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As a professional of Industrial Engineering from the Industrial University of Santander and Internal Quality Auditor ISO 9001. with profound experience at supporting manufacturing operations by recommending methods for improvements; implementing training programs; completing work instructions; and supporting Lean initiatives/facility/costing. Proven ability to determine and establish the most efficient methods for maximum utilization of production facilities and personnel; as well as assisting line management in the development and implementation of ESH policies, programs and procedures.


  • Over 5  years of Industrial Engineering experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of basic scheduling processes and procedures.
  • In-depth knowledge of Environmental Safety and Health (ESH) requirements.
  • Ability to follow company policies, procedures and methods of hazard and risk management.
  • Remarkable PC proficiency with MS Office, AutoCAD, and immense working knowledge of ERP & supply chain software.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, effective oral and written communication skills, reporting, meeting, analytical and motivational skills.
  • Great ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize based on deadlines.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment with great attention to detail.
  • Uncommon ability to facilitate and train employees in Lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Ability to effectively facilitate group meetings.
  • Ability to communicate with different reporting levels in multi-national and cultural organization.



Industrial Engineer

Industrial University of Santander

Industrial engineers manage and develop the human, technological, logistical, and materials resources of a production system with an emphasis on efficiency, productivity, and quality.


Internal Auditor

Educational Corporation ITAE

Internal auditors check for waste, mismanagement and fraud within organizations, such as businesses, nonprofits and governments.  Our goal is to make sure reported numbers are accurate by going through a firm's financial transactions, internal controls, management procedures and records.


Diploma of Management

Cambridge International College

To examine retail operation, processes, structures and cultures, consider wider issues such as trading relationships, environments and markets, develop a wide range of transferable skills that enhances employability, builds a solid foundation for further study.

Work experience


Production Coordinator

ENERGIA SOLAR S.A.  (Window Factory) 
  • Improve the flow of products and materials by decreasing cycle times and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Conduct optimization and capacity analysis to drive improvement products and support new business.
  • Eliminate waste through the application of lean practices throughout the enterprise.
  • Identify and eliminate causes of equipment downtime.
  • Improve material handling in the plants and warehouses.
  • Reduce waste motion through the proper design of the work environment.
  • Demonstrate a daily commitment to the Continuous Improvement Process and practice the "Basic Principles."
  • Conduct studies pertaining to cost control, cost reduction, inventory control, and production record systems.
  • Develop and implement plans and programs for facility modifications and revisions to operating methods.
  • Assist facilities engineers in the planning and design of facilities.
  • Assist in establishing accident prevention measures and manage training programs for personnel concerning all phases of production operations.

Safety and Health Generalist

Ingeniera Construccion L.A.R.G (Construction Company)
  • Developed annual ESH program with the location managers input.
  • Conducted ESH reviews of new projects and ESH inspections of existing installations recommending ESH improvements.
  • Provided updates to locations on ESH policies and procedures.
  • Assisted line management in the ESH training. Developed and implemented special safety campaigns.
  • Facilitated and assisted in preparation of incident reporting system.
  • Assisted sites in maintaining legal compliance for ESH requirements.
  • Prepared new ESH procedures and reviewed existing procedures.
  • Worked closely with different ESH groups to ensure consistent application/implementation of company and regulatory requirements.
  • Supported line management in the implementation of all internal and external (OSHA, EPA and local regulations) requirements.
  • Provided on site assistance to locations to effectively implement ESH Programs.
  • Promoted team work between the locations and other ESH professionals.
  • Worked with the country's leadership team and the location's ESH teams to address ESH applicable topics.
  • Assisted location management with investigation of incidents.

Production Engineer

  • Overseeing the production process, drawing up a production schedule
  • Ensuring that the production is cost effective
  • Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality
  • Working out the human and material resources needed
  • Drafting a timescale for the job
  • Estimating costs and setting the quality standards
  • Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed
  • Being responsible for the selection and maintenance of equipment
  • Monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programmes
  • liaising among different departments, e.g. suppliers, managers
  • working with managers to implement the company's policies and goals
  • ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed
  • supervising and motivating a team of workers
  • reviewing worker performance
  • identifying training needs.

Logistic Supervisor

  • Establish and manage relations with warehouses, ocean carriers, customs broker, drayage providers, sales force and customers.
  • Analyze and log purchase orders commensurate to existing stock availability and reduce shipping cost.
  • Oversee and monitor availability of stock to reduce shortages.
  • Develop spine surgery kits adhering to imperative FDA guidelines and within constraints of demanding time.
  • Negotiate and support logistics costs meant for 3rd party logistics providers assisting yearly budget goals.
  • Ensure to process orders and on-time delivery by network of courier companies and warehouses.
  • Plan and arrange logistics required shipments.
  • Support simplification and standardization of processes to accelerate logistics and enhance efficiencies.
  • Identify enhancement opportunities and suggest solutions for improvement to top management.


  • Driven and determined 
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal 
  • Good negotiating and interpersonal skills 
  • Strong organizational skills 
  • Good numeracy skills and a knowledge of statistics 
  • A high standard of computer literacy 
  • Business strategy, operations and documentation skills 
  • Has an organized vision, strategic objectives and a long-range plan 
  • Adept knowledge in process improvement techniques and implementation of lean principles

Freddy Gomez

                                                                                                          Industrial Engineer

                                                                                               [email protected]