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Soccer Coaching Credentials
Community Youth – Youth technical program                                          Community Coach Senior – B Prep Coach Education course (Shawnigan Lake)              BCSA Goalkeeping Diploma (Shawnigan Lake)                                                 B License Provincial (Shawnigan Lake)                                                   BCSA Goalkeeping Diploma (Shawnigan Lake)                                                  Sports First-Aid (BC Sports Aid Program}    Provincial B Cup Champions 2011 U15 CMF Threat (Girls) High Performance Academy Coach 2010-11 CMF (Coquitlam Metro Ford) & Pitt Meadows    Provincial and Div Champions 2010-11 -12      Provincial A Cup Champions    2011-12                                        
Customer Service
  You might not know it, but we are all in the business of Customer Service. Every one we meet, speak to over the phone, email  can have a huge impact, it creates a reaction, whether that be positive or negative is up to you, but remember, you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.     My goal in life is to always have a positive outcome no matter what and most importantly take ownership of everything you do. Take pride in everything you do. Accept nothing less than 100% and always, always give it all you have and do your very, very best.



Al Belado

John Cimino

Greg Gosling

Gary Eastwood

Work experience

Dear sir or madam,

 If you are looking for a self motivated team player that can work well both in a team and as an individual then I know I can be an asset to your company. I have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a high degree of independence and initiative.

If you feel that I am the suitable person for this post, I would like to speak with you about this opportunity at your most primitive convenience. I really thank you for considering my application for the position in question.


Andrew Dodge

Personal References

"Andrew, thanks for all of your efforts over the past year (and more)!!  It was a great contribution to the many successes we saw in 2009 along with results to be proud of!!" 


"thank you so much for the care and attention to detail that made for a great customer experience for Aimee and her department.Andy's professionalism is a reflection of you and your whole implementation team" 

"Au revoir Andrew – Good-bye is unlikely – I’m sure we’ll meet again.  In the meantime, thank you again for the fantastic contribution you made on OMR. You and the implementation team were rock solid and the foundation piece for OMR’s success"

“I would like to say thank you for making my first coaching season exceptionally welcoming. I would like to thank Andy for putting all his hard work into this year in making the girls develop as a team. As a coach, I have learned a lot more about positioning plays and can understand what Andy is trying to communicate to with the girls”

“Ditto to all the praise and kind words that have been heaped on your shoulders via email the last week. Thanks for doing a great job of coaching the girls and we appreciate all the time and effort you have put in.Alex has really enjoyed the team, the coaching and this season”

” just wanted to say thank you so much for everything this season. You may not know it, but you coaching me made a huge impact on my personal development and confidence this year. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me as well as the team. I know I can speak for everyone when I say you will be greatly missed”

“I just wanted to let you know that you'll be missed this season, not only by me but also from the whole team. I've learnt more this year than I have learnt all throughout my soccer seasons with other coaches. I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great coach, and hopefully we will see each other out on the field one day”

“Coaches are sort of like superheroes to the kids, they look up to them so much. What a coach says to them can really impact their self esteem.How does it feel to be a superhero?”

“Thank you very much for all that you have done.  Your positive, encouraging and upbeat manner towards the kids (and parents) is very much appreciated by the team, and of course by us parents.  All season long I heard the new kid's parents saying how wonderful you are.  Some even said that that their kids learned more this season, from you, than the last two years that they have been in soccer.  I think having coaches, like you, that are very passionate about this particular sport and that are very committed shows well in the team.  Look at us!  Undefeated for the season!  I guess what I am really trying to say is THANK YOU for an enjoyable season of soccer “

“Thank you for an outstanding year of soccer. You went above and beyond the call of duty as a coach. You had high expectations of the girls but you were also fair. You have been the best soccer coach Alex has ever had. Her respect and admiration of you is unlimited, as is ours. Thank you for you’re seemingly never ending patience and humor”


    My objective would be to find a position in the Information Technololy or Customer Care field that would be challenging and always alow me to grow as a person and in my career experience. To work as part of a team or as an individual in an environment that promotes growth and is always challenging.


To complement my strong leadership skills, enthusiasm and dedication, I know I can be an asset to any company. Teamwork and customer service are extremely important to me. My fellow co-workers tell me that I am cooperative and always provide a high level of service.

I understand that reviewing several resumes for the position in question makes it very difficult to judge the calibre of the individuals that send them. If your organization is seeking a self-motivated team player that can do an excellent job for you with minimum supervision, then I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person to discuss how I would contribute to your organization.

Work Experience

TELUS July 2011  Current

Acting Manager  Inside Build Lower Mainland

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Working with mulitple appliactions, SAP, SRM, CET, MS Excel/Word
  • Responsible for Load levelling of schedules
  • Forcasting Upcoming work
  • Working with Managers in other groups
  • Working with many different Vendors in contracting out Networks
  • Managing schedules for QA's
  • Implementing new processes and procedures for vendors
  • Working with many groups in meeting Important deadlines (Nisr dates)
  • Trouble shooting and resolving PO issues

Work Experience

Compugen Inc.  Contract  2010 - July 2011

Field Engineer - Onsite Technical Support

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Upgrading firmware on Cisco Routers at Chevron locations throughout the Fraser Valley

  • Upgrading software and reconfiguring handheld scanners for Inventory management
  • Responsible for contacting each location to arrange schedule to make sure Project meets time line for completion
  • Troubleshooting and resolving any issues while on site
  • Onsite Desktop support for Thomas Cook Travel
  • Installing Multi Media and security devices at Bell locations throughout the Lower Mainland
  • On site Tech support for Best Buy-Future Shop HQ, dealing with all hardware issues for HPequipment, including imaging laptops -Desktops, data backup and restore,software installs
  • Windows 7 roll out for Princess Auto, work included backing up and restoring data, asset management
  • Onsite Support for Rio Tinto imaging Laptops, software and hardware installs, troubleshooting, working with applications such as SCCM, Remote Desktop and Actice Directory 

Work Experience

Insurance Corporation British Columbia  Contract  2010

Head Office Coordinator

Duties and Responsilbilities

. Dealing with files which include requests for software and hardware from users at Head office.

. Making sure that all requests are completed in a timely manner.

. Sourcing out alternative products where required.

. Working with different groups to resolve issues.

. Updating data bases to keep records upto date.

Work Experience

Insurance Corporation British Columbia  Contract  2008 -  2009

Project Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities

• The OMR and Office 2007 projects where two of the most successful projects ever undertaken at ICBC. Not only did they finish on schedule but where also completed underbudget.

• Working in a Coordinator roll on one of the largest projects ever undertaken at ICBC, the OMR (Output Management Renewal project) in the upgrade of all printing/fax's/copiers and scanning devices corporate wide• Working with focal points in the gathering of relevant information• Completing site assessments and overseeing the implementation of the roll out at various locations throughout BC• Coordinating with several groups within ICBC during upgrade and responsible for the smooth transition for all users to the new Networked Printing Devices• Resolving and trouble shooting application issues during roll out• Coordinating the Office 2007 rollout corporate wide to over 6500 PC's over a three month period, making this the most aggressive and successful rollout ever undertaken at ICBC

Telus (NCSC - National Client Support Centre)  2006 - 2008

Customer Care 

Duties and Responsibilities

• Working in a help desk - Service Centre environment• Supporting Telus's top100 business customers• Working with multiple applications, Lynx, Cris, Remedy, One Source, SMA• Working with different departments within Telus to ensure that all Trouble Tickets are completed on time

Telus - Technology Rollover 3 month contract for the PHSA Government of BC

Field Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

• Working at BC Children's Hospital in the upgrade of all PC's and hardware• Working under tight time constraints in all departments at the Hospital, dealing with sensitive information• Strong Enterprise Class PC skills including O/S (Microsoft XP SP2), Microsoft Office (numerous versions); adept with both Hardware installations/changes and software. Strong knowledge of Local Area Networks, able to map network drives, advanced knowledge of Microsoft Outlook. Ability to resolve Outlook issues (address book, PST files) 

ICBC  Contract  2006

Project Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities

• Working as a coordinator in the closure of a Claims Office• Dealing with many focal points in the coordinating of moving staff to various locations• Working with tight deadlines and compiling in-depth configuration sheets

NEX Innovations  Contract 2004 -2005

Project Coordinator

Duties and Responsibilities

• Working at ICBC as a coordinator in the upgrading of their Operating System to XP in the Evergreen project• Working with various departments in the gathering of information of software and hardware requirements• Dealing with Managers and focal points• Coordinating and planning the role out with each individual department, making sure that all software and hardware are XP compatible, and sourcing out alternatives where required• Coordinating and over seeing the upgrade of each department from the gathering of information, building of the PC's, scheduling the installs, and training for each group, plus any follow up• Working with remote locations with the processing of requests for hardware and software upgrades and equipment moves, which included sourcing out product, and scheduling of the installations

NEX Innovations  Contract  2001 - 2002

Field Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

• Working with IBM in the Upgrade to Windows 2000 for HSBC in the Lower Mainland• Implementing the upgrade and installation of Windows 2000 and other software applications for Overwaitea Head Office• Trouble shooting and resolving hardware and software conflicts• Working with IBM in the upgrade of new hardware and operating system to Windows 2000 for The Bank Of Montreal in various locations in the lower mainland• Working at BC Rail on the Windows XP project. This also included desktop support and working with various software applications with XPVoyus Canada    2000 -  2001Field Engineer / Team Leader Customer Service-Logistics

Duties and Responsibilities

• Installation of ADSL and other minor trouble shooting issues• In-house support• The managing of the ADSL department, which included hiring, training and support for technicians• Dealing with customer issues and working with ISP's• The managing and support of technicians for the Residential Group• Dealing with all customer service issues• The managing and training of the Logistics Department• Supporting Sales staff and Accounting department with any billing enquiries from customers• Collecting AR• Working in conjunction with our call centre 

EDS Innovations  Contract  2000

Field EngineerDuties and Responsibilities

The upgrading of all The Petrol Canada Gas Stations in the Lower Mainland which included installation and configuration of new hardware and software• Networking systems in the transfer of data• Upgrading operating systems• Implementing new back up procedures. Installations of bigger hard drives and Zip drives• Installing and configuring new systems with Printers• Installation of Exchange• Trouble shooting various issues, customer service

Rogers  2000

Field Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

• Installation and setup of the @ Home Service working in a MAC / IBM and Windows environment• Trouble shooting various issues• Being able to work under tight time constraints, dealing with customer service issues• Installations of NIC's in different types of PC's• Working with Rogers software• Helping to educate customers in how the service works

Software & Technical Experience

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Linksys Firewalls, 3 Com Hubs. ADSL routers. Hardware and Software installations. Office 2007. Ricoh Printers, Cisco Routers, Office 2007, 2010, Windows 7, SCCM, Desktop Manager, Active Directory.


Riverside Secondary -Currently

CISCO CCNA Pre-Certification - 2011 Currently

Fraser Valley Vocational Training Center - 1999Computer Technician - Diploma

Abbottsford Square Community Education Centre - 1999Certification completion of job readiness and career assessment - Certificate

ROGERS - 2000Customer Service Training Course - Certificate

Telus - NCSC May 2006

New Hire Training Program

BCIT - June 2007

Call Centre Workshop Series - Team Dynamics & Stress Management

Sydenham Comprehensive School Grade 12 Equivalent


ICBC Office 2007

ICBC asked to share Office 2007 rollout success

When even Microsoft notices how quickly and efficiently you do a technology upgrade, you know you’ve achieved something out of the ordinary.

That’s what happened with ICBC’s recent Office 2007 rollout. A team of fewer than 100 updated 6,000 PCs, laptops and tablets across the province in just four months, and Microsoft was impressed enough to ask if we’d share our ideas and best practices with other organizations.

“Other companies are trying to figure out how to successfully implement similar rollouts,” explains project sponsor Gary Eastwood, director of IS Transformation.

“Microsoft’s interest in how we tackled the challenges without compromising timing validates our team’s expertise and efforts. It’s rewarding to know we’ve made such a positive impact on Microsoft and are being asked to communicate our experience to others.”

Andrew Dodge, in charge of electronically deploying the software, agrees. “This says a lot about working together as a team. It was a big project in a short time-frame and the results affected everyone in the company. It was very challenging.”

Beyond just inviting us to share our knowledge with other organizations, the software giant also connected us with the team that is now planning to roll out Office 2007 at BC Hydro.

Shelby Ma, one of our Office 2007 rollout team members, was among those who recently met with the utility company. “Hydro wanted to know how we deployed the software so fast. In this case, there are some similarities between our two companies in rolling out a product.

“For instance, we both have offices spread across the province, so we can pass on ideas of what worked for us, like having identified focal points in each claim centre outside the Lower Mainland to provide on-site support.”

Other keys to quick deployment included testing user-macros beforehand and choosing an online self-training model, a new approach at ICBC.

“We’ve met with BC Hydro twice now, and I think it was informative for them and for what they’re planning to do,” Shelby adds.

The knowledge transfer worked both ways. The ICBC team came away with some tips for this year’s rollout of Office Communicator (instant messaging), which BC Hydro has already implemented.

It’s always our goal to give great service, whether we’re renewing someone’s driver’s licence or rolling out a technology upgrade to employees.  But it feels pretty good to have an industry leader like Microsoft holding us up as an example to help other organizations do the same.