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Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Co-founder & Operations Management

NetSionnach is a consultancy specializing in security. Our premiere service is the installation and "hardening" of software like bulletin boards and e-commerce applications. We can offer you a hacker-free zone for your commerce and communications, a priceless piece of mind. We also offer more advanced security services like site audits and issue remediation, forensics, data recovery, and more; for details contact us.
Jun 2009Present

Web Technician & Programmer

Eden Marketing
Eden Website Biography: With over ten years as a systems guru and code hacker, Tom brings his brand of geek-dom to the table with style and finesse. He's always up for a new challenge and approaches every project as if it were going to be the next BIG THING, and sometimes it is. He may forget to water the plants but he always remembers to pull out the weeds. If there's a way to improve something he'll find it, even if it means staying up for days on end. Caffeine is his drug of choice, and we feed it to him liberally..
Jan 2007Present

Jack Of All Trades

As an independent contractor I have had the opportunity to delve in to just about every facet of computing I can think of: hardware, software, and most importantly the end-user's experience. I have donated time to Open Source Software projects, written documentation and reviews, and become an advocate for secure computing - which in this day and age means a secure lifestyle. With that in mind I'm actively seeking clients who are in need of security services, whether that's an audit of an e-commerce platform or prowling for intruders on a wireless network, I'm game for just about anything.
Oct 2001Dec 2007

System/Network Administrator

Nothing fell outside the scope of my position: from scripting to complex software development, server updates and upgrades, designing network regions, capacity planning, data mining, security risk assessment, customer service, and more. Every day presented new challenges that once overcome became another notch in a well-worn utility belt. Changes in policy, budget, target demographic, and other factors ensured this was a very fluid environment; difficult but rewarding work.

System/Network Administrator

Quebecor World
Charged with the deployment and maintenance of 100+ Windows workstations, Expert at administration of Windows/Citrix, Red Hat Linux, and Novell NetWare servers for application, file, and print services. Maintained and upgraded network equipment as needed.




Oakton Community College


Linux System Administration
I am adept at all facets of Linux system administration including: Installation, either by hand or automated for mass or frequent deployments Updates & upgrades: streamlining the process of applying security and bug-fix updates, preparing for and executing hardware or major software upgrades, etc. Security hardening including firewall management, VPNs, security precautions for common applications especially those deployed via the web