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On my spare time I enjoy drawing & writing. But the most I really love doing is cooking, I watch a lot of cooking shows.


Hello my name is Froilin Abella. I'm a current intern & 3rd year high school student. I have a wonderful personality. I obtain a diverse sort of skills, one of most people skills. I enjoy varying myself & just going about with life. One of most I live by is striving as hard as I can in completing my goal.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present


National City Middle School

I'm a current intern in National City Middle, my position as an intern is help 7th graders with their homework & improve their grades within school. My time as an intern has thought me many valuable lessons, which I believe could be acquired through everyday life. The many of which I have been able to improve and better is my people skills because I love being around people & I enjoy taking the time in encouraging others.


Jun 2007Present

Sweetwater High Union School

I am a current attending high school student. Within high school I enjoy being involve within my cirucular activity. The clubs I am in are Asian International Association, Devils Advocate, and African American Student Union. My current GPA in high school is a 4.0.


People skills
I have wonderful people skills, that I used within my everyday life. I've gone through obstacles where I dealt with people that had a terrible day and they'd go off on me, but I learned to overcome that situation by ignoring it.


Dec 2008Present

Computer Multimedia

Proffesor A. Lopez


Debra Rosenbauch

A fellow teacher that has enable to take her time and effort with helping me within my writing & understanding more about Language & Comp.

Richard Grove

An ASB advisor that coordinates with the principal in improving the campus.

Eric Esperon

An AP Gov. teacher & club advisor of AIA. He has helped me with school & has taken much of a supportive role within my life.