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Currently, while open to new opportunities, I spend my time running a youth soccer club with my husband. Seven teams and in the fall we will be expanding to nine teams. The web site for the club is under redesign at the moment. I am changing the direction of how our club is running by taking the web site to a member management process. This will take us to a whole new level of service. The focus is to run the club as a professional organization with processes that save time and provide the information the coaches need to be on the field coaching. I am a project manager with 20 years' worth of projects behind me. My first project was building an ice cream shop when I was 19. That experience shaped my career of project management. I just won a scholarship from RMC Projects to finish my education requirements for my PMP certification. Studying is adjusting all my years of experience. It is like adding punctuation to a paragraph of words. It is completing my view of project management.The last few years my focus has been on PM with training contracts. My teams have consisted of technical instructions, instructional designers and developers. I have successfully navigated the murky waters of delivering what the customer wants, when they want it and how they envisioned it. Social Media has become a passion for me. I use it as a natural extension of myself. The value is huge! Building a brand whether personal or professional it is an everyday event. Staying engaged with the environment and reading the landscape to offer content of value is a challenge I enjoy.My top skills are open communication, enthusiasm, leadership, understanding and motivating people and troubleshooting situations. I bring confidence to the table with a splash of knowing how to get the job done within a tight budget. I put the highest level of importance on education and self-assessment. This is what gives me the energy to push forward through any situation.


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Work experience


Project Manager/TCWS

MetroStar Systems
Oversaw a ten person team including instructional designers, technical instructors, technical writers and developers through the creation and implementation of an in-depth training process. Designed the project plan for 3 week training course for the TCWS program for the Marine Corps.
Mar 2007Sep 2008

Director of Operations and IT Services

Knowlogy Inc.
Directed the operations of this training company, overseeing facilities, instructors, equipment, project management, scheduling, post-class measurement and analysis. Exceeded expectations through effective conflict resolution and commitment to customer service from my staff throughout the project.

Director of Operations

Vitoria Football Club
Organized 120 participants through scheduling and project management to oversee this profitable organization.

Founder and President

Founded and grew Hatmander with companies having initial capital investment ranging from 20k to 1.5 million in commercial financial lines in the first year of operation. Directed start-up planning with ongoing support functions including accounting, financial reporting, human resources, procurement, and administrative services for 25 companies. Managed, trained, supervised, mentored and coordinated activities of specialty product companies.

Customer Service Manager/Staff Accountant

Cumberland Custom Homes of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc
Developed and implemented strategic marketing and operational plans. Successfully identified and resolved operational problems resulting in a significant cost reduction and increased profitability. Synchronized site work entailing scheduling sub-contractors, ordering materials, requesting inspections, and resolving customer issues. Computerized office reports, sales contract, construction specifications, construction time-lines, and accounts payables/receivables.

Account Specialist, Customer Services

Coordinated four remote sites encompassing site and individual goals, delegating projects and issues, projecting and tracking sales progress and budget boundaries. Lead contact for contract negotiations with the Boards of Realtors. Developed training materials as well as trained instructors and staff in MLS (Multiple Listing Service) usage, customer service standards and sales seminar planning. Formulated and authored on-going training materials that reflected new technologies in the real estate industry.



University of Arizona