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Our greatest excuse for not taking action today is that we believe we don’t have what it
takes to make it tomorrow.” Roger Hamilton I wonder what the world would be like if Bill Gates decided that he wanted to be a pro… sportsman? Or if Henry Ford pursued a career in acting?
Would basketball be the same if Michael Jordan quit his career in basketball after getting cut from the high school team? What if Sir Edmund Hillary didn’t say “some day I am going to climb Everest”?
Ok, let’s make this super personal… How has the world permanently changed because YOU stopped believing.YOU let go of the dream.


Let go of your stress?

When have you ever truly let go? When was the last time you fully just… Let go of your stress? Your future? Or your past? Can you remember a time when you were just present? In the moment? There are many reasons why we don’t let go. The common denominator of all those reasons is one single word… Control. We control because we can’t let go. People, objects, environments and even time itself… We would grasp for it all if we could. But like grasping for the wind, it’s simply an illusion. We never really get it and that harrowing reality is a circle of never ending stress. When we let go however we get what we were striving for. The act of letting go ironically gives us what we desperately wanted to begin with. In giving away control we actually get it back. Do you stress that the sun won’t rise tomorrow? If you look back at your past, how much has worry helped you…with anything? I really feel there is someone reading this that desperately needs a breakthrough. You won’t find it until you simply let it go. Today is your day to truly be here, in the now. Let go of what could be and embrace what is. You are a human being with the most ultimate gift. 

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The Power of Your Why

Hey everyone, this weeks podcast is excerpt from a recent speech I gave on the power of your why. It is critical that we understand the ‘why’ behind everything we do. It will fuel us during difficultly and drive us forward towards our goals. If you like it, please share it! Fill those lungs with air. Breathe. Just be. It’s from this place that all you’ll find the source of everything you need. You’ll be in tune to the beautiful ensemble of life. It’s here that you’ll finally become. You’ll finally be you. The you that the universe has been waiting to see.