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Aerial Platform, Forklift, Telehandler (Zoom Boom)

Fall Protection, Confined Space, Asbestos, Arc Flash, WHIMIS

IP and TQ Electrician Red Seal Certificates


Jim Jolie



40 Year Journeyman Electrician specializing in Project Leadership. 

Personal commitment to the requirements of occupational health and safety.

Broad knowledge base in industrial and institutional installations. Can read all prints, drawings, and schematics. Computer literate.

Excellent organizational skills with a demonstrated ability to coordinate, develop collaborative relationships, and implement solutions with win-win outcomes.

Work experience

A Foreman

Western Pacific


A-Foreman at Catalyst paper, Elk Falls, and WPLP Port Alice, BC

  • #2 Paper Machine Soft Calendar, Effluent Treatment project, and Recovery Boiler Upgrades.

A-Foreman at Catalyst paper, Elk Falls, BC

  • Supervision of electrical installation on ABB Mill Co-Generation Project.

A Foreman

Commonwealth Construction


A-Foreman M&B Port Alberni, BC

  • NEXGEN rebuild and conversion of No. 5 paper machine at Port Albern Mill.

A-Foreman WPLP Port Alice, BC

  • Precipitator/Digestor Project.

A Foreman

Black & McDonald


Knob Hill Wind Farm, Port Hardy, BC

  • Installation of Temporary Power.

Comstock Canada


Syncrude Canada Upgrader Expansion 1 (UE-1) Project, Fort McMurray, AB

  • Installation and termination of electric Heat Trace systems.

General Foreman

IBEW 230


General Foreman at Catalyst Paper, Elk Falls, BC

  • #5 Headbox replacement, #3 M&D Digestor installation, and Recovery Boiler upgrade.

A-Foreman at Harmac Pacific, M&B Port Alberni, Avenor Inc. Gold River, and WPLP Port Alice, BC

  • Truck Dump chip handling conveyor upgrade, Effluent Treatment project, Kraft Machine shutdown, and Bleach Plant upgrade.

General Foreman

F&M Installations


BC Hydro, Dunsmuir Substation, Qualicum Beach, BC

  • Installation of 13.8KV Breakers and control wiring.

A-Foreman for #3 Paper Machine Upgrade.

  • Supervised 12 electricians on installation of 13.8KV Refiner Motor.

General Foreman for #3 Paper Machine Drive Replacement Project.

  • Responsible for all aspects of project safety, schedule, and budget. 


Vicar Electric


B-Foreman on De-Ink Bale Line Project, Catalyst Paper, Elk Falls, BC

  • Supervised 6 electricians on safe installation of MCC's, PLC Cabinets and field devices.

F&M Installations


BC Hydro, Construction of new  500KV Substation, Whistler, BC

  • Installation of perimeter grounding, ground grid, surge arrestors, and gas-filled circuit breakers.
  • Erection and placement of support towers and transformer.
  • All associated protection and control along with communication terminations and checkout. 

Remote Location Auxilary Power Project, BC Hydro

  • Installation of Stand-by Generators for 16 Microwave Repeater sites operated by Telus.

A Foreman

Vicar Electric


A-Foreman on TMP Refiner Motor Upgrade, Catalyst Paper, Elk Falls, BC

  • Supervised 16 electricians and coordinated with Catalyst Paper engineering and project personnel on design addendum's, scheduling, commissioning, and occupational health and safety. 
  • Installation of tray and teck cabling, VFD's, PLC's, and field instrumentation required to upgrade controls of 2-2300V Refiner Motors.


A-Foreman for Fiber Optic Backbone, Catalyst Paper, Elk Falls, BC

  • Supervised 12 electricians on site-wide install of mill Fiber Network linking all pre-exisiting systems.
  • Installation of 5000' of 24" cable tray in an operating mill including 15,000' of Fiber Optic cable and over 200 terminations.
  • Responsible for coordinating with all levels of mill management for scheduling, final tie-in commissioning, and requirements of site occupational health and safety.

A Foreman

F&M Installations


A-Foreman at Harmac Pulp and Paper Mill, Nanaimo, BC

  • Various Pre-Shutdown and Start-up. New Chip Handling Conveyor Systems.


A-Foreman at Neucell Specialty Paper, Port Alice, BC

  • Evaporator #5 and #6 upgrade instrumentation.

A-Foreman at Mt. Hayes Liquid Natural Gas plant, Nanaimo, BC

  • Main MCC Distribution and Transformer Yard.

A-Foreman at Revelstoke Generating Station, Revelstoke Dam, BC

  • Installation of #5 Generator.


Zeballos Lake Hydro-Electric Project, Zeballos, BC

  • Installation of 25MW Generating Station and Substation Switchyard.
  • Installation of 13.8KV Switchgear and Control PLC's and 13.8KV Terminations.