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An analyst that is passionate about Data. 

 With my skills have completed a number of analysis and development projects in a range of sectors over a period of 10 years. Skilled in analysis, design and development with strong client facing skills which have been used to determine business requirements and provide solutions to both external and internal customers. Strong analytical and process management skills.  



NHD Information Technology 


N3 Computers in Practice



Stellenberg High

Work experience

Feb 2015Nov 2016

Senior Data Analyst / Listings Operations Manager

Kalahari /’s mission is to be the most customer-centric online shopping destination in Africa.  Our company is built around the simple concept that the customer comes first.

Merger Related Responsibilities

  • Analysis of product Data between Takealot & Kalahari 
  • Merging of product data where it exists between the two companies and integrate non matching products across 22 different product models into the Takealot Database 
  • Design,analysis and Implementation  of better data loading mechanisms for Kalahari data to Takealot  
  • Serve as Data representative in conjunction with the transfer of stock into the Takealot warehouse.  

Post Merger Responsibilities 

  • Managing a product data team of 30 People 
  • Driving  new product data strategy across business divisions
  • Ensuring standards and processes are in place to deliver accurate and complete new product listing information to support best possible customer experience
  • Drive a number of data related programs with IT
  • Drive the creation of product data specific reporting to increase visibility of issues across the business.
  • Designing better processes around loading Data - incorporating governance and data quality
  • Serve as Kalahari Data representative in delivering BI,Marketing and  product data to business need. 
  • Data modelling
  • Data quality management
    • Defining data quality rules, standards, reporting and metrics
    • Ensuring the implementation of data quality rules and standards
    • Defining reference data sets and processes to manage them
    • Defining standards for site navigation, filters and facets
  • Root cause analysis of Data quality issues
  • Creating data extracts for analysis and reporting
  • Analysing current data models, feeds and databases, and system data integration points
  • Identifying and defining potential improvements and proactively developing plans to implement
  • Aligning with internal thought leaders on related systems in order to realize the improvements and to embed them in the organization
  • Managing and driving product data initiatives and cross functional projects
  • Interpreting and translating product information requirements between Business Units and different Technology Development areas
  • Specifying and documenting  Business and Functional requirements as input into Technical designs
  • Participating in the design and creation of requirements for the new product data system
  • Ensuring that any current-world changes are in coherence with the company’s re-platforming project

  • Achievements

  • Designed spreadsheets to better capture accurate quality information that was rolled out across the business. 
  • Appointed to Project Manager of the Kalahari Integration project.  

Technical snapshot:  SQL,2005,2008, VBA, Excel, Mysql 

Sep 2011Feb 2015

Senior Data Analyst/BA South Africa is the biggest online e-commerce retail company in South Africa voted as the people’s favourite online e-commerce website for 2013


  • Analysis of data vendors data for Integration into the database
  • Normalisation of data structures across business product ranges
  • Design of new data structures and models for new product ranges
  • Design and Implementation of new procedures and processes to correct failures in data quality
  • Providing new processes around data loading for business and technical implications associated with it.
  • Liaising with the Data Architect and SSIS developers to effectively implement new solutions.
  • Working with the Data department to provide reports and data extracts to business.
  • Manage and drive a number of existing product data programs and cross functional programs
  • Provide guidance and interact directly with different Business Units and data interfaces at all levels
  • Able to accurately interpret product information requirements and liaise between Business Units and different Technology Development areas
  • Creation of Business requirements and Functional requirements used as input to Technical design
  • Participate in designing and creating requirements for the new product data system Ensure that any current-world changes are in coherence with’s replatforming project. 
  • Communicate changes to the Head of Product Data and Data Cleansing team
  • Drive operational development acting as the product information business representative
  • Help coordinate and drive the business and technology planning process • Facilitate workshops across different retail units
  • Managing the Photographic team and processes around suppliers providing product.


  • Promoted to Technical Lead on the Data Factory Project
  • Taken over Project Management Duties on the Replatforming project
  • Promoted to Team Leader of the Analytical Stream
  • Made the manager of the 360 Photography program

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL,2005,2008, VBA, Excel

Dec 2008Apr 2010

Database Specialist

Spatial Dimension - South Africa

Spatial Dimension is a multi-disciplinary software development and consulting company with a broad base of skills and experience in the development of innovative and cost effective spatially enabled solutions.

They a have long standing relationship with international blue chip clients in the mineral resource, environment, petroleum, financial and transport markets, as well as all spheres of government.

Their flagship product, FlexiCadastre, is the international software of choice for both Government Agencies and Mineral Resource Companies wanting to implement integrated mineral rights management solutions


  • Analyse client data and their Legacy systems for data migration 
  • Design of templates or databases to be used by the company to simplify data transformation 
  • Liaise with BA’s and clients and highlight potential data issues and workarounds 
  • Design and maintenance of SSIS scripts and their repositories 
  • Providing technical and analytical database and data support to Business Analysts and Project Managers 
  • Liaising with the Technical Director and programmers with database related design or performance issues 
  • Integrating with Quality Assurance to assist with product testing and analysis 
  • Assisted other companies in the group with modifications, report design or assistance to their databases.
  • Design of department processes and standard documentation to provide better transparency and an audit trail between the data team and client.


  • Design of department processes and standard documentation to provide better transparency and an audit trail between the data team and client.
  • Took the lead on Ethiopian Ministry of Mines project which was successfully completed in time despite many setbacks.

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, SQl Server 2000,2005,2008, SSIS,SSAS,VBA, Excel

Jul 2008Dec 2008

Reporting Manager EMEA/Database Developer

Kenexa on behalf of Microsoft - United States/London/South Africa

Kenexa is a leader in building the world’s greatest workforces. Using the unique combination of software, science and business process optimization, Kenexa helps organizations hire and retain a more productive workforce. We take great pride in being the only company in the world to offer these combined services, which ultimately link human resource processes to business outcomes.


  • Designing processes and activities to better improve measuring metrics 
  • Process analysis and the design of small office databases to increase productivity
  • Design of Quarterly Business Reviews for Management
  • Building relationships with external and Internal Kenexa clients
  • Administration of all current database activities
  • Design and Implementing new functionality to Databases
  • Working with Microsoft’s Account Director to determine their statistical needs.
  • Providing statistical and measurement metrics support to all Microsoft Recruitment Regions in EMEA


  • Designed and Implemented a pipelining tool for Microsoft France connected to the Sharepoint
  • Design of an International Knowledge tool to track companies, competition candidates and other entities.

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel, Sharepoint

May 2007Jul 2008

Reporting Manager EMEA/Database Developer

Quorum International  on behalf of Microsoft - London UK

Quorum design, enhance and facilitate end-to-end recruitment processes on a single or a multi-country basis across EMEA. Our networks of skilled recruiters are deployed exclusively for our clients. The regional footprint and track record we have built in the Emerging Markets arena sets us apart from our competition


  • Data Analysis and providing Statistics for all Microsoft Regions
  • Design of Ad Hoc Access Databases to the needs of Recruiters
  • Building reports for management and lead recruiters with SQL
  •  Building relationships with external and Internal Microsoft Clients.
  • Administering current access databases
  • Design and Implementing new functionality to Databases using VBA
  • Working with Microsoft’s Account Director to determine their statistical needs.


  • I was extended in my contract due to the need for better processes around reporting and building database solutions.

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel,

Nov 2006Feb 2007

Database Developer / Data Analyst

Impower Consulting - Green Park London UK

IMPOWER is an independent consultancy focused on the issues of transformation faced by local authorities. The vast majority of our work is with local government. We have carried out a number of assignments for central government departments but typically only where this work relates to local government issues.


  • Working with the financial controller to determine requirements for the Ms access system
  • Design of extra controls in VBA for the database forms
  • Building reports for management with SQL
  • Creation of Inheritance functions in VBA to reduce the amount of data to be keyed in.
  • Normalising tables and relationships
  • Investigating and resolving all existing errors in the Timesheet and Expense Database
  • Building complex financial and performance reports for the company in access
  • Design of new processes to streamline company functions


  • Creation of various additional functions outside the scope to assist management.
  • Resolved and fixed the data duplication issue

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel


Database Developer / Data Analyst

Bite Consulting 

BITE is an IT Career Management Consultancy and Contractor Marketing Service Provider for work seekers who have recently arrived in the UK (usually from Australia, Canada, South Africa & New Zealand)

I was employed by Bite to design a Ms Access database system to replace existing spreadsheets for all areas of contractor activities. Gathered requirements from management and  finance to deliver a single system solution for their current requirement. Liasing with Voyager developers to determine and execute import from their financial package and contractor system.


System was responsible for

Keeping Track of all contractors hours and days worked.

  • Calculating monthly totals and tax for all contractors using VBA and SQL.
  • Importing data from Voyager Mid Office
  • Producing various SQL reports to management to see performance of the company
  • Easy access to all contractor information for any given period of time


  • Access Database reduced the amount of redundant data currently used in excel spreadsheets.
  • Reduced the margin of error of entering the same data in different spreadsheets as well as saving time spent on checking the data.

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel

Jul 2006Sep 2006

Database Developer / Data Analyst 

The Children Society - Kings Cross London 

The Children's Society was founded in 1881 by Edward Rudolf to care for vulnerable children and continues that mission to this day. The Children's Society has always sought to ensure that whatever disadvantages a child faces they still have a real chance in life.


  • Meeting with project leaders at various sites to determine their needs and requirements.
  • Design and development in Access of a reporter database to report on data captured on M.A.R.T
  • Building custom reports with SQL
  • Creation of forms and controls with Access and VBA
  • Support of any M.A.R.T or Access related issue that is passed through by service desk
  • Administration and maintenance on M.A.R.T Access databases at several sites


  • Used own initiative to create various extra reports and functionality to Access reporter database not discussed in meetings to further assist project leaders.
  • Finished contract duties ahead of schedule

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel

Mar 2006Jun 2006

2nd Line Support/Database Developer

Preston Manor High School - Wembley/London UK

Provided 2nd line support on desktop and networks on 300 Workstations running Windows XP as well as designing a database system in Ms Access for the ICT department.


  • Design and development of Access Database
  • Providing support and help to students in MS Access Database Classes
  • Support of all Microsoft Office applications
  • Basic networking and support on Windows Networks and Microsoft 2003 Server
  • Dealing with technical and software queries from staff as well as students.
  • Using Active directory to perform routine tasks to users listed.


Example of projects undertaken

  • ICT Department Database – Designed and development of a database in Ms Access to log all queries that the ICT department receive as well as to keep track of all computers,network points and cartridge supplies within the school . Produces reports using SQL for technicians as well as VBA to keep track of stock levels.


Access Database made keeping track of all queries and whether or not it has been completed easier. Saved time when investigating stock and other computer supplies and cut down on administrative duties.

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel, Power Point, Word, Outlook, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Active directory, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

May 2005Oct 2005

Database Developer

ECIS - South Africa

ECIS is an Internet and e-commerce company based in Johannesburg and Cape Town specializing in online backup systems. I was employed to create a database for admin purposes.

Responsibilities :

  • Creation of Excel template documents with VBA and algorithms
  • Data Entry into Operations Database
  • Analysing data from datasheets and databases
  • Design of Access databases
  • Development in Ms Access & SQL

Example of projects undertaken

  • Operations Database - Designed a database system in MS Access to keep track of day to day operations and client calls as well as keeping track of meetings and responses to and from clients. Used SQL to build reports for management to show various progress information and customer activity as well as any kind of report they would require. Used VBA to calculate office expenses that was inputted into the Database and shown on weekly/monthly reports


  • Database was implemented ahead of scheduled time and cut down on administration costs and paperwork and simplified much of standard processes that were in place..

Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel, Powerpoint, Word

Oct 2004May 2005

Database Developer & IT support


Wheelquip provides capital equipment and consumable products to the tyre industry. Wheelquip services the tyre industry throughout South Africa as well as the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland and Lesotho.



  • Analysing data from datasheets and databases
  • Data entry into Quote Database as well as Entry Manager system
  • Design and development of Access databases

Example of projects undertaken

  • Job Card System

Design of a central Job card database system in MS Access running in both Johannesburg and Cape Town branches to keep track of all work done by technicians, track of all parts used on machines and total cost of work done per job. Writing reports in SQL  on every aspect of work done over any giving time period as well as creating forms and reports for management needs. Using macros to export new parts prices, rates and client information to excel for backup and management purposes.

  • Quote system

Design of a quote system in MS Access to quote clients on parts and work to be done on repair of their machines using SQL and VBA to write reports to management needs.   

  • Entry manager system

Design of a MS Access run entry manager database system to keep track of all customer queries and work to be done. Making sure management is aware of all outstanding jobs and client queries using SQL to build reports. 


Databases made most admin duties redundant as well as simplified most complicated processes.

 Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel, Photoshop, HTML, Power Point, Word 

Jan 2004Oct 2004

Database Developer & IT support

Power Express

Employed to design a database system in MS Access to control day to day operations of the company. I provided a Ms Access driven database financial system to input expenses and costs and shown on weekly and monthly reports using SQL. 


  • Updating Client Database
  • Design & development of Access databases
  • Creation of reports with SQL for management


The database was a cost effective solution to the company needs and implemented ahead of schedule..

 Technical snapshot: MS Access, SQL, VBA, Excel, Word, Powerpoint