2003 - 2009


Florida State University

Pike Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Garnet and Gold Key, FSU Pre-Law Society, Served as Assistant Director and later as Director of Student Legal Services(2004 -2006), President of The Pre-Law Society (2005/2006)


Balazs Andras Khoor dedicated his college experience to the pursuit of helping others. As an Economics and International Affairs major at Florida State University, Khoor advocated for free legal consultations through the Student Legal Services bureau. Balazs Andras Khoor became the group’s Director after serving as Assistant Director in 2004. During that time, Balazs Andras Khoor also acted as President of the Pre-Law Society. While earning a Master’s degree in Economics at Florida State University, Balazs Andras Khoor assisted Florida TaxWatch as a Research Intern. As an undergraduate, Balazs Andras Khoor divided his time among his studies, his extracurricular activities, and his summer position as an American Red Cross Volunteer Lifeguard in Jacksonville Beach. In 2005, he was named a First Registrar and received a Three-Year Award for volunteering over 550 hours to the Life Saving Corps. Balazs Andras Khoor currently resides in Florida and spends his free time traveling, learning Spanish, and reading about economics and politics. Balazs Andras Khoor also enjoys reading novels, citing the works of Michael Crichton and Ian Fleming among his favorites.


Travel, Movies, Learning Spanish, Music, Economics and Politics