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Businessman Freddie Achom is an experienced entrepreneur.  He uses his knowledge in the industry to continue his current upward trend of successful, well-timed, and suitable investments, while his charisma helps him connect to his clients and employees. He is both a born leader and a charismatic team player.  He prides himself on focusing on the details, remaining authentic, and keeping abreast of the trends.

Frederick Achom’s consecutive listing in the 2010-2016 Powerlist, a publication profiling Britain’s 100 most influential black people, is a definite recognition of his success. This list celebrates the 100 most influential Black men and women who have reached successful goals and pushed others to do so. Add to this his listing among the Evening Standard’s 1000 most influential people, the Nigerian-born businessman and entrepreneur has established himself in the business and social world as a major player. The Evening Standard called him a "smoothest club owner in town”. London's Evening Standard is currently the most widely read newspaper in England. 

Freddie Achom has gone from success to success with his offshore based finance investment boutique Rosemont Group which he founded in 2003. Achom serves as chairman of the Group as well as several other companies. He heads a team of financial experts, tech savvy employees, and businessmen experienced in operation management, sales, marketing, and strategy.

Rosemont Group of Companies has several areas of activity including: property investment and development both in the United Kingdom and abroad; top-of-the-line Italian kitchens; and private clubs and restaurants. The privately-owned group is an umbrella organization holding many major businesses within its company.  It invests private capital in them through various methods.  The businesses invested by the Rosemount group include companies around the world that fall into the luxury goods and services category.  In particular, Rosemont's current projects include  a new joint venture oil and gas project in Nigeria’s Delta as well as a joint venture renewable energy project with India’s oldest listed company. 

Achom describes himself as a "serial investor," with a strong sense for innovation.  This is why he carefully chooses what he will invest in next and only picks businesses and groups of the highest quality.

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