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Work experience

Jun 2008Jun 2009

Internet marketing and creative specialist


ICYGEN is a company dealing internationally with interactive marketing solutions. My responsibilities involved taking care of design creative, copywriting, banner scenario creatives, writing sales offers for campaigns and websites, IA, research and development for both web marketing and deisgn trends (in a nutshell nearly everything beside programming). I started my job at ICYGEN with a great deal of enthusiasm which died shortly after this.

After an year working for this employer i decided to never work for a Bulgarian employer again.

Mar 2008Jun 2008

Creative Designer


That was the perfect job, though it was just for a while, because the company bankrupted.

For just a few months i had the opportunity to work on projects for european brands such as Coco Pops, Lalique, Jalla, Cinq Mondes. It was a great pleasure!

Apr 2006Feb 2008

Web Designer

iConcertina Creative

At this company I had the responsibility to create up to date web and other design solutions for internationally renowned companies such as Ebay, Paypal, The Economist, Mc Donalds, Hill & Knowlton (UK, US, Canada). For a really short period I managed to impress international partner agencies (Canada, US, UK, RSA, Thailand) we worked with and thus I became the youngest Senior Expert in the company. Fortunately this was a place where I could practise not only my design skills, but I also gained the responsibility to prepare creative briefs and concepts for other designers, manage the creative process and lead a team.

Unfortunately there were hard times for the company and the Bulgarian office was shut down.


Oct 2008Present


New Bulgarian Universtity


Web Marketing Skills
  - Analytical skills – ability to deliver detailed reports and analysis, based on webstats data (Google Analytics, CrazyEgg); benchmarking analysis; usability analysis; - SEO – intermediate skills, it is not my goal yet; - PPC Advertising (Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter) - Link Building Strategies - ROI Tracking and Analysis - Online Reputation Management - Landing Page Optimization - Copywriting - Viral and buzz marketing, WOM - Guerrila marketing - IA and wireframe development - Longterm business planning - Long term internet campaigns – creative, planning, moderation   - Social Media Marketing – I am adding this separately, because social media marketing is a whole new field of internet marketing. Unfortunately most of the brands are doing it wrong.  
Software skills
- Adobe CS* – Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash (good command of action script in this count), - Adobe Streamline - Adobe Audition - Poser 3d - Cinema 4D - Corel Draw - Linux, Mac, Windows  



I am a keen, enthusiastic, well organized and friendly person who can work well in either a team situation or as an individual. I am always very eager to continue learning and improving my skills, and I am able to understand new theories, ideas and concepts quickly.


I am currently seeking a position as or similar to Marketing/Creative manager which would let me use my imagination and knowledge in order to invent and further develop creative strategies for the vast realm of new media marketing.



- Social Media as a marketing evolution

- Blogging – my own blogging experiment.

- Design trendsetting

- Cinematography and drama

- WiFi hijacking

- Network security

Free time:

- Sports

- Traveling, camping, backpacking

- Classic and Japanese Animation

- Movies - Darrio Argento, Mario Bava, Wong Kar-Wai, Takeshi Miike, Tarantino, Darren Arnofsky and a lot more;

- DJing and music - idm, drum'n'bass, hip-hop, 50's, 60's rock'n'roll, alternative


My passion has always been following, examining and thus predicting IT business trends and technologies’ global development. Hence the fact that I started working as a web designer. Since most of the designers out there are far less technology oriented, I think this is a very rare quality. Because bringing up to date and user friendly design and concepts is strongly dependent on the market while many of my colleagues understand design just as a point of Art which is anything, but professional. 

Then Web 2.0 came right into the spotlight and literally flooded the internet with thousands of template-like, concept-missing websites. So the work of designers became harder and harder in order to make a product/service really stand out and bond to its consumers. I think that if today a designer lacks technology, seo, social media and trend predicting knowledge  - he’s absolutely no good. 

Though I am not doing design anymore, I mention design, because I still consider myself a designer – User Experience designer. 

When I work I mostly think about the user experience that I create, not about the eye-candy design or the cutting edge technology we used, or the mind-blowing PPC budget the client agreed on, otherwise i would just be scratching the surface.

Now, in the era of Social Media internet users have changed. Consumers no longer want to be treated as users, but as real and resourceful individuals – people. Call-to-action – “do this and get this” works no longer and in order for us to market we need to engage with them in their social media “conversation”, we need to engineer a user experience. And user experience is what I can offer best.