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Work experience

Oct 2008Dec 2009

Tender Cutter-Rehanger-Sanitation

Pilgrims Pride

Cut chicken tenders for inspection, grading, and packaging; Rehang chickens that have been processed for cut-up (30 to 40 birds per minute); Sanitation involved using a high pressure hose to clean machinery, belts, floor,work tables, ceiling, drains, and overall plant using various chemicals to insure cleanliness at all times.

Jan 2007Nov 2007

Forklift Driver

M&M Industries Inc.

This job involved pulling orders for customers to be printed and shipped, locating old stock to be reworked an melted down for remolding, storing newly molded stock, participating in safety meetings and grading materials for usage.

Feb 2002Jun 2004


Pancake Pantry

Prepare meals as specified by customer order, receive food supplies and condiments and place in proper

 storage area. Assist other cooks as needed, insure that product is fresh, always distributing on first in first out basis. Communicate and work with others to insure customer service and satisfaction. Communication, quality of food and quality service paramount for customer satisfaction. 

Mar 1999Feb 2002

Stock Clerk

Lois M. Deberry Special Needs

The details of my duties include ordering food supplies, conducting inventory, rotating stock, issuing supplies, maintain operating levels of all materials needed for day to day operations, maintain good records of monthly food cost and other supplies as required by Food Service Manager. 


Oct 2004Jul 2007


National Center for Construction,Education, & Research

My training included courses in: Basic Safety, Introduction to Construction Math, Introduction to Hand Tools,

 Introdution to Power Tools, Introduction to Blueprints, Basic Communication, Basic Employability Skills,

 Introduction to HVAC, Trade Mathematics, Tools of the Trade, Copper and Plastic Piping Practices, Soldering and Brazing, Ferrous Metal Piping Practices, Basic Electricity, Introduction to Cooling, and Introduction to Heating

Dec 1974May 1975

Certificate of Completion

United States Navy Class "A" Storekeeper School

My courses included training in: Shipping, Receiving, Inventory Control, Stock Control, Operational High and Low Limits, Supply Control , (OPTAR) Operational Targets or Departmental Budgeting, Issue supplies as requested or order needed supplies, typing. Supervising and organizing work crews to receive and store stock, operate cargo forklifts and standup lifts, receive training and instruct others in the proper procedures as specified by NAVSUP P-485. 


My skills in the work force have allowed me to make the most out of my experience, being trained in a number of job related courses. I have worked as a laborer, lead person, department head, supervisor, and manager. The training I received from the U. S. Navy has allowed me get into the field of leadership, being able to motivate others to perform to the best of their ability. This was done by knowledge of the work needing to be done and hands on experience. By being a able to receive instruction and pass it on to others, is one of my best qualities. I like working with people who have a desire to get the job done. The courses that were taken by me at NCCER help to give some knowledge of how important it is to continue to learn new things for todays job market. Working with the the knowledge and the skills received, applying them to the task at hand. This helps to insure both quality and safety for me, other employees, and the company that I work for. Being qualified for a particular position is one of the most self-motivating factors in the life of any individual. That is why I try to continue learn from the people I work with and my supevisors and to continue my education,acquiring the skills, knowledge, and a work ethic that I may continue to improve myself.


          Name                                Address                          Phone Number                                  Years Known

Rev. Walter L. Hambrick    2813 Ridgecrest Dr.        423-698-4782 or 423-903-9675          1 1/2 yrs.

Julius Fritz                            Chatta., Tn.                         423-316-6579                                          2 yrs.

Rev. P. R. Wilder                Birmingham, Ala.               205-356-2111 or 205-968-9493          18 yrs.

Min. Graland Estes            2504 Tunnel Blvd              423-624-2071                                          1 1/2 yrs.