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Frédéric Gill

Project Manager at Keywords


To whom it may concern,

I am driven professional that has been working in the game and software industry for the last 12 years. I am very passionate about the video games industry and my work experience has opened up my eyes to all the different departments that are required to successfully run such organizations.

My experience is within the FQA department but other departments such as Sales  have peeked my interest throughout the years.

I consider myself to be someone that is fair, genuine, hard-working, and versatile. I am always eager to learn new things and I do not shy away from asking questions.


  • French: Spoken, written and read
  • English: Spoken, written and read


Obtaining a position which holds new challenges and new learning opportunities that will help me achieve a wider set of skills and experience to expand the range of possibilities in regards to my career. Added bonus, getting closer to where my family lives.

Work experience

Dec 2014current

Project Manager

Keywords Montreal

I was officially promoted to PM (Project Manager) in December 2014 and I currently hold this title.

My tasks are the following:

  • Project Management: Ensure that project stays on track to meet agreed upon quality expectations and delivery date by ensuring QA strategy is followed, schedule and resource needs are met.
  • Client Management: Manage client expectations and act as liaison and escalation point for any possible client requests or concerns. Take care of the financial side of projects, managing billing and cost vs revenue for the overall duration of the projects. Establish positive relationships with clients.
  • Training and Mentoring Leads: Evaluating leads for the work they do and identifying their strengths and their weaknesses so that we may target areas in which they excel and others in which they need to improve, all while trying to ensure a good work atmosphere that is prone to keep them motivated and productive.
Jun 2008Dec 2014

Test Lead

Babel Media

I applied and was promoted to QAC (Quality Assurance Coordiantor) / Test Lead in June 2008.

My tasks during this period were the following:

  • Problem solving (from logistics to crisis management)
  • Ensuring the quality of the team's output
  • Tracking team performance through tangible metrics
  • Resource management
  • Elaborating test strategies that coincide with the AGILE methodology approach
  • Client contact (through emails and telecommunication meetings)
  • Informing other parties of progress with daily and end or round reports
May 2007Jun 2008

Lead Tester

Babel Media

I was promoted to a Lead Tester position with a fixed term contract of six months, after completing those six months I was given a permanent contract. I held the Lead Tester title for a year.

My tasks during this period were the following:

  • Ensuring timely team progress of scheduled work while respecting client set deadlines
  • Efficiently distributing tasks to team members while considering their strengths and weaknesses
  • Being perceptive of team member weaknesses to help identify areas of improvement
  • Motivating team members and maintaining a high moral work environment
  • Guiding new team members in the assimilation of their functions
Feb 2006May 2007


Babel Media

I was hired at Babel Media as a Freelance Tester and held this title for a year and three months.

My tasks during this period were the following:

  • Ensuring the functional quality of games submitted by clients
  • Creating bug reports following specified standards in the client databases
  • Working from remote locations autonomously for unspecified amounts of time - (Hit Squads)
  • Ensuring thorough coverage of specified areas of game through both structured and ad-hoc testing
  • Respecting allocated schedules and time lines given by my superiors in which to complete certain tasks

Bar/Restaurant Industry

I previously worked in various dinning establishments and bars holding multiple positions.

I learned many skills that still serve me today:

  • How to approach teamwork in a highly productive environment
  • How to efficiently manage groups of tasks with individual priorities
  • How to interact with team members and build healthy work relationships
  • How to interact with clients

Sound and Lighting Technician

En Scène

While attending cegep I got involved with the cultural event hosting company and got employed as a sound and lighting technician.

My duties included:

  • Assembling and disassembling audio and lighting setup for events and productions
  • Pre-event audio and lighting adjustments
  • Operating audio and lighting consoles during events
  • Guiding other less experienced technicians


Test Cases Management software

  I have worked with the following Test Cases Management software: SpiraTest, Test Rail  

C++ Programming Language
I studied the C++ Programming Language while attending Cégep.
Browser Software

I have worked with and know well the following Internet Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Office PowerPoint

I have built a few presentations using PowerPoint in my current functions.

Bug Tracking Database Software

I have worked with and know well the following Bug Tracking Databases: Test Track Pro, Bug Tracker, Dev Track, Bugzilla, JIRA

Microsoft Office Word

Word is a program I use daily when writing up reports, handovers and other documents.

Microsoft Office Excel

Excel is a program I use when creating spreadsheets for tracking metrics. This Includes: Creation of templates, Spreadsheet formatting, Use of basic formulas and rules, Importing data from external sources, and pivot tables here and there. 



Apr 1996Present

Business Management

Business Development Bank of Canada


Mathieu Lachance, [email protected]

Was my direct superior for a few years, now FQA Director for Keywords

Detroit Burns, [email protected]

Long time colleague and became my direct supervisor for this past year 


My interests include:

  • Fantasy Literature
  • RPG & RTS Video Games
  • Esports evolution in North-America
  • Discovering new foods and wines