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Frederic Guariento

Missions Officer at O2 Interactions S.A.

Work experience

Jan 2016Present

Missions Officer

O2 Interactions S.A.
I direct, anime, coordinate, and manage a computer entity to achieve the objectives set as part of the strategy defined for the entity. I am force proposal for major changes within the IS strategy determined by the responsible management of the ISD. I am the guarantor of IT services produced in optimum quality for the cost. ** Computers, Maintenance -- Conduct technical development of the information system. -- Guarantee the consistency of projects and applications in the scope of responsibility with that of other areas. -- Organization of user support tools in its field. -- Watch on technological developments. -- Observing the directions. ** Framing, Animation -- Coordination, Management and staff animation. -- Distribution of the workload, volume and timing, based on the expected evolution of the workforce and skills. -- Management, organization, planning and control of the entity's operations. ** Quality, Safety -- Implementation and compliance with procedures and security assurance methods of information systems. -- Guarantee the quality of work provided. -- Ensuring respect of the quality plan. ** Communication -- From master to clients of the entity structure. -- Within its entity (corporate communication, communication on IT developments, etc.). ** Purchase -- Participation in decisions concerning the choice of hardware and software: preparation of technical specifications for intellectual services contracts or purchase equipment. -- Monitoring the implementation of procurement procedures. ** Planning, organization, management -- Negotiating objectives and resources of the entity. -- Steering financial management (recurrent and project) ensuring compliance with budgetary procedures. ** Expertise -- Council project management technically.
Apr 2014Present

On demand-tech support

DocPom is a new on-demand tech support service provided by our fully-vetted team of techs. In addition to a complete range of in-home tech support services, we also provide new technology consultation and training. We’re making technology in the home simple. We not only fix problems, we educate and help architect a home’s tech eco-system. In today’s world of connected devices and the Internet of Things, our mission is to make the newest in technology available and understandable to all. Our team is group of passionate techs, developers, ... dedicated to making technology accessible to everyone. Each of us has served as tech support to our friends and family members at one time or another. Discovering that the existing options were expensive, inferior and confusing, we set out to create the experience that we would want for our customers.
Apr 2014Present

Founder of PixieWave

PixieWave is the first true mobile packshot studio photos and 360° animation. We can shoot at your premises, we can shoot perfect pictures with true white. If you have an e-commerce, you need beautiful photos to suggest an emotive response when a customer look at your product. My Roles and Responsibilities within PixieWave are such as Managing a start-up, establishing a complete set of processes, thinking the next steps. · Serve as a key member of the Business Development team in helping to define and deliver the overall GTM strategy. Set a strategic business development plan for target markets and ensure it's in line with the PixieWave strategic direction. · Execute the strategic business development plan while working with key internal stakeholders (e.g. service teams, marketing, PR, legal, support, etc.). Work with existing partners to define and execute joint sales and Go to Market (GTM) programs. · Engage with Venture Capitals, incubators, accelerators, startup communities, and startups end customers to create and drive revenue opportunities for PixieWave. This includes developing detailed account plans to track the progress of top startup partners and achievement to goals. · Identify specific customer segments and industry verticals to approach with a joint value proposition for using PixieWave. Ensure that PixieWave is the startup Preferred PackShot Studio.
Oct 2013Present

Director of Operations

We manage to sign a contract with Orange Business Services in Satellite to deliver prepaid service on board of Ships such as Voice, Internet, Remote Management, Remote Training... We manage to be as of 2014 a VoIP carrier and operator to offer value added services to SMALL and MEDIUM companies. VA2S is a leading company in the Automatic Call Distribution business; VA2S will help you understand your needs and build a strong ASP solution based on your requirement. The ASP Solution offers you a scalable model, no hardware investment, only software; Contact us at [email protected] CTO as "Infrastructure Manager" With the escalating complexity of information technology (IT) many companies have allocated some of the responsibilities of the traditional Chief Information Officer (CIO) to a CTO. VA2S merges those two and my role and responsibilities are as follow: - Oversee technology strategy, executive-level relationships, budgeting, and the fusion of IT and business processes. - Run the infrastructure and operations of IT: data center operations, network operations, applications development & maintenance, security and others line functions. - Focus is to keep the IT organisation operating efficiently - Report directly to the CEO - Have proven operational skills, a keen sense of managing technology - Have an ability to lead a large and diverse organisation - Retain the traditional elements of executive power - Responsible for day-to-day management and operations
Aug 2006Present

Managing Director

2 A.M. SPRL was created to develop projects in different fields of interests: - Telecommunications (network building, team management) - Logistics, Quality and Process - E-commerce - Environment - Energy (PEB in Belgium, BREEAM international) - Photography -- packshot for web sites collections - Security (number generation mecanism) - personal interests in Gardening - personal interests in Apple (support, solutions for people or companies) My role & responsibilities inside 2 A.M. SPRL : - managing the company(day-to-day) - determining how technology can best used to implement a business strategy - integrating and running the technology - balance the initial expenditure of energy towards product research and innovation while considering the enduring business requirements necessary for building a successful strategy. (greatest challenge so far) - understand how technological instruments function in complex contexts which include relationships among other assets (human, social, knowledge, and financial capital, communications, marketing, branding, customer relations, etc...).