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Welcome to my blog about mind-body wellness going into your senior years.  The aim is to provide you with strategies, exercises, source materials and the few things I've learned keeping fit over the years.


To learn as much as I can about the Body-Mind and Spirit and to pass that on to friends and others.  I  write a blog and extend my learning by participating actively in whatever is going on.


Life Experience in Body-Mind and Spirit

I'm well into late middle-age (a typical Baby Boomer!) and reveling in good health and fitness.  As an ex-soldier (British Army) I've always been interested in staying fit so I can get the most enjoyment out of life as well as do a professional job - whatever and wherever that is.  

Being on top of life's challenges means laying a basis of mental and bodily wellness.  This includes physical exercise but places at least an equal emphasis on the ind and the spirit.

I applied this philosophy in practice  throughout my life, studying Zen Buddhism in Japan along with traditional (non-sport) karate and iai-do (samurai sword techniques) under one of the leading masters, Yasuhiro Konishi Sensei; under Kiyoshi Yamazaki Sensei I  became a certified  instructor (2nd Dan) of the RyoBuKai School.  I studied Taoism and  T'ai Chi at Hainan University in China.  

I've transitioned active martial arts into strength training and bodybuilding.  Now living in Thailand, Buddhism has become a central approach in my spiritual life but I've no particular religious affiliation, respecting all faiths as offering an important way to the Spirit that infuses us all.


I'm fascinated by my professional work that includes all aspects of the supply of food "from farm to fork".  This work runs into activity (when I can) in the area of neutraceutical sourcing, production and marketing.  I have a deep interest in all forms of physical exercise with a partner who is a champion marathon runner and an advanced yoga student.  I love writing, reading (especially philosophy) and drink the occasional glass of red wine! 



IAI-JUTSU (Japanese sword)
With Yamazaki Sensei of the RyoBuKai School I practiced this somewhat esoteric art.  The high point of my training was providing a demonstration to the then Crown Prince of Japan at Oxford University.
I transitioned from active participation in regular martial arts training to strength or resistance training using weights and to include body-building.  I follow the Mike Mentzer method of High Intensity Training (HIT) also recommended by Dr. Ellington Darden PhD.  I have trained at gyms and fitness centers world-wide and currently am based at the True Fitness Center in Bangkok.  
Trained in the Yang forms at Hainan University for 9 months in 1998-99.  One-on-one with Professor Madame Lin who is a China national instructor.  Learned both unarmed and sword forms.  I continue to seek training when it is available.
Studied Shotokan style karate-do first at Oxford University Karate Club (1973-79), then in Tokyo with Yasuhiro Konishi, Chief Master of the Ryobukai School, returning to the OUKC in 1982 to train with Kiyoshi Yamazaki (also in his dojo in Anaheim, Orange County CA).    Awarded 2nd Dan 1980 and Instructors' certificate 1985




University of Oxford

Work experience


Managing Director

FoodWorks Company Limited

FoodWorks is an innovative consulting company that specializes in agriculture, rural development and the food industries.  A particular professional interest is in food supplements and 'neutraceuticals' from natural sources. Before this appointment I worked for the Asian Development Bank and for a multi-national food business, also in Asia. 



Japan Karate Do RyoBUKai

NI DAN (2nd Degree)

Japan Karate Do RyoBuKai

Sho Dan (Ist degree)

Japan Karate Do RyoBuKai