze CCSM3 output data. Ported NCAR’s Community Atmosphere Model to run locally and created C-shell scripts to automate use. Developed a suite of Python scripts utilizing SciPy and Matplotlib to analyze and plot netCDF format datasets from climate model output. Investigated the impact of increased dust on climate and biogeochemistry in the CCSM3 for publication in peer-reviewed literature. Analyzed impacts of volcanic eruptions on biogeochemistry by performing ensemble runs of the CCSM3.5 at NCAR to complete requirements for graduating with an honors distinction in research.

Jun 2010Aug 2010


Center for Multi-scale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes at CSU

Under the supervision of David Randall and Ross Heikes, analyzed an anelastic dynamical core by performing a baroclininc instability test case. Ported the model to run at supercomputers at NERSC and Oak Ridge, and implemented Parallel NetCDF functionality into the model. Developed a Python tool for visualizing and analyzing model output, which was based on a geodesic grid. Attended conferences on high resolution atmosphere and climate modeling.

May 2007Aug 2008

Academic Competition Instructor

Jefferson County Public Schools

Authored high-school and middle-school level questions for Quick Recall, Governor's Cup, and NAQT Quiz Bowl competitions. Developed and taught a Fine Arts curriculum to students of all levels at Academic Competition Summer Camp. Worked individually with nationally-competitive high-school Quiz Bowl players to improve on the strategic aspects of their game.

Jun 2006Sep 2007


Orion Network Services

Utilized ArcGIS to design map layers for use in dynamic AHPS web application deployed by NOAA. Created Python scripts to automate the extraction of data from one shapefile to another.


Stephen Colucci

Mark Wysocki

Natalie Mahowald