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Work experience

Administrative Asstantant

Worldwide Immigration

Researched  and prepared Educational Packages

for new immigrants arriving to Canada

 Liason between Universities and  individual clients

Reformatted resume's to Canadian standards

updated records and files

Store Manager

Goodwill Industries Ltd.

 Managed a staff of 5 employees,  ( handicapped )

Successfully  increased sales targets to keep  store open for an additional 10 years.

Jan 2007Present

DSW (uncertified )

Christian Horizons

Support worker to individuals with developmental  special needs in group homes.


Jan 1996Jun 1998


Evangelical Church Alliance Canada


Curtis Panke

Worldwide Immagration Ltd.

Global Placement Services

Tomken Rd. Mississauga, On.

October 08, 1999

To Whom It May Concern,

Donna Benzies has worked at worldwide Immagration / global Placement Services. since November 1998. Her position of Assessment coordinator required her to research information about various licensing requirements for foreign professionals immagrating to Canada. In her duties she was required to create occupational profiles,  liaise with licensing bodies; search information via the internet and news media; counsel landed clients directing them in their professionals,as well as formattig their resumes to canadian standards.

Donna has demonstrated herself as a conscious, deligent worker. She has always beem prepared to put in extra effort to finish a project. Although her position allowed for considerable autonomy, she worked well with the other staff members and always helped out when needed.

 I would recommend Donna to any position requiring a conscientious, hardworking and people oriented persons. Donna is leaving  World Wide Immigration/ Global Placement Services because her family is moving to Oshawa On. and will not be able to commute to Mississauga. We wish her all the best.


Curtis Panke


Global placement Services

Lori Lea Heatherington

Reference  sent by e-mail from L. Heatherington  Program Manager. ( if required additonal references can be given )

On Thu, 5/21/09, Lori Lei Hetherington <[email protected]> wrote:

From: Lori Lei Hetherington <[email protected]>Subject: referenceTo: [email protected]: Thursday, May 21, 2009, 2:43 PM To Whom it May Concern,Donna Benzies has worked for Christian Horizons as a relief support staff for approximately 3 years.She is a wonderful staff, friendly with her coworkers and persons supported.  I find her to be a hard worker and full of integrity.  She is a very uplifting and encouraging person to be around.  She would be an asset to any team in the Human Service workplace.  Yours Truly,Lori Lei Hetherington


Certificate of Ordination



Compassionate,results-oriented,creative, energetic hands-on individual, with a

successful record of accomplishments.

Major strengths include :excellant interpersonal and communication skills,Highly organized, self directed, flexable and adaptable, Self motivated and willing to work with minimal supervision, demonstrates behaviour related to core values of respect,Compassion and professionalism. 

.  competent health care skills, strong team player, attention to detail, dutiful respect for compliance in all regulated environment, as well as a clear vision to accomplish company goals. Computer and Internet literate.

Presently Employed At: Sunrise for Senior Living Retirement Aurora