Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2009 - Present

Teacher Advisor

Nord Anglia Education PLC

  • Advised teachers in the partnership schools in methodology and best practice.
  • Worked with teachers in areas of need as defined by the School Improvement Plan and Key Performance Indicators
  • Helped teachers to achieve standards necessary to meet the teaching standards of ADEC in 2010, including IELTS instruction.
  • Set up pull out program for at risk students in English 
  • Modeled program for teachers to promote long term sustainability in the school. 
Jan 2007 - Jun 2009

Supervisor of the Professional Development Program

National Assessment and Placement Office/CEPA
  • Managed all aspects of the Professional Development Program for Educators of English in the UAE 
  • Coordinated workshops for 1400+ English Language teachers, supervisors and school leaders in UAE government schools from grades 10-12 for weekly workshops throughout the academic year. 
  • Designed a cohesive, practical, module-based curriculum 
  • Supervised and supported 9 professional development instructors throughout the country.
  • Created project based materials for workshop series on Transitioning to a Standard Based Environment for Supervisors, school leaders, and teachers across the country.
  • Maintained communication and positive relations with officials in zones, ministries, and educational organizations  in support of the PD program.
  • Supported teachers by facilitating programs and in school projects  as requested - particularly from teachers in the Family Development associations or other high-needs schools throughout the country.
Aug 1999 - Jul 2003

Teacher and Site Program Co- Coordinator

Minneapolis Public Schools

  • Taught English as second language from zero-beginner level 
  • Set up Peer Tutoring Program and other support systems for at risk students including relationship building with other students 
  • Set up after school tutoring program to promote academic achievement among all students
  • Acted as liaison between school staff and students
  • Translated on demand with Arabic speaking students, parents, and other school-staff 
  • Facilitated relationships between newly arrived students and supporting community organizations. 
  • Established school as an ELL site for newly arrived Ethiopian refugees and created 5 year curriculum.
  • Trained and mentored 100+ student teachers enrolled in teacher education programs throughout the city in planning activities to support standards.
  • Conducted staff development workshops: Cultural Awareness : Our New Muslim Students
Sep 1998 - Mar 1999

Secondary English Teacher

Naseem Secondary School

  • Taught English as a second language to grades 8-12. 
Sep 1996 - May 1997

English Instructor

University of Bahrain

  • Taught academic English to incoming students preparing for university level courses.
Sep 1994 - Jun 1995

Music Teacher

American International School in Cairo

  • Taught grades k-12 music curriculum
Aug 1992 - Jun 1994

English Instructor

American University

  • Taught Academic  English to incoming students preparing for university level courses.
Jan 1990 - Jan 1992

Meeting Coordinator

The White House: National Education Goals Panel
  • Assisted in the launch of the Committee for National Standards in Education and Testing
  • Supported production of the "Goals 2000" - the foundation for the No Child Left Behind legislation.
  • Coordinated meetings for the panel of governors, congressmen, White House officials and senators. 
  • Supported members of subcommittees composed of outstanding teachers and superintendants.
  • Mastermind behind the detailed preparation involved in the presentation of the final document Goals 2000 to George H.W
Jan 1986 - Jan 1989

Administative Assistant

US Dept of Education, Office of the Secretary

  • Part time college internship. 


1992 - 1994


The American University in Cairo
1986 - 1990


American University

Area of Concentration:  Middle East and Latin American

Minor:  Music

Professional Presentations

Invited Speaker

Sharjah, UAE . 2009 HCT Education Week:  

  • Introducing Educators to Standards -Based Environment.


Dubai, UAE.  TESOL Arabia 2009

  • Impacting Change from the Bottom up: Views from the Trenches. 


Qatar Ministry of Education 2009 Training Seminar: 

  • Teaching English to Young Learners

Plenary Panel Participant:  

CTELT 2008Dubai, UAE

  • The Role of the CEPA Exam in the UAE Landscape


TESOL Regional Workshops


  • Strategies to Promote  Independent Learning
  • Write a Great CEPA Essay,  
  • Practical Ways to Boost Motivation


Buenos Aires, ArgentinaCongress of Professional Development for Teachers.

  • Bring the Fun Back to your Classroom

Overview of Profile

American citizen with twenty + years working in the Middle East in Egypt, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates teaching English as a Second Language as well as curriculum development, program management and textbook writing in various school improvement projects in the areas of Professional Teacher Development.



  • Dubai Marathon 2010
  • Abu Dhabi Half Marathon 2009
  • Gulf 4 Good: Kilimanjaro Challenge, 2008


  • Abu Dhabi Philharmonic Orchestra  2009-2010



Arabic Language

Egyptian dialect, verbal fluency in understanding and communicating. Reading classical dialect - less fluent but understand.