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Advertising/ Web Designer
Advertising on social media sites, creating web pages for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Starting and finishing projects in timely fashion. Selecting/ piloting new tools, integrating social widgets and analytics, helping to educate the organization, and integrating social-based thinking into the organization’s process and culture. Process design, stakeholder management, and the ability to manage large projects within complex environments.


To work hand in hand with companies to increase customer base, manage social media sites, and to help gain awareness to new customers for maximum increase in sales.


Stay at home dad, Creating web sites, blogging, video production, finding new ways to push client sales/productivity.

Work experience

Feb 2012Present

Personal Relations Supervisor

Wisconsin dells

Making Facebook, twitter, YouTube accounts for business, and personal clients in the surrounding area. Helping them to drive follows, new clients and viewers to there designated pages.

Apr 2013Feb 2014

Web Designer/Event Promoter

Wisconsin Dolls gentlemen's club

Create Facebook account for promoting, recruiting, and general information. 650 likes, and 972 views since opening with little to no monitoring or posts. 

May 2012May 2012

web designer

Dynasty Restaurant and lounge

Facebook, twitter, and YouTube accounts made. Sites designed to increase customer awareness, promote events, receive customer feedback, and join social media advertising. 1080 likes, 2453 visited, and 55 talking about visiting. With a 4.2 out of 5 star review.


Mar 2010Present


The Art institute of America
Sep 2008Mar 2010

Business Management

Colin Community College

marketing, operations, accounting and finance, economics, strategy and organizational behavior. Including psychology and sociology. 


Sunny mieng

Created Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account for the client.