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Diverse, master educator of over 29 years responsible for encouraging the ongoing development and enhancement of student growth mindset and knowledge within a learning community regarding science, technology, engineering and mathematic implementation; participating in, encouraging, and modeling appropriate learning approaches regarding restructuring, school-centered decision making, and outcome-based assessment; anticipating problems and conflicts and using them as opportunities to initiate thoughtful action and productive innovation; providing training, educational opportunities, and encouragement for students, staff members and parents to develop and effectively utilize creative thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving techniques; communicating and collaborating across the organization and community with the intent of building trust, developing relationships, involving others in decision-making, sharing information, and fostering teamwork; shaping an environment for excellence that models honesty and integrity; encouraging active participation in committees, teams, and the integration of STEM; reading and studying appropriate sources of information to gain new perspectives of understanding about growth, fulfillment and vitality; encouraging professional and personal growth through reading, workshops, conferences, and seminars; collaboratively working throughout the learning community to develop common goals and evaluate the progress toward attaining those goals; empowering and enabling students, staff and community members to attain a growth mindset through STEM as international problem solvers and problem seekers.


JK-8 Accomplish Educator in Science and STEAM, Specialist in Science and STEM Education, Founding Faculty Member of a GEMS World Academy and The Greene School, 2016 MENTA Teacher ,"Teacher of the Year" in 2013 for work in STEM and Science across all grade levels, Grant Recipient in Science and Engineer, Research Participant in Professional Development and Science BSCS, Presenter at National Conferences in Geography and Science, NSTA Member for past ten years.


June 2010Dec. 2011

Master of Science in Curriculum and Instructional Design K-8 Science

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX

Emphasis in curriculum and instructional design within K-8 science.             GPA 3.95

Jan. 1987Dec. 1990

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Chadron State College, Chadron, NE

Emphasis in elementary education in all core disciplinary subjects K-8, with a minor in social science.  GPA 3.67

Jun 1981Jun 1985

United States Navy

United State Navy, USA

Electrician Mate 3rd Class/ Honorable Discharge


Master K-6 Educator

  • Professional Teaching Certificate K-8 Elementary Education Endorsement                                     Nebraska 2020-2024 / Maryland Aug 2017-2022 /Florida Aug 2016-2021 /Colorado Aug 2017-2022.
  • Developed and Created Curriculum in Science and STEM K-8.
  • National Geographic Certified Educator 2018-Present.
  • Apple Certified Education 2018-Present.
  • Trained Fundamentals of Computer Science 2018-Present.
  • Responsive Classroom Trained 2016-2017 Current.
  • Trained and implemented Singapore Math K-6 2014-2017.
  • Trained and implemented FOSS Science K-6 2010-2017.
  • Coordinated and Trained parents in 7 Habits for Kids (Stephen Covey).
  • Collaborated and Co-Taught JK-6 Science and STEM.
  • Knowledgeable about the Application of Summative and Formative Assessment to Drive Learning Outlined in Common Core.
  • Professional Development Facilitator in Science and STEM/STEAM.
  • Facilitator and Advocate for Student-Based Inquiry through Place-Based/Problem-Based Learning / Mobile Learning.
  • Skilled in Coding and Robotic Design Technology.
  • Designed and Implemented a Maker Space and Innovation Labs for Kids.
  • Promoted STEM and Coding Events School-Wide.
  • Led before school and after-school Programming for Students in Robotics, Coding, Leadership, and Science Clubs.
  • Created and Integrated Differentiated Instructional Material.

Work History

August 2017Current

Intermediate Design Science 3rd/5th and Seventh Grade Life Science

St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Potomac MD

Center of Transformative Teaching & Learning 

  • Making Thinking Visible / Maker-Centered Thinking 
  • Problem Based Learning  / Design Thinking
  • MBE Mind-Brain Science Education
  • Research-Informed Classroom Learning Approach
  • Collaboratively Designed Science and Art Units of Study
  • Integrated Technology and Design Thinking 
  • NGSS Aligned Thinking and Conceptual Understanding
July 2016June 2017

Science and STEAM Coordinator JK-6 /3rd-4th Math and Science

The Greene School, Private School

Science and STEAM Coordinator at The Greene School  / West Palm Beach, FL. 

  • Founding faculty member responsible for organizing and designing of an integrated science and STEM program Pre-K through 4th grade. (FOSS)
  • Collaborated and Co-taught units of inquiry through problem-based learning in 3rd and 4th grade.
  • Trained in Singapore Mathematics / Everyday Mathematics
  • Responsive Classroom Trained
  • Taught and implemented "Mathematic Growth Mindset" 
  • Designed an "Exploration Block" for Pre-K through 2nd grade 
  • Coding Club Pre-K through 4th grade
  • Integrated robotic into math and science 
June 20142016

STEM Coordinator JK-6th

GEMS World Academy Chicago, Private IB / PYP School

Science and STEM Coordinator GEMS World Academy of Chicago /GEMS Chicago, IL

  • Founding faculty member responsible for organization and design of a transdisciplinary Science and STEM program of inquiry-based learning for all grades
  • Collaborated and Co-taught units of inquiry through place-based, and problem-based lens
  • Designed and Implemented STEM curriculum that incorporated science and engineering practices that aligned with IB PYP programming
  • Actively integrated technology for differentiated instruction through a 2: 1 device I-Pad and Mac Book Platform
  • Integrated and designed a Robotics' Lab for students in JK-6th grade for coding practices and robotic design practices
  • Created and modified various formative and summative assessment elements within science and STEM curricular performance expectations
  • Set and communicated ground rules for the classroom based on respect and personal responsibility
  • Implemented a variety of teaching methods such as using 5E Lesson Design, Differentiated Instruction, Learner Profile, Inquiry Questioning, Hands-on Minds-on, Field Experiences
  • Established clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects. Employed a broad range of instructional techniques to retain student interest and maximize learning.
  • Attended NSTA workshops and coached peers in the latest developments in Science and STEM Inquiry Approaches.
July 2006June 2014

Science and STEM Specialist K-5

Dakota Valley Elementary School, Cherry Creek School District

Science and STEM Specialist K-5/4th Grade Teacher Aurora, CO

  • Designed and Implemented a K5 integrated STEM curriculum aligned with FOSS and NGSS Science and Engineering Strands
  • Implemented and used formative and summative assessments for STEM to guide student learning Successfully organized and presented a STEM Night for students and parents for two years
  • Instructional coach for Science and Science Notebook Practices
  • Coordinated and Implemented a K5 science book-room for literacy connection in nonfiction
  • Coordinator for a Student Leadership Cultural Team for 4th and 5th grader advocating for student success across diversity lines
  • Wrote and successful won a grant for a Robotics K5 and LEGO League after-school program
  • District Science Liaison that reported back current trends in science education and district initiatives for K5 science education
  • Coordinated and taught district PD opportunities STEM integration classes at District Level
  • Active member of School Climate and Leadership Team
  • "The Leader in Me" Lighthouse and Parent Trainer for 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leadership for kids Awarded
  • "Teacher of the Year" in 2013 for work in STEM and Science across all grade levels.
  • Implemented and taught all curricular elements successfully in 4th grade of four years
Aug. 2005June 2006

Teacher 4th Grade

Webster Academy, Oakland Public School District

4th Grade Teacher Oakland, CA

  • Implemented a full SEI classroom program for 25 students of Hispanic and African American cultural background at the bottom 10% of the district
  • Trained and implemented "Reading First School Curriculum" within Open Court
  • Taught within a full immersion reading and writing program to develop full proficiency in two languages, to promote literacy and high academic achievement for all subject areas in both languages, and to develop positive attitudes among groups and toward other cultures
  • Actively developed a community relationship leadership role within a school-based committee for community and parent involvement
Aug. 2003June 2005

Teacher 4th Grade and 7th Grade

International School of the Peninsula

4th-7th Math and 4th ELL, Palo Alto, CA

  • Implemented a variety of teaching methods small group, interactive learning, hands-on, inquiry based questioning, and modeling through authentic experiences.  (Chicago Everyday Mathematic)
  • Implemented multiple facets of technology within core curricular areas according to California Core Standards
  • Encouraged students to persevere and with challenging tasks.
  • Implemented differentiation for varied student learning approaches for students of second language and learning challenges.
  • Strengthened parent-teacher and parent-child communication by implementing writer-notebooks and student lead goal setting
Aug. 2000June 2003

Teacher 2nd Grade

Antelope Ridge Elementary, Cherry Creek School District

2nd Grade Teacher Aurora, CO

  • Implemented a balance literacy program through phonics, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, interactive reading, and read aloud
  • Utilized reading assessment QRI-II, DRA 1 and 2, and running records to inform and guide reading performance plans for students
  • Established a clear objectives for the craft of writing by using Six-traits +1 writing crafts to guide student writing, writing journals by students, and Writer's Workshop
  • Strengthened parent-teacher and parent-child communication by holding regular parent-teacher conferences, monthly news letters, weekly student portfolio
  • Participated and piloted the implementation of" Chicago-Everyday Mathematics" K-5

Jan. 1991May 2000

Teacher K, 3rd, 3rd-7th, and 6th Grade

Public Schools in Colorado and Nebraska

6th/3rd/ Combined 3rd-7th Grades CO

Aug. 1999May 2000

Teacher 6th Grade

Strasburg Public School, Strasburg, CO

1 year

Aug.1994May 1999

Teacher 6th Grade

Chappell Elementary School, Chappell, NE

5 years

Aug. 1991May 1994

Teacher Kindergarten / 3rd Grade

Cedar Rapids Public School, Cedar Rapids, NE

3 years

Jan. 1991June 1991

Teacher 3rd-7th Grade

Grant County School District #2, Whitman, NE

1 Year


Mrs. Judy Kee

  • Division Head Intermediate School
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Potomac, MD
  • 301.983.5200
  • [email protected] 

Dr. Denise Spirou

  • Head of School/Former Head, Dorothy Hutchenson
  • The Greene School, West Palm Beach, FL
  • 561.214.0391/646.296.9907
  • [email protected] 

      Ms. Cheryl Fullmer

      Mr. Geoff Jones

      Mr. Peter Brown

      Ms. Dominique Jones, AP