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Dave Mendoza is an award winning blogger, global speaker and sourcing consultant. He is a corporate partner to  Dave was recognized for his networking and blog achievements as one of the top 20 networkers worldwide on Linkedin and for his contributions as an Affiliate Partner to JobMachine, now an Arbita Company. His recruitment blog "Six Degrees from Dave, spotlights HR industry leaders, sourcing gurus, global staffing practices and social networking. It was recently honored with 3 awards:'s "Best Overall Recruitment Blog of 2007" & "Best Recruitment Industry Blog of 2007, and HireAbility's "Best Recruitment Blog of 2007." Dave's blog was listed #3 out of 25 of the best blogs of 2007 by His site also received most votes for Best Recruitment blog of 2006 at   Dave presents at global recruitment conferences, Staffing Management Association events, webinars and workshops. He co-presented at the AustralAsian Talent Conference on "Blogging for Talent" with thought leader, Kevin Wheeler, and served on a panel on "Social Media: How is Technology Impacting Recruitment?" Panelist at Kennedy Expo Vegas 2008’s "Ask the Experts — a Sourcing Summit Town Hall." He served as Moderator for a Three Part Kennedy Info, Audio Series on "Blogging for Talent, Branding and Web 2.0 Relationships" and a Kennedy Conference & Expo General Assembly Panel, "Blogging from ‘Guerilla’ Marketing to Mainstream Recruiting," Co-Presented both "Mastering Linkedin" an ERE "Full Day Master Session, Advanced Sourcing Workshop" with Shally Steckerl and Glenn Gutmacher.   Few in the recruiting business take “networking” more seriously or pursue it more passionately. Dave is a leading advocate for microsite talent communities; building aggressive talent pipelines and research capabilities while maintaining substantive social networking relationships.You can learn more about me in the following blog articles:

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Dave Mendoza & Associates, Inc: "Six Degrees from Dave"


Sean Rehder

"Dave applies working technology and sourcing in way that most recruiters haven't even thought about...or even myself. His focus on relationship building is something that I hold vital when it comes to sourcing passive candidates...relate before you recruit. Dave's thoroughness in research allows for that."

Lisa Hovagimyan

"Dave Mendoza is a pioneer and a futurist in the recruiting industry. His years of experience and expertise in creative and innovative recruiting solutions makes him an excellent resource for any business. He is the recruiting professional colleague I go to for fresh ideas and sound advise. I refer Dave Mendoza to any and all opportunities without any hesitation."

Anna Brekka

“Kind and creative, friendly and motivated are what come to mind when I think of Dave – and then there are his amazing marketing and networking skills, as well. His charm and wit makes working with Dave both fun and interesting. In going over ideas with Dave, I have always found him fair and at times challenging my ideas directly, at times indirectly, but always for the better result. He is a valuable colleague and friend someone I hope to continue working with for a long, long time.”

Pat Johnson

Dave has done a wonderful job educating me and my entire staff on how we can increase our recruiting capability through the use of advanced sourcing techniques. I highly recommend this value added program for all staffing groups. He is very personable, creative and knowledgable in his field."

Brendan Moran

"Dave is a results driven cyber sleuth who finds passive candidates under every nook and cranny of the internet. I've worked with Dave and he is a phenomenal sourcer. Dave has many great ideas for building online communities and setting up your organization for future network communities to hire from. Dave and I have filled many positions together. I would highly recommend Dave and his sourcing abilities."

Russ Moon

Dave has a unique ability to stay abreast of the curve as it builds while at the same time mastering things which are so new there is no template.  A prime example of this ability has been Dave's vision in recognizing networking and networks via the web with both the vision of a first adapter and the skill of a master.  I can count on Dave to follow-through on his word, which is unique, he is someone I consider a friend who is "low maintenance" in that he is easy to be around. Given the pace we work at this is a refreshing combination of attributes which make Dave "El Dave".

Hilary Taubman-Dye

Dave helped me at LinkedIn source for hard to find passive candidates and did a fantastic job producing engineering talent in this competitive market. The extensive research he did for us resulted in hires that we probably wouldn’t have found and he provided us with excellent sourcing data. I would recommend Dave for anyone who needs an expert sourcer."

Scottie Girouard

"Dave recently presented his "Sourcing Guru's Guide to LinkedIn" to our local SHRM affiliate's members. Dave's presentation was a perfect combination of a general discussion of the use of technology and social networking as it relates to sourcing and recruitment, and practical "how to" tips for leveraging LinkedIn to drive better results for our organizations immediately. He freely shared his expertise and advise, and showed a remarkable ability to "roll with the punches" when he experienced technical difficulties. (I think the unique audience participation method he used may have actually been MORE effective than what he originally had planned using the internet.) It was an energizing and informative session with immediate, actionable take-aways. I highly recommend him and this topic of presentation."

Matt Tager

"Dave was a true asset to our team and the research he provided proved invaluable to our staffing efforts. The amount of information and level of detail that Dave provided was truly impressive and I am in awe of his sourcing skills. I highly recommend his services for any staffing organization."

Bill Fulton

"Dave has been an excellent resource and has been able to provide insight into sourcing techniques that distinguish us from the field. He is always willing to share best practices, and has developed a huge semiconductor social network. His ability to tap this network have provided excellent opportunities for us to utilize programs we would not have used in a corporate setting before."

Dan Guerrero

"Dave is a phenomenal Executive Search Consultant! Dave's experience and tenacity, his professionalism and thoroughness have made him a tremendous asset to our IR recruiting team. I am pleased to say that Dave has become an integral part of our recruiting strategy. Dave is a senior corporate staffing professional with a mastery of skills in research and networks throughout the semiconductor industry as our principal liaison to transitioning displaced alumni among leading competitors He is skilled at full-cycle recruitment, staffing plan definition and Internet advertising and sourcing."

Gerry Crispin

"Dave Mendoza has a true talent and passion for staffing strategy. Beyond the usual, well under the surface, his ideas resonate and influence his clients colleagues to take that next step. Coupled with a powerful commitment to deliver, Dave succeeds and leads."

Kevin Wheeler

"When it comes to data mining, Internet sleuthing, SEO or anything Internet-technical, Dave is who I contact first. He is not only smart as hell, he also has a great personality and ability to make the complicated stuff easier to understand. I am always amazed at how much he knows about the arcane world of search and appreciate the value he can bring to anyone who has to use the Internet to find people or information."

Kevin Stakelum

"Dave is one of the most creative and dynamic recruiting professionals that I know. He is totally committed to providing recruiting excellence to his clients and to the industry as a whole. I am constantly amazed at the perspectives that he brings and his willingness to think of ideas and solutions from different points of view. His passion for the work that he does is incredible and the energy that he exhibits is truly remarkable. He is a leading strategist in the industry on many levels, thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead of what current "conventional wisdom" dictates. He has also done a fantastic job of elevating this thinking to be relevant on a global scale. I highly recommend his work and look forward to continuing to work with him in some capacity in the future!"

Shally Steckerl

"Inquisitive, dedicated and sincere, Dave's drive towards constant improvement and sharing have propelled him into success. Having observed his technical savvy and creativity first-hand as his coach and mentor, it is plain to see why he is in such high demand. Dave's generosity of spirit and willingness to connect on many levels puts him in a class of his own. Its an honor to count him a friend."



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