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Recent Selected Accomplishments

    While consulting at Computer Associates Wily Technology Division designed, coded, and managed the installation of a complete SilkTest object-oriented data-driven automation framework for CA Wily’s Introscope™ 8.0 Java based performance management application. This is a market leading web application performance management solution. It enables customers to monitor complex web applications in production environments 24x7, detect problems before they affect their customers, and resolve these issues quickly and collaboratively. This included providing full complete documentation and training of CA Wily’s personnel to utilize, maintain and expand their corporation’s new SilkTest automation framework.

    While consulting at Ditech Networks Inc., designed, coded, and managed the installation of a complete SilkTest and Perl based, object-oriented data-driven automation framework for Ditech Networks’ NetConsul™ EMS (Element Management System) application. This application allows mobile telecommunication service providers to monitor and provision Ditech’s Voice Enhancement and Echo Cancellation devices across an entire network from a single point of control. Also applied the same SilkTest framework code to Ditech’s VQM (Voice Quality Management) Report, a browser based call logging reports application which interfaces with the NetConsul™ EMS application. During the project, a team of 4 programmers were trained and directed to script in SilkTest and enter the testcase data parameters into Excel spreadsheets for over 5000 testcases based on the framework design criteria. These fully trained client employees, from Ditech Networks’ QA group, are now available to add new or modify existing testcases as needed.

    Using Ditech Networks’ new QA automation framework, implemented an End-To-End call verification test system. This allows multiple data-driven (Excel) telecom calls to be automatically generated, through a Perl actuated 3rd party application, with applicable noise and delay settings derived from the test data. The NetConsul™ EMS devices register the calls, which are sent to the VQM Report application where the final reported data is compared to and verified with the expected call data from the Excel test data.

    While consulting at Wells Fargo Bank, developed a programming tool which allows data from a QA Mercury Test Director application to drive the implementation of the creation of all SilkTest testcase drivers (‘.t’ files). For each created testcase the application enters full testcase notation, navigation and verification calls, plus the automatic population of all test data database, including customer, accounts, input data and verification data. This application tool has saved Wells Fargo Bank’s QA Automation Engineers hundreds of hours in testcase development production time.

    At Wells Fargo Bank, developed a program testing procedure for data-driven browser Form Field Validation (FFV) in which every browser page text field can be tested with extensive data strings allowing for the proper response for each type of data. This procedure reads a spreadsheet or database which had been independently populated by a QA analyst in order to systematically populate each HtmlTextField on a browser page with both valid and invalid text data. It will then recognize whether each instance of data, when submitted, would navigate as expected (for valid data strings) or generate the proper error condition (for invalid data strings).

    While employed at Extensity Inc. (purchased by GEAC Inc. –, wrote the test automation framework and portions of the SilkTest harness for testing the Java based product suite. This included the SilkTest code for testing in multiple operating systems (Windows, UNIX and Mac), environments (stand-alone Java applications, web Browser using WebLogic and Java WebStart applications), and databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2). The completed harness Included over 500 individual testcases and the UNIX shell scripts. This test framework system would recognize, through continuous UNIX shell script monitoring, when a new product build had been created and would automatically implement the new product build installation and database loading. Then would run all the necessary SilkTest testing, including all logging, recovery, error handling and required results report generation.

    Employed as the technical lead person for display, printing and plotting drivers (hardcopy) in the Software Testing and Quality Assurance (Test Development Department) of AutoDesk, Inc., the manufacturer of the industry standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) software packages: AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 14, AutoCAD LT97, AutoCAD EMR and AutoCAD OEM.

    Wrote the entire QA Partner (later SilkTest) automated harness for driver testing of printing and plotting devices for the AutoCAD product lines with test cases which generated baseline verifiable plot files for every major commercially known hardcopy printing and plotting device on the market, at the time.

Consulting Software QA Automation Framework Architect / Engineer

Consulting Software Quality Assurance Automation Framework Architect and Automation Engineer offers to design, code and manage the installation of complete functional SilkTest, Perl or Ruby based, object-oriented data-driven QA automation frameworks or revitalize and upgrade any existing automation framework per your corporation’s requirements. Services include full documentation and training of your firm’s personnel to maintain the framework at the project’s turnover to your firm.

Created and managed software implementation and testing initiatives to support business processes, meet product requirements, and improve productivity/workflow for diverse companies including State Compensation Insurance Fund, BigFix, Computer Associates / Wily Technology, Ditech Networks, Wells Fargo Bank, Extensity Inc., GEAC Inc. and AutoDesk.Managed successful installation of complete functional SilkTest, data-driven automation frameworks with i18n and L10n capability to support quality assurance and efficiency standards.

  • Developed/implemented automated GUI testing for Computer Associates, dramatically improving workflow
  • Designed complete system, providing Ditech Networks with functioning SilkTest Automation Framework
  • Created new automation framework procedures/tools, saving Wells Fargo thousands of dollars in testing

Key Skills: Visionary leader with proven expertise managing multi-functional teams… Make go/no-go decisions… Architecting complex software operations… Rapidly analyze situations and provide the best solutions… Successfully introduce/manage rapid change when needed… Inspire others to top performance… Effectively manage crises…

Strengths in automated test planning, development and execution for both manual and automated test designs, programming and practices with an emphasis on automation framework and harness architecture and development, including test plan design and implementation, software revision control, automated defect tracking and reporting. Proficient at acceptance, regression and system testing. Comfortable with unit, integration, performance and stress testing. Knowledge of quality assurance standards, including IEEE, ISO and CMM. Extensive knowledge of object-oriented (C++ / Java) and browser based (including Flex) software development methods (including Agile and Extreme Programming models) and product testing methodologies.

  • Expert with SilkTest (4Test) from Micro Focus (formally Borland/Segue)
  • Experienced with Mercury QTP (Quick Test Pro) and QC (Quality Center)
  • Experienced with these programming languages: Perl, Ruby, Tcl/Tk, Java, C/C++, HTML, UNIX Shell, and SQL
  • Experienced with testing on these operating systems: Microsoft Windows (Various), UNIX, LINUX and Mac OS
  • Experienced with testing on these relational databases: SQL Server, My SQL, DB2, Oracle PL/SQL, and Sybase

Professional References

“Fred and I worked together for multiple projects. He was very good in writing test plans and test cases. It was very easy for me to automate the tests designed by Fred. He was very detail oriented. If I get a chance, I would be happy to work with him again”

Manjula Kutty

Sr. Test Designer/Automation Engineer - Colleague at State Compensation Insurance Fund 

"Fred helped us take a new web application from the early product-definition stage through a 1.0 release, and handled the stresses of a newly formed product team and rapidly evolving requirements and targets with professionalism and diligence."

Peter Loer

Director Software Engineering, BigFix, Inc. – Managed Fred indirectly at BigFix, Inc.

"Fred was an integral part of our product team as we worked to define, build, and release an innovative new web-based application for BigFix. He is diligent, collaborative, analytical -- clearly an experienced QA engineer and a trusted, accountable teammate."

Jeff Spitulnik

Director of Product Management, BigFix, Inc. – Managed Fred indirectly at BigFix, Inc.

"Fred worked for me as a SilkTest Consultant for six months. He was specifically hired to implement, from the ground up, a Silktest QA automation framework based on our core product. The resulting framework is object-oriented and data-driven, utilizing spreadsheets. He also trained our automation team to maintain and extend the framework and our QA Engineers to build test suites using it. Fred is very knowledgeable about SilkTest and is an expert in building SilkTest frameworks. I am very satisfied with the work he did. He was professional, dependable and highly productive. I recommend him to anyone who needs a robust, maintainable SilkTest QA automation framework developed."

Leslie Swartz

Director, Quality Assurance, Introscope, Computer Associates / Wily Technology – Managed Fred at CA Wily

"Fred designed, coded, and managed the installation of a complete SilkTest and Perl based, object-oriented data-driven (from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets) software QA automation framework, supporting different variations of Ditech Networks’ Java based NetConsul EMS (Element Management System) applications. These applications each allow mobile telecommunication service providers to monitor and provision Ditech’s Voice Enhancement and Echo Cancellation devices across an entire network from a single point of control on either a Windows or Solaris workstation. Following the completion of the NetConsul EMS project, Fred also applied the same re-usable SilkTest framework code to the Ditech Networks’ VQM Report, a browser based call monitoring and logging reports application which interfaces with the NetConsul EMS applications. I highly recommend Fred for any software QA automation framework or GUI consulting contracts without any reservation. Please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to share my positive experiences with Fred, both at the technical and interpersonal level." 

Conne Skidanenko

Director of Engineering at Ditech Networks – Hired Fred as a EMS GUI Framework Architect

"Fred is a very motivated Automation engineer. He lives and breathes Silk-based automation. If you need SilkTest automation Fred's your man."

Rick Mehler

Director SQA at Bridgestream, Inc. Managed Fred at Extensity / Geac

"Fred is a QA automation expert that I would hire again and again. He wrote a very comprehensive test automation suite in Silk Segue for a new product at our company. His productivity was excellent and the quality of his work was also excellent. Fred's automation suite was done in a very modular fashion so that it was easy to change when the product changed. Fred will always tell you the truth and is good about finding good solutions for complex issues."

Kate Gentry

Director of QA at MarketTools, Inc. Managed Fred at Extensity / Geac

"I worked with Fred at Extensity (later Geac) for 3 or 4 years as part of our Silk-based test automation group. Fred came in and completely overhauled our approach to automation, using spreadsheets to drive data and even test flow, and writing extremely flexible and powerful code. As the dot-com bust deepend and layoffs continued, I went on to other areas and Fred became the automation department more-or-less by himself. I would whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend Fred for any test automation position." 

Kevin Kraft

Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Mobile Content Networks Colleague with Fred at Extensity / Geac

"Fred used SilkTest to automate output testing in printing and plotting from the core AutoCAD. He also acted as the QA lead for our group. Fred is a pleasure to be around and easy to work with. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about automation from Fred during our time at Autodesk."

Sandra McCall 

Test Development Engineer at Linden Lab Colleague with Fred at Autodesk

Technical Education

Java Programming

AutoDesk Inc. – San Rafael, California 1999

VisualBasic Programming

AutoDesk Inc. – San Rafael, California 1998

SilkTest/QA Partner Programming

AutoDesk Inc. – San Rafael, California 1997

C++ Programming

College of Marin – Kentfield, California 1997

Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)

Fullerton College – Fullerton, California 1996

Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)

Fullerton College – Fullerton, California 1996

Printed Circuit Board Design

Cirtec Design Institute – Anaheim, California 1983

Fluid Power Design

Paul Monroe School of Hydraulics – Industry, California 1982

Aviation Electronics Technician (Communication and Navigation)

USMC – Memphis, Tennessee 1966

United States Marine Corps

1966 – 1970

Military Occupational Specialty (MOS):

  • Aircraft Communication/Navigation Systems Technician (Avionics), Helicopter/OV-10 (6612)
  • Aircraft Communication/Navigation Systems Technician (Avionics), Transport/Utility (6613)
  • Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, Transport/Utility (6633)

Maintained and flew on the following aircraft configurations with the listed squadrons:

  • KC-130:  VMGR-252
  • UH-34:    HMM-163, HMM-561
  • CH-46:    HMM-164, HMM-265
  • CH-53:    HMH-463

Served in the Republic of Vietnam (I Corp) from November 1967 to January 1969 as a combat aircrewman (door gunner) on CH-46 and CH-53 helicopters. Primarily flew medivac, resupply, and ‘recon’ insertion and extraction missions. Involved with numerous combat operations, including resupply flights at the Siege of Khe Sanh and the Battle of Hue City during the 1968 Tet offensive.

Honorably discharged from active duty in 1970 and decorated as follows:

  • Purple Heart Medal
  • Air Medal with numeral 4 (Five awards)
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • Navy Unit Citation
  • Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
  • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Vietnam Service Medal with 4 bronze stars
  • The Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation (Gallantry Cross Colors), with palm
  • The Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Unit Citation
  • Vietnam Campaign Medal

Work experience

Apr 2009Feb 2010

Software Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Designed automated and manual tests using HP Quick Test Pro and Quality Center on various project including: Group Information, Predictive Analytics and State Fund Online.

Mentored 5 SCIF QA Engineers.

May 2008Dec 2008

Consulting Quality Assurance Engineer

BigFix Inc.

Contracted to design and implement a QA test suite for the BigFix Enterprise Suite® (BES) product. In particular the Software Asset Management (SAM) Decision Support System (DSS) browser based application, including product integration with the BigFix Enterprise Suite® core product. The application software was written in Ruby On Rails utilizing Flex 3.0 Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology for browsers running behind an Apache server with a SQL Server 2005 database backend.

Nov 2007May 2008

Consulting Quality Assurance Automation Framework Architect

Computer Associates Wily Technology

Contracted to design and implement the turnkey architecture of the SilkTest automation framework for CA Wily’s Introscope™ 8.0 web application performance management solution product using the SilkTest Version 8.0 to implement application Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing.

Trained CA Wily’s QA Automation team to utilize, maintain and expand the new SilkTest automation framework.

May 2006Aug 2007

Consulting Quality Assurance Automation Framework Architect

Designed the turnkey architecture of the SilkTest / Perl automation framework for Ditech Networks, Inc. using the newest SilkTest Version 8.0 in conjunction with supporting Perl scripts to implement the system testing to run on both Windows OS and Unix Solaris workstations.

Trained and lead the automation team of four other software engineers that implemented the new SilkTest automation framework for the customer’s Java telecommunications management application and web-based reports application.

Nov 2004May 2006

Consulting Software Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Wells Fargo Bank

Helped design the architecture of the SilkTest automation framework at Wells Fargo Bank.

Wrote over 1500 new SilkTest automation testcases for various portions of the Wells Fargo Internet Banking website, while helping to maintain thousands of previously automated regression testcases.

Developed several automation framework procedures and tools while at Wells Fargo Bank (See selected accomplishments above).

Mar 1999Nov 2004

Leading Senior Software Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Extensity Inc. / GEAC Inc.

Worked with the quality assurance team and the software development team and marketing on the last four major releases (3.x, 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x) of Extensity Application Suite (including: Expense Reports, Purchase Requisitions, Time Sheets, Travel Plans, and SAT modules) written in Java2.

Handled all automated testing for all the application modules using the latest Segue’s SilkTest (4Test). All testing was done in both stand alone Java environment and on all Internet Explorer and Netscape version browsers testing the database on SQL, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 databases.

Original Quality Assurance Test Lead for the Purchase Requisitions module from its conception.

Sep 1996Mar 1999

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

As Technical Test Lead for all hardcopy output design, programming, and testing worked with the quality assurance team and the software development team on the releases of AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD R14, AutoCAD R14 OEM and AutoCAD LT97.

Wrote all hardcopy automated software testing scripts using Segue's QA Partner / SilkTest which actively tested data formats, printers and plotters, True Type fonts, dimensioning and Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) API utilizing automated testing.

May 1994Jun 1996

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Silicon Valley Group / Thermco Division

Designed multiple electronic and mechanical systems and components used in various systems for both vertical and horizontal Gas Diffusion Furnaces used in integrated circuit manufacturing, including gas systems, ultra-high temperature heating elements and robotic assemblies.

Feb 1989May 1994

Electronics Engineer, Novell NetWare Administrator

Unit Instruments Inc

Engineered, designed, and packaged the electronics of all of Unit Instruments' then produced precision gas Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) and Mass Flow Meters (MFM).

As a member of an R&D team, contributed to the development of a new product line that represents a break-through for the semiconductor industry. This micro-controller based calibration system provided accurate gas flow standards for product manufacturing and calibration, serving both internal and customer needs, allowing universal calibration of any MFC.

Apr 1980Feb 1989

Electronic Systems Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Fluid Power Engineer

Ormond Inc.

Designed several micro-controller based control systems for multi-directional rocket engine test stands, used by customers such as Rockwell, Morton Thiekol, the US Air Force and US Navy.


Dec 1989

Master of Arts

Jun 1972

Associate of Arts