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Aaron Russell

Full-stack JS Engineer with a Passion for  Leading, Teaching and Problem Solving


Work History

Jan. 2015Dec. 2015

Project Manager, DevOps & Full-stack Dev

NodeGeeks LLC

NodeGeeks LLC was my final frontier as a Freelancer, I started this company strong and completed some of my most proudest work this year before closing doors shortly after the birth of my triplet girls.

What did NodeGeeks LLC offer?

- Web Hosting for Production released apps/websites

- Software (on all platforms of all sizes) Programming for startups & existing companies.

- SaaS

- IaaS

- Custom API Dev for new/existing  data

- Microservices (Proven way to create scalable code)

- PLC programming, Microcontrollers and Embedded Controllers-

- SCADA (no really..) software Cloud based Real-time Automation  software.

- Contributing to open source projects, and even started my own. 

Some other responsibilities were...

- Client Communication
- Project Management
- Scope and Quote price and time
- Deliver weekly/monthly reports to clients
- Database Design
- Mockup UI Designs
- Development of the clients project from the ground up
- Server Administration for up to 10 servers & much more...

Nov. 2014May. 2015

Javascript Teacher and Developer

Bitwise Industries

JavaScript & PHP Full-stack Developer for Shift3 Technology a subdivision of Bitwise Industries with a knack for finding local talent. I worked on multiple projects, some WordPress Template creation/migrations, but mostly was contracted for working on full-stack applications using the MEAN stack(MongoDB, Express. js, Angular. js & Node. js). During most of my time as a Contracted Developer i was tasked with several small assignments ranging from DevOps tasks to down and dirty WordPress theme migration.

Throughout my time here at Shift3 i was placed under two different long-term contracts, one for HotRoster's (fantasy football) Admin/Staff Web Portal App using Angular.js (tied into a pre existing API developed by HotRoster's backend engineers). I was mostly tasked with small tickets and features and was highly looked up to by our lead developer due to my extensive background in Ember-Data. (HotRoster lacked a proper M(odel) in MVC)

My final contract was by far my greatest accomplishment, and most motivating/eye opening experience as a Full-stack Developer. I was assigned the task of revamping an entire Cloud Based (SCADA) Water Irrigation Control & Tracking system known as Nautilus Systems that was (at the time) completely built using outdated technology on the frontend (jQuery) (no data-binding, no realtime) and plain Node.js that would crash most computers browsers due to countless performance issues, no real core data structure existed and the software was completely unscalable and required all farmers to update their Crops Field Controllers to use the Web App. Within 4 months I single handedly transformed their software into a cross-browser compatible, scalable (split into microservices) and realtime application that was friendly with every farmers controllers no matter what firmware was installed all while maintaining security. The App's communication protocols were handled through a custom Modbus TCP/IP connection. I ended up building a Modbus Wrapper that was friendly with the Dynamic Firmware of custom embedded PLC devices that were accessible through AT&T's Cellular Data Network (sim card) backed by multiple secured VPN's.  A complete case study was done and can be provided upon request. This project was completed and successfully re developed and re launched as my last and final project for Bitwise Industries. Where i then relocated out to Pueblo CO to continue my entrepreneurial dream of opening up a Computer Repair/Tech Academy/Datacenter business in the heart of Colorado Springs CO

Dec. 2014May 2015


GeekWise Academy.

As the JavaScript 1 & 2 teacher is was my duty to teach students aging from as young as 14 and as ancient as 58 how to read, understand, modify existing, and write their own small applications using pure Vanilla JavaScript. Each JavaScript course was strategically never the same and the students LOVED retaking the same course because they knew it would be different and better the next time around. I ended up getting requests for one and one 1-2hr long tutor sessions teaching students a JavaScript framework of their choice, (React, Backbone & Angular) were the top picks. My JS course students came with little to zero background in development, some not even knowing what an HTML tag was (Come on... Were they really not around for MySpace?).

Since ending my days of teaching  I have been eagerly passionate about seeking a position as a Lead Intermediate-Senior Full-stack Developer, DevOps Engineer or Project Manager position. 

JS1 - Introduction to Programming (learning variables, datatypes, conditions, proper edge casing, learning the IDE and understanding GIT)

JS2 - Intermediate Course (prototyping new class objects, intro to js libraries, transition to MVC)

Jul. 2014Mar. 2015

Full-stack Developer


First industry job as a JavaScript Developer using EmberJS. SwarmBox focused on building Data-Driven applications, mostly Inventory Management Software, but also custom software. During my time here I went from being an Entry Level JavaScript developer to Intermediate. It was my time here that I spent learning about what JavaScript has to offer and how to best practice those development skills, proper debugging techniques and how to write scalable code. I was on my way to becoming an" Agile Developer" due to SwarmBox's agile methodologies. A normal day at SwarmBox consisted of implementing new features into existing applications, bug fixes, building custom reports with RAW SQL Queries and assisting in maintaining their in-house framework used to create develop applications. Technologies Used: Java in the back, and Ember.js on the front, database's varied between Postgres, MySQL and rarely MongoDB.


Full-stack Developer (Freelancer)

DBA TeknoloGenie

As a Self employed freelancer working any and every project gig i could lay my fingers on it was a huge challenge as a entry level full-stack developer back then was complicated and almost impossible to master all 5 elements of developing a production ready application. Having to write code multiple times for different devices, not counting the separation of languages. PHP & MySQL on the back-end with a  jQuery & Twitter Bootstrap's or Zurb's Foundation front-end library to aid in "getting stuff done" was painfully heartbreaking, i built so many web apps for clients that in the end no longer are online. Thousands of hours wasted? No... Thousands of hours spent learning is never a waste. By developing a consistent workflow and development environment i stumbled upon Node.js in early 2012 and instantly dropped PHP and re developed most all my projects using a Full-stack JavaScript approach with HTML5/JS (Angular/Ember) & Node.js (ExpressJS/SailsJS). The following projects are were developed during this era;

Web Apps





Mobile Apps

* "@me"

* Color unBlind

Local SB Websites


 - Begum Boutique

 - Mulligan By Designs (formerly Mulligan Studios)

 - Dinuba Lumber

 - KC Russell & Sons Construction

 - C & S Steel

 - Sky High Suspension

 - Central Valley Computer Rescue