Frank Wyszynski

Frank Wyszynski

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2009 - Present

Florida Communications Intern

May 2005 - Present

Line Cook/Trainer/Key

Tijuana Flats


2005 - 2009


University of South Florida




University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, May 2010

Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications-public relations sequence/political science minor

3.0 overall GPA


Pinellas Education Foundation Scholarship recipient, Tijuana Flats' Leadership Scholarship Award-Honorable mention, Florida "Bright Futures" Medallion recipient.

Relevant Experience:

Communications Intern, AARP Florida, Summer/Fall 2009

  • Worked as part of a 7 member Communications team in order to further AARP's message objectives.

My duties consisted of:


  • Press Releases
  • Media Advisories
  • Calendar Notices
  • Tweets
  • Panel Research material


  • Panel Members
  • Health Care Issues
  • Creating Media lists using Cision

          Media Relations:

  • Pitched all times of media (broadcast, print etc.)
  • Handled media relations at several events.

Social Media:

  • Created a media proposal for Twitter and implemented it-started AARP Florida's Twitter account and currently setting up a Facebook account to use for member communications and overall issue awareness.


  • Designed business card for AARP 2010 Orlando Member event and have also
  • Designed 2009 Andrus Award banquet invitation

Public Relations Research, Mass Communications Department, University of South Florida, Spring 2009

Main objective:

  • Study and apply various public relations' research techniques.

          Projects include:

  • Blogger/Public Relations Practitioner interview project- partner project-where we had to conduct two interviews using Skype, create a podcast of them, post them to our blogs and write a report
  • Chat room/blog focus group- three person team- we had to conduct a small focus group and report our findings.
  • Survey project- Created an online survey, distributed the survey, analyzed the results and wrote a report of the findings featuring graphs.

 Public Relations Issues/Strategies/Problems, Mass Communications Department, University of South Florida, Spring 2009

          Main objectives:

  • To examine specialized areas of practice and the communication strategies and tactics most appropriate to those areas; to strengthen oral and written communication skills.

          Projects include:

  • Creating a program plan for Hernando/Pasco County Housing market and presenting the plan.
  • 30 minute presentation evaluating silver anvil award winning case studies using various media and tactics
  • Created a media kit for World of Beer of Westchase.

Media Kit included:

Ø  Pitch letter/table of contents

Ø  Company History

Ø  Fact Sheet

Ø  Franchisee Information

Ø  "WOB Unplugged" Press release

Ø  "WOBtoberfest" Press release

  Writing for Public Relations, Mass Communications Department, University of South Florida, Fall 2009

             Main objectives:

  • To practice techniques for creating effective written public relations communications to achieve organizational goals, including news releases, proposal letters, broadcast scripts, and memos. Exercises based on case study scenarios.

Projects include:

  • Writing a strategic plan

    Public Relations Design, Mass Communications Department, University of South Florida, Fall 2009

Main objectives:

  • Theoretical and practical applications of design for public relations publications. Design software. Study of visual design, page architecture, typography, color and illustrations. Integration of design elements in the design of different types of public relation publications.

Projects include:

  • Recruitment Campaign-worked as part of a communications team to develop design materials consistent with one message over a variety of materials. I created a half-page advertisement piece and also created a 11 x 17 full design poster.
  • Feature story (full media package)-wrote and designed a two page magazine article, which featured infographics and pictures.
  • E-Newsletter-worked as part of a communications team to develop an E-Newsletter that would be distributed to the class. I contributed an article to the newsletter.

Additional Experience:

Tijuana Flats; 2005-present

 Part-time manager, cook, trainer, cashier

  This job experience is relevant because:

  • The multi-tasking skills (cooking food, coordinating employees, cleaning the restaurant, greeting and waiting on guests) that are needed in order to accomplish smooth service for the guests.
  • Coordinating up to 10 employees at any one time, improved the ability to think quickly.
  • Gained experience working in teams toward a goal.
  • Shows dedication and stability (close to five years of service with the restaurant.)

Co-Curricular activities

  • Public Relations Student Society Association (PRSSA) member (USF Chapter)
  • American Marketing Association member (USF Chapter)