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Since January 2008 I have been a member a student organization DSE (The Student Business Relations), which aims to create a dialogue that allows engineering students and industry to keep abreast of developments within each other's territories.

My own personal reason why I just became an active member of the association was aimed at doing something for others voluntarily, and create new social relationships with students from other disciplines. Another purpose I had to just to be active in the association was to get a better understanding of the engineering firms that are remarkable in the Danish and international market.

This increased knowledge should lead that I would get a greater awareness of what companies could be potential jobs in the future after completion of study. I saw an opportunity for personal development in DSESince there was ample opportunity to quickly assume the coordination functions without having been in the association for a long time. Assume a coordinator post, which was allocated a budget and a working group under him, placed demands on one quick and art here was as to coordinate and delegate work so that tasks were met with satisfaction. Work at University of Aalborg of projects are usually theoretically based, where practical work is minimal, but with a co-ordinator post and the work of DSE, was suddenly an opportunity to review things as you normally would not get the opportunity because of economics or time.


Professional ambitions

  • Be at the forefront of IT solutions.
  • Standing could build my own skills and take lessons from others.
  • Achieve my goals and ambitions, and creating new ones.
  • Help to create a good working atmosphere where each day with new learning.
  • Be a good colleague and a good partner.

Personal ambitions

  • Be open and tolerant.
  • Treat others as I want to be treated.
  • To do my best and achieve my aspirations and goals.
  • To reach the top in business and create a good future for myself and my family.
  • Make my parents and friends proud of me.

My Company

After a few years at college with programming and Photoshop, I started in 2005 my own self-employment, Inwire Design. The company is a sole proprietorship, and offers customized Web-and graphic solutions to small and large businesses, organizations and the like. My thesis is specially in developing solutions based on customer needs, where the focus is 100% at ease. During the company's existence, I have prepared more than 30 IT solutions for both large and small organizations and enterprises.

Examples on sites i've had made are: Asian Sensation & Senioringeniørlisten

- Visit my company on


My full name is Rahuvaran Pathmanathan, and colloquially am I called Varan. I am 23 years old (29.11.1986).

I was born and raised in Denmark, and most of my upbringing has been in Aarhus, where I took public school graduation after 9th class. I continued directly to HTX Gymnaisum in Viby J., which I finished in June, the 2006. Then I moved in August 2006 to Aalborg, to read Informatics at the Technical-Faculty, University of Aalborg.

Informatics has a special focus on the design of user interfaces and usability, providing a good foundation for a natural approach to the development of designs for computer systems. In addition, it provides a solid experience with object oriented analysis and design, as well as user and communication in the IT industry. My choice of study I have done in the light of that I believe education can give me a good foundation for project work - management and complex system development. This is grounded in me through my course of study has been able to deal with many different types of projects and technologies.

As a person I am ambitious and focused on my studies. Furthermore, I always show great commitment to the things I involve myself in.

As part of employment in 2005 I started my own independent IT company, Inwire Design. The company is a sole proprietorship, and offers customized Web-and graphic solutions to small and large businesses, organizations and the like. My focus lies especially in developing solutions based on customer needs, where the focus is 100% at ease.

Being self-employed has given me some skills that I would not have had the opportunity to acquire me during my training. Including in sales, marketing and preparation of requirement specifications has been working in the company helped to broaden my horizons in the IT industry.

Additionally, work with real customers and solution, which is used on a professional level, giving me a number of skills that I can take with me in my future business. 


My sparetime is an important part of my life when socializing with my friends and family is something I take great care to keep up to date. A trip into town, dinner with friends or playing Wii with her neighbor is also something I appreciate. Furthermore, I have too much contact with people I have met in connection with the association's work, which I have been engaged in. Other hobbies I have a keen interest in IT, engineering and the latest news inside the Internet and media.

Work experience


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