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Software Programming
I know how to program new and up to date software manually on any kind of device and I am very good because I have been doing this since I was about eleven years old so I could be a very useful source to anyone because of my proficiency at this skill 
Very Good with Computers


My objective is to graduate from hinds community college and obtain my associates of arts degree and then transfer to a university to obtain my bachelor's degree in computer programming and then apply for a job as a video game publisher these are my objectives and how I plan on achieving them 


My interests are only in the computer based occupations I love to work with computers things such as programming new software and doing the coding for video games all of my skills I have and things I love to do have to do with computers and video games  

Work experience

Sep 2013Present




Aug 2013Present

In Progress

Hinds Community College

I am currently attending hinds community college were I am in the progress of obtaining my associates of art degree before I pursue my career in Video Game Programming