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Excellent writer of technical and non-technical writing .   Can produce projects on many subjects.   I have written many technical documents, articles, and blog posts.
Internet Marketing
Proficient in paid and free internet and offline marketing techniques.  Can achieve millions of visitors to your website within a weeks time.  
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Works, Paint, Visio


Natural Sciences



Environmental Science








Work experience

Feb 2012Present


Steve Bynum LLC

Report, technical, blog, and  scientific article writing.  Online marketing and business management. Investigation and oversight  for environmental projects that have included Phase I environmental investigations and environmental inspector for Front Range Pipeline project.  

Worked on website development and marketing.   Focused also on sales and communication for business application. 

Mar 2004Feb 2012


Scientific Principle, Inc.

Executive with business management and sales.   Coordinated work flow with employees throughout the United States.   Developed business structure, cash flow, and company organization.   Developed business plan, work plans, and maintained company website   Worked with government  and private organization to develop contracts throughout the United States.   Created statistical designs for research throughout California and Nevada regarding invasive species.  Worked in environmental and natural sciences for wetland and endangered species investigations.   Worked on linear projects conducting thousands of miles of field surveys for the FERC and NEPA  permitting process.   Helped initiate development and locating funding for a new potash project in a previously unknown area.  

Dec 2000Mar 2004


Professional Environmental Engineers, Inc

§Conducted soil, gas, and groundwater surveys at former landfills for the US Air Force at Scott Air Force Base and other miscellaneous sites.  Conducted soil, sediment, stream water sampling.  Installed staff gauges, summa canisters, and monitoring wells.  Oversaw and conducted USCS soil classification for soil borings.  Conducted sampling from geo-probe boring and monitoring well installation.

§Wrote RFP’s for building demolitions and environmental remediation for several East St. Louis, Illinois schools.

§Conducted oversight for environmental remediation conducted at properties for identified for building schools for the East St. LouisSchool District.  Wrote remediation oversight reports for the East St. LouisSchool District

§Performed numerous wetland delineations in Missouri and Illinois.

§Maintained and created Excel spreadsheets, utilized MARSSIM statistics, and oversaw quality control for removal of radioactive material at FUSRAPS SLAP site north of LambertInternationalAirport in St. Louis and SLDS Downtown area of St. Louis. 

§Conducted monthly NPDES sampling at and around the LambertInternationalAirport in St. Louis.

§§Conducted numerous Phase I real estate environmental surveys. Worked with Sanborn Maps, developed reports, and conducted field studies. 

Jan 1999Dec 2000


Alpha Environmental

§Conducted over 800 hand geo-probe borings for PCB contaminants in unobtainable vehicle terrain.

§Cleaned and removed drums of Hydrofluoric acid

§Conducted removal of three 16,000 gallon tanks of road paint. Using confined space requirements and permitting removed paint from tank walls with xylene, mechanical tools, supplied air, and ventilation pumps.

§Operated a JLB Lift for the radiation crew to clean low level radiation off of warehouse rafters.

§Conducted several Phase 1 environmental assessments.

Anvers Island, Antarctica                                

§An integral member in the implementation of the 1991 Madrid Protocol by working with 3 other individuals in the team to remediate a former dump site at the Antarctic Science Station on Anvers Island along the Antarctic Peninsula.

§Removed 180 tons of ash debris, 2 cargo trailers of metal debris, and two 55-gallon drums of potentially hazardous material, Using jack hammers, an extended boom forklift, and other tools.

§The work was completed on a 45-degree rock ravine with ice and jagged metal.  It was located on the glacier edge, with high winds, and snow or rain every day, and with remarkably no injuries by anyone in the crew. 

§Conducted a RCRA permitting audit by investigating the science facility and in-depth questioning of station personnel.

Apr 1992Dec 1998

Environmental Specialist III

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

§Served as Project Manager for soil and groundwater remediation projects throughout the State of Illinois.

§Oversaw projects for investigations and remediation of chemicals from numerous types of industry.

§Managed and oversaw soils and groundwater cleanup for over 60 projects throughout the state of Illinois that included volatile organic chemicals, base/neutral/acid chemicals, poly-nuclear aromatics, polychlorinated biphenyls, metals, pesticides, and herbicides.  Worked with RCRA, CERCLA, Soil, Groundwater, air, and water regulations.

§Worked closely with numerous types of remediation systems including air sparging, groundwater pump and treat system, bioremediation, thermal desorption units, and steam injection.

§Responsible for permitting, health and safety compliance, budgeting, and logistics of personnel. 

§Coordinated with numerous groups including non-profit, local, state, and federal agencies to ensure they were properly informed and to task experts for problem solving.     

§Coordinated and met with attorneys, consultants, corporate officers, governmental agencies on local to federal levels, non-governmental organizations, and with the press.

§Conducted CERCLA HRS scoring for former mining facilities and other industries.

§Wrote/reviewed Health and Safety Plans, Work Plans, Feasibility Study, Remediation Plan, and Completion Reports.  Wrote 4q Documents and Satisfactory Remediation Completion letters.

§Worked on the initiation of TACO document for approval by the State of Illinois.


Aug 1986May 1989

Bachelor of Arts

University of Illinois


Oct 2004Present

Certified Wetland Delineator

US Army Corps of Engineers
May 1998Present

Human Health Risk Assessment

University of Illinois