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Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Lead Developer, Web products


Brought Ruby on Rails into the organization and lead a geographically distributed team in creating an application suite consisting of six Ruby on Rails web applications. Each application was focused on a single aspect of the judicial system: case management, jury management, person management, configuration, general ledger, and electronic filing of cases and supporting documentation.

Technical achievements

  • Developed an ActiveRecord-based solution that enables user to define ad hoc queries and supports an export adapter that permits exporting the query results through Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports, prawn (a ruby pdf library), XML, and CSV.

  • Created SiteConnection plugin to support establishing named ActiveResource site connections that are configured through yaml.

  • Created StiFactory plugin that transforms ActiveRecord::Base#new into a Single Table Inheritance (STI) factory method, decoupling the creation of a specific subclass from the controller.

  • Developing InactiveRecord, a gem that wraps constant collections like U.S. States in an ActiveRecord-like API and provides migration-style syntax for specifying attributes.

May 2007Present


Koinonia Software

Started a company focused on providing church management software as a service.  Working with ministers of local churches, developed a Ruby on Rails web application that enables groups within the church (e.g., Children, Youth, Adult and divisions, gym) to manage their members and as a unique subset of the church membership while also feeding back information to the broader church for other ministry opportunities. Extending the platform to support church schools and their general accounting needs.

May 2006May 2009


Thunderhole Software

Provided architecture, data modeling, and development support for custom business web applications.

  • Developed an application to manage the Capital Appropriations process for a major venue management company. The application allowed the company to simplify its processes and more transparently share Capital improvement project information with over 100 prominent venues such as Yankee Stadium, Arizona Cardinals Stadium and the Bi-Lo Center.

  • Developed an application for a service company that provides inspection services to BMW and other manufacturers. The system manages the Quality Inspection process, from the incoming request through execution of the inspection. It enabled the service company to provide real time Inspection information to their customers including the current cost for the inspection services, defect rates, and part information.

Apr 1999Jul 2005

Lead Developer, Client/Server products


Helped PCSS transform its character-based iSeries (AS400) Case Management system into a client-server solution running Windows clients to MS*SQL, Oracle, and iSeries/DB2 databases.

Technical achievements

  • Developed the user interface and database access patterns used throughout the system.

  • Integrated third party tools for generating Word documents and Crystal Reports from within the system, scanning and storing images, accepting credit card and electronic check payments, and capturing, storing, and applying electronic signatures from system users.

  • Implemented and maintained activity tracking and scheduling systems.

Jan 1996Mar 1999

Software Engineer

Rockwell Automation/Dodge

As the software engineer in a team of three engineers, developed an industrial monitor for bearings and gear reducers that enabled customers to monitor the life of these devices over an industrial network and to use aspects of the device information to control automated manufacturing processes.

Technical achievements

  • Developed C-based, interrupt-driven, configurable firmware for an Intel 80C251 processor that monitored speed, temperature, and vibration.

  • Implemented support for updating device firmware in NVRAM over the network with CRC validation of the update prior to committing the changes.

  • Created a Windows application that could display the status information from the devices.

  • Drove compliance efforts for the device, achieving DeviceNet certification for the device.


Aug 1986May 1990


Cornell University


Worked extensively with the jquery, ExtJs, and prototype/scriptaculous libraries.