About me

I could say that I like spending time with friends and traveling, but that is just like any other social being I guess. My major interest is TO LEARN. I love learning about other fields of knowledge, new skills, anything. In my philosophy, a day without learning is a day wasted. I read books and listen to audio books or podcasts everywhere whenever I have time: about marketing, psychology (social psychology and human relationships are my favorites), new technologies, photography, business, health, etc. I am also very sporty, and outside sports are my favorites.

I do have a bucket list, created long time before even the movie came out. It is packed with things I have to do one day, and all of them are in one way or another related to the three things that makes me feel alive: the beauty of nature, adrenaline boosting activities and the sincere smile of a person who need help. Some of the things it includes are parachuting, living more than 1 year in Asia, swim along dolphins, volunteer in a NGO and the most important, make a better world.

Keywords: biomedical, life sciences, analytical, attention to detail, methodical, responsible, meet deadlines, Articulate, methodical, flexible, presentable, positive, energetic, self-motivated, down to earth, entrepreneurial, an achiever, good listener, Customer friendly, leadership, professional, resilient, tenacious, innovative, scientific knowledge, laboratory skills, excellent oral and written communication skills, team player, team environment, manage time effectively, organized, problem solving,

Summary and objective

Recent graduate from Uppsala University in Molecular biology with experience in cancer research. Uppsala University is one of the top Universities in Europe concerning molecular biology, and it was recently awarded an Excellence Ranking by the German Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) and an award as educational department of the year from the European Student Union.

With a lot of effort and dedication, I finally enjoy the benefit of an excellent academic background and professional experience within very prestigious research groups. I am currently looking for job opportunities in a dynamic and stable biotechnology company to enhance my professional skills.

I hope this rich-content CV will show not only what I have done, but also who I am.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2009 - Present

Research student

Uppsala Academic Hospital

The aim of my project is to identify SNP related to poor treatment outcome in acute limphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patient samples.

  • Correlated different expression arrays platforms
  • Prepared ALL patient libraries for sequencing
  • Analyzed sequenced data with a variety of bioinformatic tools and detected SNPs related to poor drug treatment outcome
Jul 2008 - Jan 2009

Research student

Rudbeck Laboratory

Served as staff researcher I studied the dynamics and interactions of Smads protein complexes, which are central proteins in cancer-related pathways

  • Used ChIP in cancer cells to determine expression of Smads proteins in early timepoints
  • Used PCR and qPCR to evaluate protein-DNA interactions
  • Determined complexes formation through Proximity Ligation Assay (PLA)
Jan 2008 - Jul 2008

Master project

Rudbeck Laboratory

Studied the transcription response in the TGF-{beta} signaling pathway in collaboration with the Ludwig institute for cancer research (Uppsala, Sweden).

  • Used ChIP-seq to enrich for sequences bound by SMAD4
  • Prepared and sequenced samples with and without treatment of TGF-{beta}
  • Sequence analysis, peak detection, data mining, database search
  • Recognized several hundreds of target genes for SMAD4 protein, some of which could have important implications as therapeutic targets.
Apr 2006 - Jul 2006

Undergraduate project

Uppsala University

Performed a functional study of a novel gene involved in Schizophrenia (qki homolog)

  • Successfully silenced the qki gene using siRNA
  • Measured changed in expression of myelin-related genes in human oligodendrocytes cancer cells
  • Induced possiblee functional roles of the qki gene based on changes in expression of myelin-related genes
Feb 2004 - Jul 2004

Research assistant

Granada University
Assisted in the detection of parasitic B chromosomes in Eyprepocnemis plorans.




In the past months I sold numerous products in online auctions and classified adds. Although it is just a hobby I can earn 300-400 EUR of extra income monthly. The process includes market research, contact manufacturer, import goods and online marketing of the goods.


Spanish is my native language


Good handling of Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems; advanced level in office software (Microsoft Office and Openoffice), statistical software (SPSS and basic R language), data mining, database search, experience with many bioinformatic tools (Clustal, Maq, SOAP, Blast, etc.), basic Perl, R and bash programming.

Molecular and cell biology

I have over two years of experience working in internationally renowned molecular biology laboratories and have used diverse techniques such as chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), western blot, SiRNA gene silencing, electrophoresis, DNA and RNA extraction proximity ligation assay (PLA), immunohistochemistry, primer design, PCR and qPCR. Light and phase contrast microscopy, bacterial staining, cell culture, media preparation, culturing techniques and culture maintenance.



Sep 2006 - Jun 2008



International Master taught in English with focus in molecular biology.

Master thesis: Transcription response in the TGF-{beta} pathway

Sep 2003 - Jun 2006



Completed 3 years of course work related to Biology. Part of those 3 years were completed in Granada University (Spain)

Undergraduate project: A functional study of the qki gene, a novel gene involved in Schizophrenia.