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Work experience

Feb 2010Feb 2011

Client Services Associate

BNP Paribas India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The role required me to engage in various post-trade activities particularly:

> Event Notifications: Notifying clients on various events that take place during the life cycle of a product [my work domain revolved around "Structured Products"]

> Audit Reports: Preparing audit reports comprising all the open positions for a particular transaction between two parties for various clients like auditors, institutional clients,internal clients, etc.

> Updating terminals: Updating terminals like Bloomberg and also creating webpages related to various products on the same

It was an overall good learning experience  engaging in the day-to-day activities, working with transnational teams from across the globe, dealing with clients, both external as well as internal, etc.

Jun 2008Oct 2008

Management Internship

Oracle Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Project Title: Development of a business model for a new business line of interior decoration

The project required to conduct market study in two cities -- Mumbai and Bangalore. The second stage ofthe project involved working on the financials for the proposed business followed by determining an optimal organization structure that could suit the venture. Ultimately, a business plan was written and report  was submitted.

Jan 2007Apr 2007

Technical Internship

Tata Technologies Ltd.

Project Title:Design for Reliability

The project required to work on the “literature review” of the project, “Designing a methodology for “Design for Reliability” in auto and aero industries and subsequently developing a web based e-learning tool for the same”and then analyze certain mission critical automotive components from a reliability perspective.


Aug 2004Dec 2009

MBA (Tech.)

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

By integrating engineering and management in one single capsule to address major industry requirements, MBA (Tech.) program was launched by NMIMS in the year 2004, which was the first of its kind in the country.

The curriculum covers engineering courses in selected disciplines and the management courses relevant to that technology area. It is an integration of technology and management with domain specific specializations.

My specializations are : Manufacturing Engineering (Technology Specialization) and Finance (Management Specialization)


Financial Analysis using Excel
I have learned to do Financial Analysis using MS Excel.   This includes Financial Statements' Analysis, Financial Forecasting, Capital Budgeting, Break Even & Leverage Analysis, Time Value of Money, Valuation, Risk & Diversification, etc.
I utilized the language in developing web pages and my first ever web site.  I have also done an online certification course in HTML.
I was introduced to SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) as a part of the course curriculum for the subject, "Market Research". Using the software, I learned and gained significant expertise on tools like "Factor Analysis", "Conjoint Analysis", "Competitor Analysis", and "Discriminant Analysis", to name a few.
MS Office Suite
I have been an extensive user of MS Office Suite throughout my education, particularly while pursuing MBA (Tech.).   I have prepared a plethora of projects using MS Word and have made innumerable presentations using MS PowerPoint. For projects in Finance, Statistics, and other subjects (involving numbers someway or the other), I have utilized MS Excel extensively.


Edwige Borianotti

Ms. Edwige Borianotti heads the Client Services Referential [Asia] and the Client Services Teams.

She has been a wonderful superior, motivating us at every step, supporting us in bad times and patting our backs in good ones. She has been an excellent mentor all this while. I really appreciate her support and leadership during my tenure at BNP Paribas India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


I bring with me a blend of technology and management knowledge in specific domains comprising  Manufacturing Engineering and Finance specializations under the umbrella called MBA (Tech.).

I have undertaken two summer internships (one technical, the other, managerial) and both have been great learning experiences and have taught me the nuances of the corporate world in almost nutshells AND I understand I have to keep learning so as to improve myself every single moment of my life.

I have always had an excellent academic record and I have also been an avid participant in extra-curricular (Sports included) activities throughout my education.

I am currently seeking avenues of mutual value addition and an opportunity to grow with the organization continuously.


I wish to work in an environment where my skills will be utilized, nurtured, and developed further so that I become a successful professional continuously learning the intricacies of business and inculcating the same in my team, thereby propelling my country on to becoming a developed state.

I intend to achieve all this through a continuous cycle of reciprocal value addition.


My interests include :

(i)  Writing (Blogging, in particular) and Reading

(ii) Sports, in general and playing Volleyball, in particular

(iii) Singing, listening to music, watching movies

(iv) Cooking