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Work experience


Owner and Operator

Early Birds Bakery

Responsible for any tasks required to operate and maintain your own business including but not limited to: Providing friendly and inviting customer service, budgeting, advertising, tracking inventory, and much more.


Lawn Care

Cedars Fall

Assisted in mowing, weed eating, edging, and blowing our clients yards or businesses to help maintain a professional or pleasing appearance. Responsible for driving specific routes on a daily basis and taking proper care of company's truck and equipment.

Feb 2010Mar 2012

Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

US Air Force

Serviced aircraft. Performed inspections and integrated combat turns and hot pit refuels. Used technical data to diagnose and solve maintenance problems on aircraft systems. Interpreted and advised re maintenance procedures and repair policies for aircraft and related equipment.  Information adapted from the company's URL to avoid revealing SECRET information.

Jan 2008Feb 2010

Helper (Seasonal)

Grid Monkey Acoustics

Assisted in removing/installing acoustic grid/insulation, selecting and handing materials/tools to workers on scaffolds and stilts, and cutting tile/insulation

Nov 2009Dec 2009

Truck Driver Assistant (Seasonal Help)


Assisted UPS driver in packing/unpacking the truck, scanning and delivering packages.

Jun 2008Jun 2009

Food Prep/Cashier

Bellacinos Pizza and Grinders

Assisted in food prep, customer service, operating the cash register, and any tasks required to open and close on a daily basis.


Feb 2010Mar 2012

CCAF - General



Facility, personnel, and informational security has been a daily practice since basic training.  This experience includes safeguarding a $200 million+ stealth fighter, escorting civilian workers, and properly storing/destroying classified information.   
Ability to Meet Deadlines/Teamwork
I was proud to serve at HAFB where the demands of training and real world met.  HAFB has the distinction of having generated the most F-22's in a 24 hour time scale in the world, 3 out of 3 times. Ultimate success comes through a series of individual successes. No deadline is unobtainable when everyone works together to achieve the stated objective.    

Integrity First, Service before self, and excellence in all we do. Living these core values of the USAF has taught me to lead by example, no matter your rank, position, or fame.

Ability to Take Direction
Service in the USAF honed this vital employment skill and while I am fully capable of independent problem solving, I am also adapt at taking directions no matter how elementary.  


Helen Edwards


Josh Franklin

Co-Worker of USAF.

Brain Broyles

Recruiter for the USAF.

Lisa Tinsley


Patricia Davies