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Work experience


Omega Service Maintenance


Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation specializes in facility maintenance, repair, construction, and renovation for federal organizations. Stressing communication, quality, and ethics, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation has earned a reputation as one of the leading mechanical and general contractors in the industry over the last 21 years. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation views its staff and its integrity as its greatest assets. Furthermore, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation only employs journeyman construction workers and experienced technicians on all projects. Strictly controlled construction schedules, quality of service, and safety means that Omega Service Maintenance Corporation’s customers have come to expect only the best from the firm. Moreover, Omega Service Maintenance Corporation has established a track record for giving back to the community in Neptune City, New Jersey, where the company is headquartered. During the holidays, the management and staff of Omega Service Maintenance Corporation have contributed funds and meals to the less fortunate. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation also makes a difference in others’ lives by donating cars to the Fairview Lake YMCA, The AIDS Support Foundation, the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation, and Center Stage Productions.

The New Jersey YMCAs: A Lot More than a Gym

Most people are familiar with the YMCA, and yet many forget that its existence depends on support from generous donors. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation, a leading construction and repair company located in New Jersey, gives substantial material and other aid specifically to the Community YMCA of Red Bank, which is close to the company headquarters. Most people have a positive association with their local YMCA as a community resource that offers a low-cost gym and dance and fitness classes. However, as one of the oldest community organizations in the country, the YMCA is much more than that. It is committed to making its many services, including reading programs, equally accessible to all people regardless of religion, race, age, income, ability, or gender. Its stated purpose is to create a fellowship for all, strengthen families, and develop youth leadership to help them develop to their full potential. Like all YMCA agencies, the Community YMCA of Red Bank is devoted to community service. Many of the services of the YMCA are facilitated or made possible by volunteers. This includes childcare for those who enjoy spending time with children and coaching for a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, and flag football for athletes. Volunteers also do clerical work, assist with accounting projects, and work at the front desk. Working with or donating to the YMCA are two ways to contribute to the positive future of your community and make a difference in the lives of youths and adults, helping them to feel more competent, resilient, and invested in their community. Omega Service Maintenance Corporation hopes to strengthen the community in which it is located and is a steadfast donor to local agencies such as the YMCA.