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Fredrik Pettersson

Master student, Industrial Management and Innovation



Master of Science, Industrial management and Innovation

Uppsala University

[ongoing] Full time studies


Bachelor of Science, Technology

Uppsala University

[Degree application pending] On and off studies, combined with part time jobs, elected offices and parental leave.

Bachelor thesis: One man's junk is another man's treasure (In swedish)

Elected offices



Uppsala Student Union

Full time position, 1 year. The union represented ~30 000 students at Uppsala University. As president I represented the students both in public and at the highest operative level within the University, mostly as part of it' s management group. 

  • I restructured the union and created more autonomous sections, with acceptance from sections and political parties.
  • I developed a new decision making framework between unions and got both old and new unions to agree upon it.
  • I took part in successfully defending the vice Chancellor of the university against a coup to remove her from office.

President / Chairman

Uppsala student nations

Full time position, 1 semester. The president of the student nations is publicly representing all of the member organizations and is responsible for the cooperation between the nations.

  • I envisioned and took the customer responsibility in a development project to modernize the nation membership. This resulted in the much used system
  • As former president I organized the Inter Nordic Student Meeting 2012, with 100 representatives for all of the nordic countries meeting in Uppsala to discuss common issues.

First curator

Västmanlands- Dala nation

Full time position, 1 year.  V-Dala nation is a member organization for students in Uppsala. It has about 5000 members and a annual turnover of about 15 million SEK. The first curator is the nations highest office and has the overall responsibility.

  • I successfully organized the nations 370 year anniversary

Head of food and service

Västmanlands- Dala nation

Full time position, 1 semester.  I was responsible for recruiting and managing kitchen and serving staff (10-60 persons per night) during all events at the nation (2-4 events per week). 

Work experience


Postal delivery


Summer position + part time job. During the summers I picked up mail from post boxes and stores in the country side surrounding Uppsala. As a part time job I picked up and delivered car parts going Stockholm-Uppsala or Uppsala-Sundsvall.


Insurance and Banking officer


Part time. Recruited to be part of the team starting up a new concept store in Uppsala. I worked in the store, selling security items and executing basic insurance and banking services.

  • Developed a EAN-markup system using VBA within Excel.

Shift manager


Full time. Responsible for planning and leading the current staff during a shift.

Board memberships

2012/2013 and 2016/2017

Uppsala akademiförvaltning

Uppsala akademiförvaltning manages all donations to Uppsala University. Today this has a net worth of about 9 billion SEK. I'm currently the student representative in the managing board.



A small local bookshop in Uppsala, owned by Uppsala Student Union and Uppsala University.

  • I've created a prototype for a IT-system for business intelligence data gathering and analysis. 
  • I'm currently heading an ongoing strategy development process.

Västmanlands- Dala nation
  • I've developed new routines for board meetings
  • I've developed a web based voting system for use in decision making at the nation's general assemblies. 

Uppsala University

The board of Uppsala University is accountable to the Swedish government and hold the responsibility of all of the universities operations. With 6 000 staff and 40 000 students there is a wide variety of businesses to address. I was elected to the board by Uppsala Student Union. 



A Swedish national consortium, accountable to almost all universities and colleges in Sweden. The consortium owns and operates the common system for student administration i Sweden. During my time in the board the major issue at hand was the development of the next generation of the system, one of Swedens bigger IT infrastructural development project.