Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2009 - Dec 2010

Corporate Consultant


Economics and Strategy & Operations

PricewaterhouseCoopers was my first post-degree employer. It is the biggest of the Big4 and one of the most reputed consultancy and auditing companies in Portugal. I was invited to join the Advisory department (Consultancy), more specifically, the recently created Economics Team - an ambitious project regarding Competition and Regulatory Economics and Economic Impact Studies - while I was still finishing my degree. The team consisted of 3 people of which I was the only one who would dedicate fully to those projects until I gradually began my parallel participation in the Strategy & Operations Team. - in which I was fully incorporated. Working at PricewaterhouseCoopers was a good personal management challenge - making you test your productivity and focus - which I believe drove me to learn, by myself, so many different things about various markets and business models. The experience of working in strategic advisory was also a very beneficial towards my own opening to new ideas and was a very positive exercise for my creativity and it's incorporation in interesting and innovative business solutions.

Jul 2008 - Sep 2008

Summer Intern - Brand Management

Sonaecom - Optimus

Completed with the highest personal evaluation of 5 out of 5.

A summer internship in 2008 had been a goal ever since I began my college studies, because I always found it strictly necessary to put your knowledge into practice before entering the labor market, to "learn-by-doing" in a real company and to get to experience the unwritten rules of a professional environment. I actively looked for an internship and, among some invites, I was faced the decision to choose between the Bank of Portugal Summer Internship Program and a somewhat tailored internship at Sonaecom's Central Marketing Direction. I choose the latter, not only because of the area but because it allowed me a greater freedom to develop my skills and responsibilities. I am very glad I took this risk because it turned out to be a very interesting and challenging period, where I exerted the tasks of a Brand Manager, being the bridge between the company's business units and the advertising agencies, in developing and launching campaigns towards the "Optimus" brand. This was also an excellent experience for me because I worked in a very friendly and creative environment with a very productive free-flow of ideas.

Jan 2007 - Dec 2007

Student Brand Manager

On-Spot Marketing

Responsible for Northern Portugal

Being a Student Brand Manager at On-Spot Marketing was my first "job" and it consisted in promoting a certain Brand (the one I worked with was the Portuguese fresh natural juice "Compal") through a series of Universities in Porto and northern Portugal. I chose how and when I did it, according to the objectives that were given me, and with only the Student Brand Manager kit I had to pull-off interesting activities in student events such as seminars, parties, get-togethers, etc. I met several different people from the various Universities and, even though sometimes students in parties aren't the most manageable batch of people, I had a lot of fun.

2nd Prof Carvalho Guerra Weekend

Video Coverage at Canal UP


Sep 2011 - Present


London Business School

Class of 2012

I'm currently fulfilling my dream of studying and living abroad courtesy of the reputed London Business School. I have, since the first day of my BA, always wanted to have a true international experience - one like no other Summer School or Erasmus program could offer, and hence I found that continuing my studies through an English-mindset post-graduate degree to be a need in my personal development. Not only am I just seeking knowledge, but I am also seeking a multi-cultural experience of discovery of new approaches to management and networking. I believe the MiM will aid me to attain new heights and expectations of myself, as well as introduce to me the leaders of tomorrow - my current class!

2005 - 2009

Bachelor's Degree

Catholic University of Portugal - Porto

Merit Scholarship, awarded upon entrance, for a grade average above 15 out of 20.

Final Grade of 14 out of 20, placing in the top 15% students.

My Bachelor's Degree at the Catholic University of Portugal was, as expected, a great opportunity for me for several reasons:

Firstly, I was learning from one of the most reputed Universities of Portugal with modern-day decision-makers and influencers of our society as my professors, bringing their own personal experience from their work to our classrooms. Secondly, I had finally found an institution that allowed and supported my personal development in any way which I thought interesting, from musical tradition, through the academic-folk music group - "Tuna" - which I am a part of, to management practice and beyond. Finally, this was a very important period in my life because I started developing some important professional and peer contacts, which taught me great life lessons: both the easy as well as the hard way.

2007 - 2007

Summer University

Warsaw School of Economics

Final Grade of 28 out of 30, the 2nd best result.

The Summer University Warsaw 2007 was a great academic experience abroad, in a good European University (ranked at 57th in Financial Times' Top 100 European Business Schools ranking of 2007) that opened my eyes, not only to a new way of thinking about business but also to a whole new culture and the influences of the soviet-era in their lives. The themes of the course were "Dealing with Globalization and New Technologies" and "Business Management in a Changing Europe"  and it was my first coworking experience with so many working styles and cultures, all so different from each other.

1998 - 2005

High School Diploma

Carolina Michaëlis High School

Final Grade of 16.3 out of 20

Having completed my High School diploma in Natural Sciences, I was deeply influenced by the logic of the empyrical sciences, where the rational behaviour of failure is just the confirmation of another path towards success. Carolina Michaëlis High School helped me shape my personality, not only that way but also because, by being a public school, allowed me a constant social and cultural interaction with several different people from various backgrounds and upbringings. This was, for me, one of the most important stages of my life, because I started developing an ever greater awareness to the social problems around me and began trying to fight them through associativism.

Católica Students Corporation



Corporate Strategic Finance Software

  Oracle Crystal Ball (Fusion Edition) Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance (9.3)

Statistical Analysis Software

  R Commander (all)

POS Retail Software

  Primavera POS(7.5)

Team-Work Soft-Skills

Leadership Soft-Skills

  Leadership Course at the Catholic University of Portugal.

Communication Soft-Skills

Image Editing Software

  Adobe Photoshop (CS3) GIMP (2)

Macintosh OS

Windows OS

Microsoft Office

  College Modules:   "Data-Base Management" completed with the final grade of 15 (out of 20). "Information Systems" completed with the final grade of 13 (out of 20). "Spreadsheet Calculus" completed with the final grade of 15 (out of 20). "Text Processing" completed with the final grade of 17 (out of 20).


  Intensive Course at City School - Porto.


  High School French and French Summer Course at the Wall Street Institute - Porto.


  Native language.


  1996 - 2004: English Course at The British Council - Porto   2003: "First Certificate Exam" (FCE), from the Cambridge University, attained with a final grade of A.   2004: “Certificate in Advanced English” (CAE), from the Cambridge University, attained with a final grade of A.   2008: "International English Language Testing System" (IELTS) attained with a final grande of 8.0 (out of 9.0).