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Skilled and high-performing professional, with advanced expertise and strong qualifications in business administration and operations, program development, and project administration. Adept at overseeing projects to optimize and improve productivity, increase market share, and maximize bottom-line results. Powered with sound judgment and decision-making skill, coupled with exemplary leadership aptitude in constructing strategic vision, generating financial success, and delivering positive results across multiple business functions. Expert in business and strategic planning, opportunities identification, and project implementation.

Recognized as an experienced professional with big-picture vision, leadership, and tenacity to successfully capture market share and accelerate corporate revenue growth

Successful in establishing good business reputation by rendering exemplary customer service, competitive pricing, excellent product availability, and best of the  best personnel

Multilingual in English, Dutch, and German

Proficient in Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office applications: Excel, Word, Works, PowerPoint, and Outlook



- Led the merchandising, ordering, and maintenance of features along with necessary   cash and inventory control - Generated and accurately reported daily and weekly sales and activities reports - Accurately managed budgets and devised sales forecasts - Performed human resources functions, which included interviewing, recruiting,   training, and coordinating between personnel - Excellent verbal and written communication skills - Ability to establish and maintain productive working relationships at all levels - Strong organizational and planning skills - Ability to manage for results - Strong customer focus - Ability to manage to work requirements within budget constraints - Strong analytical skills, experience with data management - Checks processing
- Displayed knowledge of principles and processes in providing customer and personal   services, assessing customer needs, meeting quality standards for services, and   evaluating customer satisfaction - Achieved desired results and personal goals, applying expertise in providing   diplomatic solution to customer problems and conflicts - Consistently maintained high level of professionalism and integrity in dealing with    clients and in building long-term relationship with all levels of management
- Organized and facilitated training courses for personnel performance enhancement - Guided professionals in establishing strategic directions for the organization - Designed various training programs for performance development
- Supervised, directed, and guided individuals and groups toward the completion of   tasks and fulfillment of goals - Oversaw representatives in complying with policies and procedures along with   regulatory laws and guidelines - Work within and support a safe work environment, ensuring that co-workers as well   as the individual incorporate safety in their daily activities
- Demonstrated expertise in business and management principles, including strategic   planning, leadership technique, and coordination of   people and resources - Responded quickly and properly to changing circumstances; assessed problems,    formulated comprehensive decisions to achieve positive change, and refocused on   new priorities - Functioned effectively in leading and developing the full scale of project plans and   executions - Expertly provided direction to all administrative responsibilities by supporting the   management - Defined the scope of work, its goals, and deliverables, as well as developed full scale   project plans and executions - Extensively administered all aspects of the project business plan as well as the   operational, financial, and technological aspects of projects based on timelines and   work plans - Efficiently managed the design of project documents to oversee project performance   and data stored - Carried out reporting on project progress and communicated relevant information to   superiors - Conducted tracking of project deliveries using project management tools - Exemplified effectiveness in resolving, tracing, and escalating critical issues to   effectively minimize project risk factors - Successfully met daily and monthly qualitative and quantitative department   production goals - Kept abreast on all business and department initiatives, policies and procedures,   system enhancements, and changes in the business   environments ability learn new concepts quickly Excellent verbal communication,   initiative, collaboration skills Master of Business Administration Energy Efficiency,   Demand Response, Energy Conservation or enabling technologies
Software skills
Microsoft Office Suite Expert: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, XP, Vista Business: Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Basic HTML, Websites Financial Accounting: QuickBooks Pro, Quicken, EECPS  


Kristine Gallegos-haehl

Jeff Weinstein

Heidi Soberanes

Joanne Cromosini

Work experience

Nov 2012Jan 2013

Implementation Manager (contract)

Pacific Gas and Electric

- Exemplified expertise in successfully supporting the Government Partnership and area

  6-7 team with Energy Efficiency Projects which includes project scope, cost,

agreement and contract verification, manage project flow from start to finish and

  utilize variety of available projects status and performance reports

- Independently managed projects assigned by CES management

- Check Processing for CES Operations

- Responsible for documenting and approval on changes or amendments that may arise

  during implementation or execution of the agreements

- Implemented procedures for CES and administration in compliance with company


- As appropriate, contributed to or influenced company policies implementation or

  execution of the agreement.

- Coordinated Desk Based filing

- Managed a variety of company/customer/CPUC driven projects to completion by

  developing resource requirement projections, work completion schedules, and

regular status updates to ensure timely completion and to deliver upon agreements

- Supported and maintained a good working relationship with internal and external

  customers and support/develop processes that will ensure a high level of customer

service and safety. Deliver clear and concise communication that explain and support

  the company's goals. Demonstrate professional and proactive communication

with client base.

- Kept manager informed of pertinent information.

- Developed and managed long term work plans for Customer Energy Efficiency

  Operations that ensure the work objectives and CPUC compliance work are completed

within prescribed timelines. Meet daily/weekly/monthly objectives and feedback to

  meet objectives

- Ensured agreement close-out, extensions or withdrawals

- Understood the different priorities surrounding work and when and how required

  resources are moved to address these priorities

- Understood the Customer Energy Solution’s project planning process

- Managed invoicing process for implemented projects required for engineering,

  procurement and construction

and ensured payment

Nov 2010Jul 2011

Project / Implementation Manager (contract)

Pacific Gas & Electric

Projectmanager in Savings by Design, Customized New Construction, Customized Retrofit

and Retro commissioning Energy Efficiency projects, Utility, Pacific Gas & Electric

Jun 2007Dec 2009


JPMorgan Chase (Formerly Washington Mutual)

- Played a major role in maintaining claims inventory meeting business metrics during

  three computer system conversions

- Effectively combined a $45 million debit card budget

- Successfully established new fraud strategies in conducting claims processing

  investigations adopted by the department due to efficiency and cost-effectiveness

- Managed daily fraud risk monitoring of fraudulent and suspicious activities associated

  with the bank’s broad range.

- Managed the fraud investigation activities

- Developed and managed fraud transactions screening rules and risk strategies and 

  policies, managing early warning detection systems for all payment platforms,

identifying and developing risk control enhancements, providing daily fraud risk

  metrics and reports.

- Implemented and optimized fraud risk models and strategies, compiling and

  communicating loss projections, drivers and initiative prioritization exercises, provided

interdepartmental fraud training on policy and procedures.

Sep 2001Feb 2007

Store Manager

Starbucks Coffee Company

- Demonstrated expertise in successfully organizing and operating the Starbucks store in

  San Leandro and Castro Valley with approximately $1,400,000 in annual budget

- Exemplified proficiency in effectively establishing and exceeding sales goals

- Remarkably maximized sales and profitability of assigned areas through execution of

  company program

- Created and implemented company policies and conceived decisions that maximized

  financial contributions

- Obtained 37 100 % “Snapshot” secret-shopper reports within 60 consecutive months

- Consistently exceeded targets for sales plan, flow-through, company customer metrics,

  retention, and promotion of internal talent

- Contributed toward store profitability by seeking opportunities to increase sales,

  manageinventory and cost of goods control and labor costs.

- Maintained daily, weekly and period financial reports.

- Ensured all cash handling and cash register function were performed in an accurate

  and consistent manner.

- Maintained final accountability for store operations, partner development and

  financial contribution.

- Ensured the proper types and amounts of materials, supplies and merchandise were

  ordered and stocked. Effectively communicates new product information to


- Trained and developed partners to demonstrate all Starbucks customer service

  standards, operating standards and Star Skills

- Encouraged full participation of partners in creating store goals and developing plans.

- Determined daily and weekly staffing requirements, recruits, conducts interviews,

  made hiring and termination decisions, schedules and apportions partner work

hours, and schedules partners time off.

- Resolved partner complaints and concerns, provides ongoing performance feedback,

  conducted formal performance and salary reviews and counsels partners when


- Ensured that all company policies, store standards and procedures are communicated

  effectively to partners and maintained and followed in a consistent manner.

- Followed all guidelines outlined in the Policy and Procedures Manual to create and

  maintain the safest environment for our partners and customers.

- Organized work throughout the store in a manner that facilitates efficient customer

  service and profitable operation.

- Provided the Starbucks “Service Experience” consistently for all our customers.

- Ensured store appearance and equipment area maintained in a consistent manner.

- Maintained consistent speed of service to the customer by ensuring all store staffing


- Demonstrated the ‘Just Say Yes” behavior by taking care of all customer requirements.

Nov 1989Jun 2001


Avenance Catering

- Responsible for the overall operation of the catering facility

- Effectively promoted a friendly and fun work environment through incentives

- Worked closely with clients to ensure their event is a success, and followed up with

  the client to get feedback after the event itself as well

- Negotiated contracts with customers, assessing their requirements and ensuring they

  are satisfied with the service delivered.

- Trained and scheduled staff to work events while matching the personality of the staff

  to the personality of the client

- Maintained employee and vendor relations to run a successful catering facility.

- Handled $5000 in cash per day along with safe drops and bank deposits

- Planned menus in consultation with chefs and ordering supplies as required;

- Hiring, training, supervising and motivating permanent and casual staff;

- Ensured health and safety regulations were strictly observed, recorded and archived;

- Monitored the quality of the product and service provided;

- Setting and monitoring budgets and maintained financial and administrative records

- Successfully received 5 star reviews from repeat corporate clients


Aug 1983Jul 1987


MDGO (currently MBA)

Master of Business Administration (abbreviation: MBA) is a master specially designed for people with a bachelor's or master's degree. MBA is a professional-looking business and economic studies.

Education focused on working as an independent contractor, as a manager of a branch, as a franchisee, consultant independent, at a chamber of commerce, banking or insurance.

Economics, business administration and law, consumer, retail, purchasing management, physical distribution, the company and the company in its environment. Several courses offered were integrated in the form of themes or projects.

Aspects of entrepreneurship: personnel and finance, marketing and sales, retail, economic studies, law and informatics. Internship (s) and implement projects. The program concluded with a thesis: writing a business plan for your own or an existing company.


Problem Solving Leadership Workshop

Esther Derby

Clerical Test Battery


ServSafe Certificate

National Restaurant Association

Performance Management workshop

Key Group

Increasing Human Effectiveness

Edge Learning Institute

Servant Leadership

The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

Workshop Managing and Executing Priorities


Situational Leadership, The Core

Hersey and Blanchard