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International Law and Public Policy executive, Franziska Zimmermann began her career after completing a specialized course of post-secondary education. Earning her Matura in Economics from the Gymnasium Bern-Neufeld, Ms. Zimmermann graduated from the University of Bern, Switzerland, where she received her Master of Law degree in 1999. Upon completing her graduate studies, Franziska Zimmermann initiated her vocation with the International Law Directorate under the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Working from the capital of Switzerland, Ms. Zimmermann reinforced her background in international law by providing legal consultancy and performing a range of research and analysis to support international policy development. In 2000, Franziska Zimmermann attained a position within the Swiss Government’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. Serving five years in this capacity, she acted as representative of Switzerland for several international forums, including her participation with the World Trade Organization (WTO), bilateral and multilateral Working Groups established through trade agreements and the Codex Alimentarius Commission. With Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, Ms. Zimmermann served as advisor within the Non-Tariff Measures Unit of the World Trade Division where she specialized in leading multilateral trade negotiations concerning technical barriers to trade and sanitary and phytosanitary measures. Distinguished within Switzerland’s governmental administration, Franziska Zimmermann advanced her career to assume her next position as Program Manager of Economic Development Cooperation focusing on Trade and Clean Technology in 2005. Among her executive responsibilities, she managed an extensive project portfolio including international economic development initiatives through Switzerland, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

In 2006 Franziska Zimmermann joined the private sector serving as Manager of Public and Government Affairs for Syngenta International focusing on facilitating and maintaining key relationships with national and international government and business organizations in the realm of sustainability, innovation, agriculture, and rural development. An executive administrator within the organization’s global headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, until 2010, Ms. Zimmermann transferred to Syngenta's office in Singapore to manage the public policy and partnerships portfolio for the Asia Pacific region. Remaining in this position until 2012, she played an integral part in the development and implementation of operational strategy and regional cross-functional policy. With Syngenta Asia Pacific, she led public policy, advocated for sustainability, and launched a corporate engagement platform regarding food security.

Work experience

Aug 2010Jul 2012

Manager, Public Policy and Partnerships

Sygenta Asia Pacific Pte

Manager, Public and Government Affairs

Syngenta International AG


Jan 1994Jan 1999

Master's Degree

University of Bern


Gymnasium Bern-Neufeld