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Community Service

The Rotary Club (Past Sponsor), Christian Fellowship of Students (Past Sponsor)


St. Francis House, Bread for the World, Hieffer House


Thomas Nelson Publishers, Tyndale House Publishers, David C. Cook Publishers


Guitar, Traveling, Trying Exotic Foods, Film and Music, Sight-seeing, Baseball, Blogging, Bible, Theology, Philosophy, Spirituality, Ecclesiology

About Me

Prolific writer and speaker Frank Viola currently operates Present Testimony Ministry, a ministry advocating the deeper Christian life and an organic missional church that utilizes small groups to enhance individuals’ relationships with God and one another. An advocate of simple and pure expressions of Christian belief, Frank Viola offers an alternative approach to traditional Christian worship. Able to gather and meet anywhere, with or without designated leaders, structures, or liturgy, Present Testimony Ministry ( and other similar ministries encourage spiritual growth and strong relationships among members. Having begun this practice in 1988, Frank Viola has been referenced by a range of media outlets for his knowledge of organic missional churches.A best-selling author, Frank Viola has written books about a deeper Christian life and radical church reform, including Pagan Christianity, Jesus Manifesto, The Untold Story of the New Testament Church, Finding Organic Church, Revise Us Again, Reimagining Church, and From Eternity to Here. Jesus Manifesto placed number 6 in its category on, while Finding Organic Church and Pagan Christianity reached number 12 and 11, respectively. Earning his Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida, Frank Viola studied a wide range of topics, including psychology, sociology, history, social science, education, and political science. Utilizing his formal education and combining it with the passion of his faith, Frank Viola continues to author presentations and lectures about spirituality, the changing shape of evangelicalism, and Christianity. At present, Frank Viola resides in Florida. Aside from his career and participation in his community, he enjoys playing guitar, traveling, trying exotic foods, listening to music, and watching films. He takes great pleasure in sightseeing as well as following baseball. In his blog, he discusses God’s plan and missional organic churches, also reflecting on the status quo and a deeper Christian life. His blog,, is among the most popular Christian blogs on the Internet today.

Work experience

May 2009Present


Thomas Nelson Publishers

Author of "Jesus Manifesto" (with Leonard Sweet) and an upcoming book on Jesus. "Jesus Manifesto" reached #6 on

Aug 2007Present


David C. Cook

Author of "Reimagining Church," "From Eternity to Here," "Finding Organic Church," "Revise Us Again," and upcoming titles. "From Eternity to Here" - CBA Bestseller, "Finding Organic Church" reached #12 on

Dec 2006Present


Tyndale House Publishers

Author of "Pagan Christianity?" (with George Barna) "Pagan Christianity?" reached #11 on



University of South Florida