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As a young boy growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, Fred McCarthy participated in the Boy Scouts of America, earning status as an Eagle Scout and learning about personal responsibility and citizenship. After graduating from Boston Latin School, Frederick McCarthy enrolled in Harvard College, where a scholarship, loans, and odd jobs helped him fund his undergraduate education. Frederick McCarthy graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Physics. During his years as an undergraduate student, Fred McCarthy also participated in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. Upon earning his degree, he entered the United States Army, commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. McCarthy trained at the United States Army Infantry School in Georgia, as well as at the United States Army Intelligence School in Maryland, graduating from both with “The Honor Graduate” designation. Posted as a Special Agent to the Army’s 115th Intelligence Corps Group, he served out of its field office in Los Angeles, California. By the time he completed his military service, he had achieved rank as First Lieutenant. Following his Honorable Discharge from the United States Army, Fred McCarthy entered Harvard Business School where he obtained his Master of Business Administration with High Distinction. Frederick McCarthy established an outstanding academic record at Harvard Business School, was named a George F. Baker Scholar and ranked #2 in his class of approximately 700 students. Achieving success in his professional career in finance, he merged his philanthropic interests into one body and founded the McCarthy Family Foundation in 1988. Over the ensuing years, Fred McCarthy, working with his three adult children at the McCarthy Family Foundation, has raised over $5 million in funding for a multitude of charitable programs throughout the United States, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Lesotho, and South Africa. The Foundation initiates and supports non-profit organizations and programs with the goals of helping people better themselves and the world around them.

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Frederick W McCarthy Family Foundation

Throughout his professional career, Fred McCarthy has been firmly committed to contributing generously of his time and money to a wide variety of charities and organizations, to which over the years he has contributed more than $5 million. The Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation initiates and supports non-profit organizations and programs with the goal of helping people better themselves and the world around them. The Foundation advances its mission primarily through contributing to programs and, in one case, creating an organization that focus on (1) Children & Education, (2) Equal Opportunity, (3) Health & Wellness and (4) Religion & Human Rights. Children & Education: The Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation focuses its contributions to Children & Education with the goal of providing children of limited means with access to quality education. The Foundation’s initiatives are global, supporting educational organizations in such socio-economically challenged communities as Indiantown, Florida; Roxbury, Massachusetts; Northern Ireland and southern Africa. The Foundation’s efforts on behalf of children and education concentrate on building and sustaining valuable educational institutions that serve as beacons of hope in their respective communities. Additionally, the McCarthy Family Foundation provides scholarships to children so they may attend such institutions and other assistance to teachers who work at these schools. The American Ireland Fund: Since 1996, the Frederick W. McCarthy Family Foundation has supported The American Ireland Fund, with a specific emphasis on assisting the Northern Ireland Children’s Enterprise. For over 30 years, The American Ireland Fund has supported projects of Peace and Reconciliation, Community Development, Arts and Culture, and Education throughout Ireland, both North and South. Over 1200 projects involving thousands of people have been assisted with over $300 million of financial aid. The focus has been on grass roots community projects, many of which have used grants from the Ireland Fund to grow and prosper from modest beginnings. In Northern Ireland, the Ireland Fund has become a byword for helping groups in both the Catholic and Protestant communities to reach out to one another and develop trust and confidence. The Northern Ireland Children’s Enterprise has as its mission promoting peace, reconciliation and mutual understanding between the religious communities of Northern Ireland. Children growing up against a background of violent conflict and a divided society live in an environment that often deprives them of normal social development; they face deep-rooted problems or misundertandings, the effects of which may follow them in later life. By taking children from both sides of the divided community and bringing them together in a safe environment, N.I.C.E. provides an opportunity for these children to develop friendship, respect and understanding, instead of prejudice and sectarianism. The success of N.I.C.E. to date has been rewarding, bringing together children and their parents from opposite sides of the community and helping towards turning old prejudices into new friendships. "All of us at NICE offer our heartfelt appreciation to Fred McCarthy for his generous donation to our program." - Northern Ireland Children’s Enterprise Fall 2001 University of Massachusetts at Boston: Since 1997, The McCarthy Family Foundation has supported the University of Massachusetts at Boston through the endowment of the Frederick W. and Josephine Pannier McCarthy Endowed Scholarship Fund and Faculty Development Fund for Teacher Preparation. The Funds, memorials to both of Fred McCarthy’s parents, especially honor his mother’s commitment of 30 years as a Boston public school teacher; Josephine Pannier McCarthy was a 1931 graduate of the Teachers College of the City of Boston. As tributes to the preparation Josephine Pannier McCarthy received to pursue her teaching career, the Funds were established (i) to support deserving students enrolled in teacher preparation programs at UMass Boston, providing these students with access to superior higher education and helping them to realize their aspirations to become school teachers, and (ii) to provide the College of Education with the means to enhance departmental initiatives directly related to teacher preparation. As Boston’s only public university, UMass Boston has been vigorous in reaching out to non-traditional students. The average age of an undergraduate is 27 and of a graduate student, 35. Most students work part- or full-time to pay for their own education, with work and family obligations sometimes lengthening their quest for a college degree to six or more years. Often, a little financial help means a great deal for students at UMass Boston. Ms. Toni Phillips, the first recipient from the McCarthy Scholarship Fund, exemplifies the UMass Boston student: "I decided after my sons went off to college that I wanted to return to college and complete my post-secondary education. I graduated from junior college in the 1970s. In 1995, I entered UMass Boston as a Black Studies student with a concentration in History and, in 1997, was admitted to the Teacher Certification Program. Teaching!!! After having a successful career as mother, wife, office manager, administrative assistant and community volunteer, I have returned to school to capitalize on my fundamental educational beliefs. Becoming a teacher will allow me to achieve my noblest aspirations. I want to light their fire; I want to make them excited about learning."


Harvard Business School: MBA with "High Honors", George F. Baker Scholar

Harvard College: BA Magna Cum Laude in Physics