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Work experience


VP Marketing and Business Development

GENERAL ELECTRIC, Technology Infrastructure Group, Annual Sales: $36 B

Selected to fortify competitive position, spearhead global business expansion, accelerate growth

for $1 B Aerospace Division.Providing strategic leadership: creating the vision, focusing market

research and competitive analysis, architecting strategic plan, leading multi-national teams in

regional business development, market penetration, market share & operating margin expansion.

Growth Strategy & Leadership Accomplishments

  • Authored strategic plan, devised new product, market opportunities to achieve 10%/yr growth.
  • Captured $200 M/yr emerging global “green” new product opportunities, executed acquisitions.
  • Supercharged international market position, propelling division toward $175 M/yr sales growth.
  • Revitalizing core business, targeting growth within core market, market adjacencies to $2 B.

VP Marketing and Corporate Strategy

SMITHS PLC,European industrial multinational, Annual sales: $5 B.

Promoted by President to architect, execute growth & profit improvement strategies for $800 M

Electronic Systems, 18 product lines, 13 locations in NA and Europe. Created vision, engineered

competitive analysis, strategic planning,strategic marketing, and new business development efforts, collaborated with Division leaders to sharpen focus, product portfolio, drive innovation & change.

Marketing Strategy and Business Strategy Successes

  • Instrumental in Division exceeding record-setting 8%/yr revenue and profit targets.
  • Created $400 M+ revenue stream, forging strategic alliance. Eliminated $27 M investment.
  • Pioneered entrance into high growth markets, orchestrating transformational business strategy.
  • Initiated acquisitions to enhance product portfolio, secure $180 M/yr opportunity, #2 position.
  • Championed accelerated growth, leading evaluation, pursuit of 30+ acquisitions up to $1B+. 

VP Marketing and Product Management

SMITHS PLC, European industrial multinational, Annual sales: $5 B.

Recruited to rejuvenate product marketing and product line strategies, spur organic growth within

$400 M Information Management Systems, 12 product lines, 8 locations in NA & Europe. Inspired global Product Teams, amplifying focus on marketing strategy, voice of the customer, customer value proposition, product lifecyle management; fortified product portfolio, boosting ROI, profitability.

Marketing Strategy and Product Management Achievements

  • Orchestrated 11% revenue growth. Elevated product marketing strategies, go-to-market plans.
  • Secured $150 M+ new product opportunity, authored business plan, executed $25 M acquisition.
  • Achieved $25 M/yr margin enhancement, reversing sales decline. Reshaped marketing plans.
  • Optimized ROI on $80 M/yr new product development, investment allocation, product plans.
  • Divested business capturing $32 M. Restructured business, unified product line strategy.

Marketing Manager, Strategic Initiatives

EATON CORPORATION, Fortune 250 industrial multinational, Annual sales: $9 B.

Promoted to launch new products, capture market share, accelerate growth. Led three multi-national,

cross-functionalteams within $1 B Automotive and $2.5 B Off-Highway business sectors: identified,

assessed, pursued strategic ($50 M+/yr) global market development and new product opportunities.

Strategic Marketing and New Business Development Results

  • Created $160 M/yr revenue stream, driving new product development, new product launches.
  • Delivered $68 M/yr sales growth, executing international market research, marketing strategy.
  • Led joint venture formation, achieving board approval. Formulated marketing, business plans.

Marketing Manager, New Products and Technology

EATON CORPORATION, Fortune 250 industrial multinational, Annual sales: $9 B.

Selected to spearhead successful market penetration, new product launch for emerging technology. 

Devised global business plan, marketing strategy as European Operation Liaison for $500 M division.

Product Marketing and Product Management Successes

  • Produced $35 M/yr revenue growth, successfully managing 2 new product introductions.
  • Generated profit margins for $23 M product line, accomplishing turnaround.


Market Research & Voice of the Customer
New Product, Market Opportunity Validation
Customer Segmentation & Value Proposition
Strategic Marketing Plans & Product Positioning
Business Strategy & Business Planning
Strategic, Market & Competitive Analysis
Product Lifecycle Management
Go-to-Market Plans & Strategic Partnerships
Green Marketing & Social Media
Revenue Growth, Margin & Profit Improvement
Brand Management, Marketing Communications
Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures
International New Business Development
Product Portfolio & P&L Management
New Product Launch & Pricing Strategy
Mature Product Growth & Enhancements
Strategic Product Globalization
Market Segmentation, New Market Development
Product Differentiation, New Product Development
Product Line Strategy & Product Management
Product Marketing & Product Planning
Global Marketing Strategy & Strategic Planning
Vision, Strategy, Execution, Leadership


Continuing Professional Development

Executive Leadership, Marketing, Corporate Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Selling

Global Management Program

Thunderbird School of Global Management


The University of Chicago - Booth School of Business


Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Advanced Management Program

Duke University - The Fuqua School of Business


Alasdair Anderson

“Rich is a seasoned industry professional who has a particular talent for maintaining a balanced high level view of ventures and opportunities. We worked closely together to enhance our product strategies and improve our global market position. He brings a sense of realism and practicality where others can get carried away with enthusiasm or fail to see opportunities.”

Paul Quaintance

“Rich has outstanding credentials in leading/shaping strategic plans, focusing on portfolio growth and innovation across the enterprise. I had the opportunity to work with Rich on a project where we leveraged “Blue Ocean” thinking to grow our strategic position in a very competitive and international environment. Rich has a very strategic mind, excellent contacts everywhere, and has shown an entrepreneurial ability to get things done.”

Tracy Elving

“Rich is a strategic thinker willing to question the status quo to develop innovative marketing strategies for the organization that he is supporting. He is very knowledgeable about the aerospace marketplace which allows him to understand emerging markets and apply this experitse to developing strategies and new product offerings.”

Peter Woolfrey

"During my time with Smiths and GE, Rich and I shared many challenges around implementation of strategies for profitable growth. Rich's contributions were always of value providing rigour and analysis to the sales and marketing teams. We worked together on M & A assignments where Rich had great insight and could always distinguish substance from froth. Rich proved to be a valuable colleague when it came to determining real strategic value in any given situation."

Mike Roecker

“Rich was an invaluable resource and partner as we explored a potential joint venture opportunity. His marketing and product line management experience was extremely helpful as we built our business case.”

G. Austin Schaffter

“Rich and I worked closely together to reposition, restructure and grow our Electric Power business and to bounce ideas off each other regarding potential acquisitions and product line management. He was my partner in defining product strategies and exploring joint venture opportunities, along with a break-out strategy to propel the business forward. Rich provided valuable background research and up-to-date perspectives into the overall aerospace and defense Electric Power market, competitive strategies with respect tp specific situations, and has been highly instrumental in the success of the business."

Steve Fulton

"Rich was integral to development of GE's Air Traffic Management strategy, and saw the intrinsic value of Naverus in the implementation of that strategy. In the course of interaction between our two companies, Rich presented his vision to us and described how we could be part of it. His detailed understanding of our market allowed him to lead the successful acquisition of Naverus, now a part of GE. Rich continues to provide ATM leadership, as he works to build a portfolio of green technologies to expand upon GE's leadership and make the aviation environment more efficient." 


ADVANCED THROUGH TECHNICAL INTO MANAGERIAL POSITIONS managing marketing strategy, go-to-market plans, product line strategy, new product development, engineering and manufacturing initiatives. Leveraged skills in marketing, sales, finance, operational improvement and team leadership. Representative results:

PRODUCT LINE MANAGER - $36 million P&L - Secured turnaround, elevating bottom line $1 million/yr,            

Badger Meter Corp.executing 3 new product launches, repositioned brand.

PRODUCT MANAGER - $28 million P&L - Captured contracts totaling over $30 million, increased                         Astronautics Corp.                                        margins$2.2 million, significantly improved Customer Satisfaction.

PLANT MANAGER - $20 million P&L - Drove 18% revenue growth while enhancing operating profits                  

Jet Die Casting$780,000/yr. Advanced quality and on-time delivery performance.

Combing Vision and Innovation to Create the Future


                                     Unique blend of Marketing, Strategy,                                                      

                          New Business Development and M&A experience                                                              

Thought leader for $1B technology business, combining vision and innovation to architect creative, transformational strategies, pioneering efforts to drive growth, enhance brand image & profitability for Fortune 500 industrial firms: General Electric, Smiths PLC, Eaton. Recognized for leading mission critical initiatives, in challenging, mature and emerging, global markets (Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East). Diverse multi-industry experience. Noted for creative business strategy, strategic marketing, product positioning to propel core business, penetrate totally new markets. MBA, BSME.

Value Delivered:

A recent global CEO survey revealed that 93% of CEO's consider growth their number one priority for the next 5 years - yet 80% have no confidence in their direct report's abilities to support their growth objectives. 

Three years ago, my division was acquired by GE.  Since then, as VP, Marketing and Business

Development, I have been driving growth in difficult times by creating a new vision, repositioning the business and launching into an entirely new market segment. 

Over my career, with Blue Chip, global enterprises: General Electric, Smiths PLC, Eaton:

  • Grown revenues in excess of $600 million/yr – adding tens of millions to the bottom lineby spearheading innovative marketing strategies and product marketing.
  • Positioned for $1 billion in added revenues – new products, alliances and acquisitions.

My philosophy is quite simple: maximize growth through strategic and tactical excellence - gold-standard marketing.


Visionary, Game-Changing Corporate Strategy and Leadership, Innovation, Gold-standard Marketing, History, International Travel, Football, Golf, Cycling, Sports Cars, Motorcycles, the Great Outdoors.


General Electric Leadership Training

* Advanced Manager Course

* Innovation Workshop

* Change Acceleration Process Coaches Workshop

* CECOR Marketing Strategy Workshop


 Global Marketing Expert 

Energized by what is possible, consistentoriginator of bold, innovative strategies that create new frameworks to achieve breakthroughs required to achieve a competitive advantage and overcome complex business challenges.  Typically act as the point person responsible for Big Picture perspective: identifying, evaluating and addressing strategic issues facing the business, who provides a forward view and who helps define strategies that shape the future of the business. Known for strong intellect, exceptional Marketing and Strategic expertise and deep industry knowledge, recognized as an enterprising problem-solver, having ability to think expansively and laterally in a complex, global environment. Respected as a sage with credibility built from experience, level headed and unshakable in the eye of a storm. Diamond cutter with ability to see the gem within and unlock the potential from a rough stone.

Consummate Management Executive

Ability to take a broad mandate and run with it, shaping the vision and follow-on execution. Track record of transforming organizations to externally-focused, customer-centric in tune with industry dynamics to unleash innovation and enhance execution. Clear thinker, at best when change is needed. Able to visualize the need for change, sift through complex information and focus on critical priorities, can clearly define the options and way forward, translating strategy into action and drive for change. Focus on maximizing value capture of new opportunities by leveraging existing investment in products, technology, capital and infrastructure. Exceptional relationship skills, demonstrated ability to build strategic partnerships, energize and inspire multi-cultural teams by nurturing their ideas and empowering them to succeed. Unyielding integrity and personal values.


* Vision, Strategy, Execution & Leadership                         * Revenue Growth, Margin & Profit Improvement

 * Strategic, Market & Competitive Analysis* Global Marketing Strategy & Strategic Planning       * Business Strategy & Business Planning* Product Portfolio and P&L Management

 * Strategic Marketing Plans & Product Positioning* Product Line Strategy & Product Management

 * International New Business Development* New Product, Market Opportunity Validation

 * Acquisitions, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures* Market Research & Voice of the Customer

 * Customer Segmentation & Value Proposition* Market Segmentation, New Market Development

 * Product Marketing & Product Planning* Product Differentiation, New Product Development

 * New Product Launch & Pricing Strategy* Strategic Product Globalization

 * Mature Product Growth & Enhancements* Product Lifecycle Management

 * Brand Management, Marketing Communications* Go-to-Market Plans & Strategic Partnerships

 * Green Marketing & Social Media* Team Building & Organizational Transformation


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