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2005-2007 Master’s degree in translation (ISTI, Brussels, Belgium)

2004-2005 First year of interpretation (ISTI, Brussels)

2003-2004 Erasmus programme of student exchange (Jyvaskyla, Finland)

2001-2003 DEUG of LEA (Foreign languages applied to the working area) (Sorbonne, Paris)


2007 Translator for the NGO Quinoa, Brussels, Belgium

2005-2006 Translator and French teacher for La Maison de l’Amérique Latine (Brussels)

2004 Office job in Merck Sharp &Dome (Brussels)

2003 Translator Internship in Lexitech’s translation office (Brussels)


Languages spoken: French, Spanish, English.

Computer skills: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Internet


Swimming, reading and travel.


Sep 2004Jun 2007


Institute of Translators and Interpreters of Brussels, Belgium

This institute is one of the most well-known translator school of Brussels.

I studied there 3 years. My major were English and spanish. I am now gratuated from this institution.

Here is the website to check it out:

Sep 2001Jun 2004


Sorbonne University

I studied at the Sorbonne University for three years, two in Paris and one in Finland through the Erasmus program.

I chose to study LEA (Foreign languages applied to the business environment) because I wanted to study two languages at the same time, English and Spanish. This career is great because not only you get to improve your language skills but you also get to learn lots about both Spanish-spoken countries and English-spoken countries history. It also focus on law, economy, French phonetics and translation.

Here is the website to check it out:

Sep 2003May 2004


University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

I studied one year in Finland as an erasmus student.

The scholar system in Finland is quite different from the French and the Belgium one. It allows you to have more freedom in your work and be more responsible.

What's more, it gave me the opportunity to discover a different culture and country.

Why Finland and not an English and Spanish speaking country? I love to travel and I often went to England or Spain for holidays for instance. I also have frinds in those countries that give me th opportunity to go when I want to but I wanted to take advantage of this erasmus year to get to know something different and Finland appears to be a great country. I very much enjoyed this year of my life.

Here is the website to check itout:

Work experience

Apr 2007Apr 2007



I worked for a month as a trainee in the Quinoa NGO (Development Education).

What was my job?

The NGO is working with many foreign countries throughout the world. Indeed, once a year, they send volunteers in their partner countries to help the locals deal with their current problems.

My job was to translate in English and Spanish the presentation Quinoa had made to present the project to the host countries and explain their philosophy to their partners.

I also translated various documents regarding Development Education. I took part of many activities they were organizing: presentation of Development Education to children in schools and training session for the volunteers.

This was very challenging because it allowed me to improve my translator skills in a field that deeply interest me.

Sep 2005May 2006


La Maison de l'Amérique latine

I worked for La Maison de l'Amérique Latine for almost a year.

My first and most important task was to be a translator.

This was a very good experience. I translated a guide for the Latin people living in Brussels, pointing out all the services they may need but also the finest restaurant serving typical food from the Latin-American world.

I was also in charge of the translation of various articles published in their revue entitled  "eco".

Occasionally I also help them out translating various administrative documents they needed to present to the town hall.

I also get the opportunity to give some classes as a French teacher. This was really interesting because it allows me to improve my pedagogic skills. I gave classes both to adults and children.

Finally, I participate to a radio program on Radio Latina in Brussels which was aimed at all the Hispanics living in Brussels and were we commented some news, broadcast Latin music and gave other relevant information such as the cultural events happening in Brussels.